Serving up a warning

Along with updates on menu items and special events, the latest e-mail newsletter from West 5 features a warning about being careful where you park behind that block of Junction businesses (excerpted in full after the jump):

Predatory Parking Alert!

Be cautious if parking in the Wells Fargo parking lot behind West 5. Diamond Parking recently made this parking lot a $3.00 pay lot in the evenings & on weekends. If you were ticketed in this lot (or if you get a ticket in the future), do not be afraid to call Parking Services and demand they reverse the ticket – because:
1) the lot does not have adequate signage (the “pay” sign is only at one of two entrances to the lot),
2) sign verbiage in the parking stalls is unnecessarily vague (it says “30 min bank parking only” nothing about payment or parking when the bank is closed),
3) none of the stalls are numbered.

We at the West 5 have already removed Diamond Parking from our Christmas list, and have petitioned the lot manager to not ticket the lot until they clean up the issues with unclear and inadequate signage.

2 Replies to "Serving up a warning"

  • Chris M January 26, 2007 (10:58 pm)

    They totally got me there last week, too. We always enter from the alley and park in the north row of spaces. Never saw the sign (until after our $35 ticket… ouch!)

    Ended up writing a letter and sending them a check for $3.00 — we’ll see if/how they respond and keep you updated.

  • West 5 Dave January 27, 2007 (9:16 am)

    Chris M – sorry to hear that you got ticketed. If the ticket is not reversed give me a call at West 5 and I will personally call Parking Services on your behalf.

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