day : 19/01/2007 4 results

Props to the Garlic Jim’s guy …

… who, if you haven’t been following the thread, has been posting answers to questions in the comment section of our post about his impending opening date. The comments on this here blog are often more interesting than our posts, the way we see it, and this is an absolute first, for a new businessperson to “come in” and not just say hi, but also respond pleasantly to others’ comments and questions. Even if they don’t wind up delivering this far south, we’re definitely giving them a try. By the way, don’t forget that Westwood Village is allegedly bringing in some new pizza joint this year as well — though we still can’t find any info anywhere on who or what a “Gionnoni’s Pizza” (as it’s listed on the WV site) is.

1 plus 1 equals 4

The council’s Viaduct Vote Verdict is in. Instead of voting between tunnel and replacement-a-duct, we get a two-part vote: Yes or no on a tunnel, yes or no on replacement-a-duct. So that means this is actually a four-ply vote, with these possible combinations:
-Yes on both
-No on both
-Yes on tunnel, no on replacement
-Yes on replacement, no on tunnel

How are they even going to interpret the results?

Scandal at the car lot

Shocking story just hit the news about an alleged ripoff involving some Huling Brothers employees and an incapacitated older man. UPDATE: The city site has a press release about this up now.

Friday morning headlines

-A gushy Seattle Times writeup on the “pay by touch” technology that’s in its fifth year at Morgan Junction Thriftway confirms our November suspicions that it remains the only store in Seattle using PBT. Nothing personal against the Thriftway, which we adore, but we still don’t get why anyone would link their finances to their fingerprints. If you use it, we’d love to hear from you; we still have never seen, or heard from, anyone who has.

-The whole viaduct-vote thing still has our heads a-spinning. OK, so never mind what the Gov said the other day, now we’re going to have a vote? All just complicated political positioning, we suppose. So how ’bout they throw The Third Option and even The Retrofit on the ballot too, while everyone’s changing their minds every five minutes? Or are we supposed to be happy and relieved now that at least we get some kind of vote?

-Thanks to the reader who tipped us to the effervescent Elliott Bay Brewery feature on the Seattle Weekly site. (We’re not much for beer but we like their burgers too!)