1 plus 1 equals 4

The council’s Viaduct Vote Verdict is in. Instead of voting between tunnel and replacement-a-duct, we get a two-part vote: Yes or no on a tunnel, yes or no on replacement-a-duct. So that means this is actually a four-ply vote, with these possible combinations:
-Yes on both
-No on both
-Yes on tunnel, no on replacement
-Yes on replacement, no on tunnel

How are they even going to interpret the results?

2 Replies to "1 plus 1 equals 4"

  • Eric January 19, 2007 (7:42 pm)

    hey, folks…

    They’re YOUR city council. You get what you ask for. The outcome of this vote is moot anyway. Further, what happens if BOTH pass??

    Net Result: City spends money and time on a meaningless poll.

  • Eric January 19, 2007 (7:43 pm)

    Actually, when I saw the heading, I immediately thought it was something regarding the Seattle School District. While it isn’t, it is the same time of “leadership”.

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