Thought this was supposed to happen LAST night

Pounding rain, dark sky. Hours after a sunshine break. Only quarter till 4 and it’s almost dark enough to get a status check on the remaining WS pockets. No update on the City Light site since this morning. But another gov’t agency, the National Weather Service, wants your help … choosing a name for the storm. (Wind Wallop? Holiday Hell?) And in government-leader news, heard a radio report that Gov. Gregoire and County Exec Sims toured powerless Eastside spots today. Her home page currently headlines a “weather update”; his home page has one high up (but the headline story is still him getting an award); still waiting for word on the status of our mayor, whose page is topped with “emergency preparedness tips.”

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  • gene December 21, 2006 (4:14 pm)

    Still dark on the odd numbered side of 5600 block of 40th Ave SW. Man this is getting old. I’m definately not cut for this “third world country” stuff. :) Thanks for keeping us informed of what’s happening. It certainly isn’t coming from City of Seattle.

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