O2 no more

Thanks to a WSB reader for writing to inquire why the number for O2, the Cali Ave restaurant launched by Ovio, was disconnected. Reminded us that we had seen a liquor-license ap several weeks ago for the same address under the name “Beato Food and Wine”; went by O2 back then, saw no signs of change, forgot about it till now. But today, there it is in the window — a sign saying O2 is closed but Beato will open soon. (The sign also touts a website that as is usually the case with these things, isn’t up yet. Argh.)

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  • Greg October 26, 2006 (12:18 pm)

    I’ve long suspected the Junction of a conspiracy to spirit away all of the good eats that are in the Admiral end of West Seattle. First Jak’s relocated (though it took a year or two), now Ovio is gone… will it turn up down at the Junction some time soon?

    Message to Junction: Hands off Zatz!!

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