Another grand opening

Tonight’s the night for Skylark Cafe & Club, where Madison’s used to be, just as Delridge starts heading south from the bridge. We’ll be at the Al Gore movie instead. But once the crowds ebb a bit, the Skylark menu (mmm, mac ‘n’ cheese!) sounds too good for us to wait TOO long to check out!

1 Reply to "Another grand opening"

  • Rosalva June 11, 2006 (11:49 am)

    Went to the Skylark last night, and was not impressed. There was only 1 waitress for the entire restaurant, which got busy as soon as we got there. So, a bartender had to come wait on some tables, and what looked like the mgr/owner also came out to wait on some tables. There’s no sign telling you what to do when you come in (wait to sit, seat yourself). The food was only OK, and the ambiance was not really that fabulous. It seemed really light inside, and the room is really open, with no coziness to it. And, to top it all off, the cook (who you can see), had on a sleeveless shirt w/ pit hair on display — EW!! We’ll go back, but they’ll have to work out the kinks. (Not too impressed w/ the bands either, but there isn’t a cover, which is nice.)

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