WSB West Seattle Crime Watch link archive, July 2010-June 2013

This is a continuation of the WSB Crime Watch archives. For stories after the date below, go to the main WSBCW page. Also, the entirety of our “crime”-tagged archive, in reverse-chronological order as published, is here. Thanks!

6/28/2013: 2 stories from SPD Blotter – shooting victim waits to seek help; school-burglary arrests

6/27/2013: Arbor Heights burglary

6/26/2013: Lincoln Park police presence; charges in crash, Polevia cases

6/24/2013: Alan Polevia back in jail

6/23/2013: Alan Polevia out of jail, and 4 reader reports

6/18/2013: Alki hit-run, and three reader reports

6/18/2013: White Center burglary attempt might be linked to earlier kidnap attempt

6/17/2013: Stolen car; WSCPC meeting reminder

6/16/2013: Man hiding in couch; two reader reports

6/12/2013: Gunfire in Ocean View; nobody hurt

6/12/2013: West Seattle Baseball snack-shack break-in

6/11/2013: Arbor Heights search, arrest

6/8/2013: Woman hit with BB

6/8/2013: Injured woman found by roadside in Fairmount Ravine, apparent hit-run victim

6/6/2013: Runner stops theft suspect

6/6/2013: Burglary updates and reader reports

6/3/2013: Sex-offender notifications

5/29/2013: 35th/Thistle followup, and other reader reports

5/28/2013: 35th/Thistle police response

5/24/2013: Street robbery, helicopter searches, more

5/22/2013: Man hit/shot with “projectile” on 38th SW

5/20/2013: Crime Watch gets historic

5/17/2013: Police arrest two in Riverview, in connection with Georgetown shooting

5/16/2013: Ola burglarized; ironic package theft

5/15/2013: More car prowls, and police’s advice about them

5/14/2013: Followup on SW Athletic Complex search – stolen gun found

5/13/2013: Crime Watch roundup, including unusual burglary loot

5/10/2013: SWAT officers in 24th/Holden area

5/10/2013: Burglar alert

5/9/2013: Various reader reports – including rock thrown through car window

5/8/2013: Two people held up at gunpoint on Fauntleroy

5/8/2013: Bike-theft alert from SPD

5/6/2013: Bikes found, and more

5/4/2013: Reader-report roundup: Tires, loot, bicycles, more

5/2/2013: Playfield wiring theft – this time at SWAC

4/28/2013: Bike stolen, bike found, purse found

4/27/2013: Arbor Heights updates; Fauntleroy car prowl

4/25/2013: 2 stolen bikes returned, 1 with an arrest

4/24/2013: Arson at Longfellow Creek P-Patch in Westwood

4/21/2013: Stolen ‘dog’; dumped stroller; more

4/19/2013: 2 reader reports and a reunion

4/16/2013: Roundup – skateboard assault; door kick-ins; moped missing

4/15/2013: Copper-wire theft closes playfield

4/13/2013: Woman stabbed, police search for suspect

4/13/2013: Man stabbed, suspect in custody

4/10/2013: Home-invasion robbery and car theft in Highland Park

4/9/2013: Arson suspect jailed; car-theft try

4/6/2013: Reader reports including stolen Subaru (update: it’s been found)

4/5/2013: Admiral arrest – after ‘solicitor’ puts foot in door

4/4/2013: Police confirm Monday night shootings were a robbery attempt and self-defense

4/3/2013: Runner reports attack, writes warning on sidewalk

4/2/2013: Update: TWO gunfire investigations within a few blocks

4/1/2013: Two men shot

3/30/2013: Arson suspect sought; also wanted in West Seattle assaults

3/27/2013: Quiet day; one reader report – possible casing/prowling

3/26/2013: Missing a guitar? and 2 more reports

3/25/2013: Alan Polevia (subject of 3/5 manhunt) arrested

3/24/2013: Cars hit; cars prowled; more

3/23/2013: Break-in attempt at Genesee Hill campus

3/23/2013: Early-morning, late-night gunfire

3/19/2013: Police search in Highland Park; Admiral robbery suspects on video

3/18/2013: Police search in Arbor Heights, suspect arrested

3/16/2013: Gunfire hits house twice in one week

3/15/2013: Four reader reports

3/14/2013: Chopper search, suspect arrest in Shorewood

3/12/2013: Street robbery, possible shots heard, 3 reader reports

3/10/2013: Shots fired, second night in a row

3/10/2013: Car, house hit by bullets

3/8/2013: Man shot in Westwood

3/8/2013: Shooting suspect with West Seattle ties arrested after citywide search, lockdowns

3/6/2013: Roundup of reports

3/5/2013: Shorewood search for escapee with West Seattle record

3/5/2013: Is this your safe?

3/1/2013: Stolen car – and a look at the past week’s thefts

2/28/2013: Suspected serial burglar arrested twice, one week apart

2/27/2013: SPD West Seattle bust that might solve multiple burglaries

2/27/2013: Bellevue Police SWAT bust in West Seattle early today

2/26/2013: Car prowls, and other reader reports

2/23/2013: Two reader reports

2/22/2013: Alert neighbor’s tip helps nab burglary suspect near Camp Long

2/21/2013: Gunfire shatters car window in Delridge alley

2/20/2013: Car break-in; stolen car found

2/18/2013: Three car-crime reports

2/17/2013: Car theft, car prowl reports

2/15/2013: Armed street robbery in North Delridge

2/15/2013: Stolen car on cam; burglary attempt; more

2/13/2013: 35th/Roxbury store robbed for 2nd time in 3 weeks

2/13/2013: Five reader reports

2/12/2013: Carjacking arrest plus four reader reports

2/9/2013: Car prowlers hit Riverside

2/6/2013: For-sale house broken into

2/5/2013: Photos of jewelry, suspected getaway car in Belvidere heist

2/3/2013: Stolen bike reported, then found

1/31/2013: Armed robber targets estate sale in Belvidere

1/30/2013: Robbery reported at 30th/Roxbury gas station

1/29/2013: Carjacking; car theft

1/27/2013: Bullets hit house at 32nd/Othello

1/26/2013: Stolen car spotted in West Seattle crashes in White Center

1/25/2013: More of today’s reader reports

1/25/2013: ‘Suspicious car’ investigation at Roxhill Park

1/24/2013: Business vandalism; car stolen; car found

1/23/2013: Students robbed; car stolen; car found

1/21/2013: Armed robbery at 35th/Roxbury

1/20/2013: Man stabbed in Delridge

1/19/2013: Report roundup, including advice on handling “nuisance properties”

1/17/2013: One car stolen, one car found

1/16/2013: Mail theft and more

1/14/2013: Bizarre vandalism; burglary; more

1/11/2013: Robber caught; exposer alert

1/11/2013: Suspect jumps from bridge, survives, while fleeing

1/10/2013: Robbers on cam; hit-run; bike thefts

1/9/2013: Recognize these two, photographed using stolen cards? Also: Bike thefts

1/7/2013: Subaru stolen for a second time

1/7/2013: Papa John’s Pizza robbed

1/7/2013: Arbor Heights Elementary burglarized again

1/5/2013: Stolen car

1/3/2013: Threat leads to lockdown on SSCC campus

1/3/2013: Two followups, two new reader reports (catalytic-converter theft, car vandalism)

1/1/2013: Car stolen while being defrosted; two Lincoln Park thefts

12/28/2012: Three reader reports – hit-run, construction-site thefts, rack gone

12/28/2012: Highland Park store holdup

12/27/2012: Stolen car, laden with donations

12/24/2012: Chevy Tahoe stolen

12/23/2012: Roxhill Castle vandalized

12/23/2012: Reader reports thwarted bike theft

12/22/2012: Arbor Heights intruder

12/21/2012: Crime Watch roundup, including package theft and car prowls

12/19/2012: 4 reader reports

12/13/2012: Crime Watch roundup including stolen and formerly stolen cars

12/11/2012: Gunfire in Highland Park; no injuries reported, but casings found

12/11/2012: Stolen red Saturn

12/10/2012: Package-theft case update; hit-run driver sought

12/7/2012: Package/mail-theft suspects tracked down, arrested

12/6/2012: Three reader reports

12/3/2012: Suspicious person; prowler; package theft

12/2/2012: Admiral 7-11 holdup

11/30/2012: South Delridge bus-stop shooting

11/30/2012: $250,000 bail set for car-attack suspect

11/27/2012: Search for domestic-violence suspect – helicopter, K-9; suspect arrested

11/25/2012: Parking-lot car prowls

11/24/2012: 2 reports of suspected gunfire

11/20/2012: Crime trends at the WS Crime Prevention Council briefing, plus 5 reader reports

11/17/2012: Burglary report, including prevention advice from police

11/16/2012: 3 reader reports, including 2 home burglaries

11/13/2012: 2 officers, civilian attacked by suspect during traffic stop

11/13/2012: Five reader reports – theft, vandalism, car prowl

11/8/2012: Warning for bus riders and gratitude for bystander

11/7/2012: Search for assault suspect in upper Morgan/High Point

11/6/2012: Police add Jeremy Peck case to “unsolved murder” list

11/6/2012: Arbor Heights Elementary break-in; reader reports

11/5/2012: Alleged burglar busted

11/3/2012: Car-prowl suspects arrested

11/1/2012: Helicopter search over Highland Park early today – burglary-related

10/31/2012: Reader reports, including three car prowls

10/29/2012: Repeat offender arrested in alleged hate-crime assault

10/26/2012: Water tower vandalized, and more

10/25/2012: Another roundup – read the comments, too

10/23/2012: 7 reader reports, including a stolen car, recovered

10/21/2012: Latest reader-report roundup

10/17/2012: Search in North Delridge, suspect arrested later

10/16/2012: New West Seattleites’ car stolen

10/14/2012: Man shot in leg; followup on previous weekend’s shooting

10/11/2012: Chase from White Center ends in Highland Park

10/10/2012: Car prowls, vandalism

10/6/2012: Man shot in Westwood

10/5/2012: Motorcycle, bicycle stolen

10/1/2012: Sunday arrest outside Holy Rosary

9/30/2012: Stolen truck; found mail

9/29/2012: Two break-in alerts, car and home

9/27/2012: Theft reports, shooting update, stolen car found

9/26/2012: Mail theft in Highland Park

9/23/2012: Hit-run “karma”; dog-park car prowl

9/22/2012: Man stabbed, woman arrested

9/21/2012: Bullet hits house

9/20/2012: Search for hit-run driver who ran

9/19/2012: Elderly woman robbed of rings while out for a walk

9/18/2012: ‘Who Killed Me? Don’t Stay Silent!’ billboard/bus-board campaign

9/16/2012: Four reader reports – bike theft, rollerblader attacked, car prowl, suspicious sighting

9/14/2012: Afternoon burglary

9/12/2012: Car prowl interrupted; two theft reports

9/10/2012: Daytime gunfire in North Delridge; car hit

9/9/2012: Toyota stolen in Delridge

9/8/2012: Subaru stolen in The Triangle

9/6/2012: 2 more bike-theft reports

9/5/2012: Vehicle theft – RAV-4

9/4/2012: Admiral pizza place robbed, suspect arrested

9/4/2012: Street robbery; scooter theft; indecent exposure; shots-fired reports

9/2/2012: Stolen-property arrest; hit-run search

9/1/2012: License plates stolen

8/31/2012: Bike, mail thefts, plus tale of an arrested-and-released car-prowl suspect

8/29/12: Crime Watch roundup including overnight yelling, bike theft, bike recovery, car prowls, and a guns-drawn arrest

8/29/12: FBI/SPD raids include 1 West Seattle arrest/search

8/26/12: Woman stabbed

8/23/12: More thefts – car, double stroller

8/22/22: Thefts

8/17/12: Stolen Blazer; car prowl

8/15/12: 2 burglaries, one interrupted

8/14/12: Stolen CRV in Gatewood

8/13/12: Bike, boat thefts, and the view from Hansen View (Block Watch)

8/13/12: Two bike thefts

8/10/12: Reader reports, plus, park vandalism

8/2/12: Burglary, car break-in reports

7/30/12: Three reports, including alarm-spooked burglar(s)

7/29/12: Four Crime Watch reports including hit-run and car prowls

7/27/12: Stolen SUV found

7/26/12: Police seek help finding stolen SUV linked to burglary, car prowl

7/24/12: Auto-theft suspect arrested after crash in Riverview area

7/23/12: Segway left near prowled cars

7/22/12: Early Sunday gunfire in White Center brings helicopter over Highland Park, too

7/19/12: Hate-crime arrest in High Point

7/18/12: More car-prowl reports

7/18/12: Shots fired, no one hurt

7/18/12: Photo of White Center bank robber

7/17/12: 8 reader reports, from hit-run damage at a school, to vandalism/car prowls

7/14/12: Six reader reports

7/13/11: Dog missing after break-in, now back home

7/11/12: Car prowls, including one on video

7/10/12: Car prowler/s eschew pennies

7/9/12: Bail set for police-car-ramming suspect

7/8/12: Man arrested after pursuit ends with four police cars hit

7/6/12: Gunfire, fighting at Whale Tail Park

7/6/12: Watchful citizen helps police catch suspected mail (and more) thief

7/5/12: Blast damages Sanislo slide

7/3/12: Three thefts

7/3/12: Fauntlee Hills woman’s 2011 death now classified as homicide

7/2/12: Suspected would-be package thief interrupted by package recipient

6/28/12: Car theft, 2 car prowls

6/24/12: Two-bike theft, hit-and-run

6/20/12: Band loses gear, cash in Arbor Heights car prowl

6/18/12: 2 prowling reports

6/14/12: Car stolen twice in five weeks

6/13/12: Burglary in Highland Park followed by gunfire

6/11/12: Produce market burglarized

6/10/12: New Block Watch sign, plus, bicycle thefts

6/9/12: Package theft

6/1/12: Four reader reports – with the theme, keep an eye out (or, thanks for keeping an eye out!)

6/1/12: Possible gunshot sound investigated

6/1/12: Admiral search, with (briefly) helicopter

5/31/12: Multiple-murder investigation update

5/30/12: Man suspected in 5 murders kills himself in West Seattle

5/29/12: Mail theft, casing

5/28/12: Latest WSBeat roundup

5/28/12: Stolen jacket, stolen bike, other reader reports

5/26/12: Suspect search after possible robbery in South Delridge

5/25/12: Four reader reports – burglary, prowlers, car break-ins

5/22/12: Car prowls in North Admiral

5/18/12: Burglary attempt; car vandalized

5/18/12: Animal-abuse investigation

5/18/12: What the helicopter search last night was about

5/17/12: Car theft, troubling encounter, Genesee followup

5/15/12: Police say auto theft is way up

5/14/12: Two suspicious fires under investigation

5/11/12: Stolen motorcycle, bicycle left in its place

5/10/12: Stolen car/ car break-ins

5/5/12: Police search in North Delridge area near golf course

5/2/12: 2 commercial-burglary cases

5/1/12: Stolen car on “fishbone” bridge

5/1/12: Backpack theft; car prowl

4/28/12: Alki car break-in

4/27/12: Latest WSBeat police-report roundup

4/26/12: Intruder caught on surveillance video, says Seaview family

4/25/12: Murder victim’s family offers $10,000 reward

4/25/12: Car ransacking, theft

4/23/12: From SPD Blotter: Alki parking rage, with gun

4/22/12: John’s Corner Deli robbed

4/20/12: Attempted burglary, car break-in reports

4/17/12: Detectives pursuing ‘leads’ in Greggette Guy murder

4/17/12: Highland Park chase/crash

4/17/12: Vandals damage P-Patch shed

4/17/12 The latest WSBeat roundup

4/15/12: Woman attacked, robbed

4/15/12: Burglars hit two nonprofits at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

4/11/12: Beach Drive murder, 1 month later

4/11/12: Car prowl

4/10/12: The latest WSBeat police roundup

4/9/12: Car broken into at Westcrest Park

4/5/12: Admiral Safeway shoplifting suspect; burglary interrupted

4/1/12: Pellet-gun shooting reported in Alki area, targeting homes/cars

3/31/12: The latest WSBeat police-report roundup

3/30/12: 2 incidents involving knives

3/28/12: Memorial-fund website in Beach Drive murder case

3/26/12: Alki gunfire suspect followup; playground vandalism; pastry pilfering 

3/25/12: Gunfire on Alki; one man arrested

3/23/12: Car break-in; street fight

3/20/12: Beach Drive murder discussed at WS Crime Prevention Council

3/20/12: Bizarre vandalism; court update

3/18/12: Murder victim’s father speaks at vigil

3/17/12: Burglars seen, and police’s advice on how to stop them

3/16/12: Morgan Junction bank robbery

3/14/12: Police say the woman found dead in the water off Beach Drive was murdered

3/12/12: Court followups; reader reports

3/8/12: Charlestown 7-11 robbed

3/7/12: Another stolen Outback; warrant arrest nets extra discoveries

3/7/12: Followup on Westwood “shots fired” incident

3/7/12: Stolen Outback; powder vandalism

3/6/12: Shots fired at Westwood Village; 3 schools take precautionary steps

3/5/12: Shots fired in High Point Community Center parking lot, house and van hit

3/4/12: Hit-run; bizarre encounter

2/26/12: Stolen SUV, trailer both found

2/24/12: Stolen Suburban

2/23/12: Robbery arrests and three reader reports

2/22/12: Stolen truck found, and 4 more reports

2/21/12: Stolen truck

2/20/12: Stolen car – with a quarter-million miles on it

2/18/12: Hit-run; theft thwarted

2/15/12: Hit-run damages ‘very loved’ van

2/13/12: Five suspects in custody after neighbor tips police to Puget Ridge burglary

2/12/12: Jeep Cherokee stolen (then found!)

2/9/12: Armed robbery at South Delridge business

2/9/12: Car stolen; car-prowl case

2/7/12: Alert neighbor helps police catch burglary suspects

2/4/12: Hit-run search

2/3/12: Car prowling/vandalism

2/2/12: Message to “scumbags,” warning for neighbors

1/31/12: Four reader reports – stolen car, stolen groceries, car break-in, car-prowl suspects with distinctive-sounding vehicle

1/28/12: Car stolen

1/27/12: Fugitive arrested in West Seattle

1/26/12: Video of White Center armed robbery

1/26/12: Wood-filled trailer taken

1/23/12: Followup: Morgan Junction shooting victim dies

1/21/12: Man shot in Morgan Junction

1/21/12: Car break-ins at fire station

1/20/12: Sled stolen; mail theft

1/17/12: Updates including what the Sat. night helicopter was, and a car break-in

1/14/12: Vandal drivers tear up Hiawatha lawn

1/12/12: Three updates – including a stolen “sacred image,” and another hit-run

1/9/12: Another hit-and-run

1/6/12: Two robbery investigations

1/5/12: Hit-run in the Admiral District

1/3/12: Details of gunfire incident in Alki neighborhood early New Year’s Day

1/3/12: Burglars caught on Sanislo rooftop

1/2/12: Mail theft south of The Triangle

12/28: Man shot and killed during White Center robbery

12/28: Teenage girl shot in High Point, police call it ‘accidental’

12/26: Christmas Eve hit-and-run damages vehicles

12/25: Burglars steal presents and dog (who later returned home)

12/24: The latest WSBeat police-report roundup

12/23: “Burglary” that police say wasn’t what it seemed to be

12/22: Police report on the “chainsaw break-in”

12/22: More package thefts

12/21: Held up on the street

12/21: 3 bicycles stolen

12/20: Burglary suspects arrested in Highland Park – and word of other recent arrests

12/20: Decorations stolen from grieving family

12/19: Package theft

12/18: Car-tab theft, found mail, suspicious person seen

12/17: Car-tab theft – victim shares info on deterring it, and reporting it (WSB Forums link)

12/17: Anybody missing a bike? (From Twitter, with photo)

12/16: The latest WSBeat

12/13: Decoration thefts; stolen mail found

12/9: Burglaries followed up on, and more

12/7: Crime Watch reports including ‘odd’ theft

12/6: Casing/package-prowling alert

12/5: The latest WSBeat roundup

12/4: Saturday night vandalism reports

12/2: Store owner robbed at gunpoint

12/2: Suspected case of casing

11/30: Stolen car; burglary; car prowl

11/28: Burglaries rise in West Seattle

11/28: From the WSB Forums: Seeking hit-run witness(es)

11/28: Burglary, attempted burglary, interrupted siphoning

11/26: Car prowler spotted

11/23: Burglar alert; stolen car found

11/20: Megan Sheppard’s latest WSBeat report

11/19: Four reader reports – interrupted burglary, car thieves caught on video, hit-run crash, car prowlers spotted

11/18: 2 car arsons

11/14: Graffiti vandalism; stolen tools

11/14: Car break-in; siphoning attempt

11/9: Stolen car

11/7: Stolen package and three car break-ins

11/6: Stolen puppy; garage break-ins

11/5: Car prowlers reported in 2 neighborhoods

11/3: Police search; car prowl

10/30: Purses stolen at church; cars targeted

10/30: Vandalized van; freeway hit-run

10/28: Thief hits Cafe Osita

10/27: Burglar/s hit Eco Beauty salon

10/26: Suspected serial robbers arrested; cases include Washington Federal robbery

10/22: *Those Junction ‘booms’

10/20: Armed robbery at Washington Federal in Morgan Junction

10/19: Alki home-invasion robbery reported

10/18: Police search for burglary suspects in North Delridge

10/18: Suspected “serial exposer” arrested

10/16: Vandals strike at least twice

10/14: Businesses broken into at Westwood Village

10/11: Serial exposer sought, incidents include the Whale Tail Park “flasher” case

10/11: USPS mailbox stolen despite theft-resistant features

10/10: Car stolen despite “club”

10/8: Latest WSBeat roundup

10/5: Break-in attempt with “unique” getaway car

10/3: Police nab two burglary suspects

10/1: Burglary, vandalism sprees

9/29: Flasher near Whale Tail Park

9/28: Daytime car theft

9/27: ‘Teamwork’ nabs suspect fleeing stolen car

9/27: Hate-crime followup

9/26: Stolen car; burglary report

9/26: Jogger-attacks suspect Duane Starkenburg back in jail

9/24: Hate-crime vandalism, threat in Genesee

9/24: Car stolen; burglars take jewelry

9/23: 2 stolen cars to watch for

9/22: Big police response explained

9/21: Stolen car found fast; pickpocket victim fights back

9/20: Crime trends and identity-theft advice at West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting

9/20: Genesee Hill police explained; burglary reported

9/18: The latest WSBeat roundup

9/11: Restaurant hit by vandals

9/11: Man in pickup approaches walkers, behaves lewdly

9/10: Anybody missing a safe?

9/10: Case of the boosted blooms

9/7: Man shot in Highland Park

9/7: Latest newsletter from Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon

9/3: Threat report; burglary

8/30: Attempted burglary; burglary; car theft

8/27: Hit-run crash, car vs. house/garage

8/26: Five reports

8/24: Stolen vehicle to watch for

8/22: Cabbie attacked with stun gun

8/20: Latest edition of WSBeat

8/19: Drive-by pellet-shooting arrests

8/18: Teens robbed at gunpoint; home burglarized

8/18: Aerial equipment belonging to the Cabiri stolen in Highland Park car break-in

8/18: Stolen purple motorcycle

8/17: Surveillance video of White Center murder suspects

8/16: White Center shooting death

8/15: Baskin-Robbins holdup

8/14: Stolen Camry

8/13: Pellet-gun attack

8/12: 4 Crime Watch reports

8/9: Preschoolers’ backpacks stolen

8/9: Serial-burglary suspect nabbed

8/9: 2 Crime Watch notes, including P-Patch hit again

8/6: Latest WSBeat roundup

8/3: 3 Crime Watch reports, plus a “creepy” encounter

8/1: 3 car-crime reports, including 2 arrests

8/1: Alki police response = condo intruder

7/31: Latest edition of the WSBeat

7/29: Gone in a flash, plus car break-in turns into a garage break-in

7/28: Burglarized twice; driver scammed

7/27: Admiral, Arbor Heights followups, plus a car theft

7/26: Another door-kick burglary

7/24: Burglary alert

7/23: Stabbing in Highland Park

7/23: Car stolen

7/20: What police were doing on 31st SW

7/19: Police report on Admiral stabbings

7/19: Road-rage case ends with arrest at Super 24

7/16: Two men stabbed in Hamilton Viewpoint Park area

7/16: Arbor Heights shooting

7/16: Car stolen, found, but minus car seat for about-to-arrive baby

7/16: Laundromat robbery; Gatewood search

7/15: Delridge SWAT standoff

7/14: P-Patch vandalism, taggers’ rampage

7/14: Newest WSBeat

7/13: Suspicious stranger; bike theft; more

7/11: VW Beetle stolen; Junction QFC melee

7/8: “Palpable increase” in car thefts

7/7: Burglary – and looks like a busy week for auto thieves

7/5: Shot fired into house, weapons found nearby

7/4: Car stolen on its owner’s “favorite holiday”

7/1: Stolen pickup; car-prowl arrests

7/1: Latest edition of the WSBeat

6/29: Stolen car; suspicious encounter

6/28: Burglary with distinctive loot

6/27: Flasher reported in South Admiral

6/27: Egging incidents reported (see the comments, too)

6/23: Stolen car in Arbor Heights

6/23: 2 recent hit-runs

6/22: Junction vandalism

6/20: Another Alki robbery

6/18: The WSBeat

6/17: Man arrested after Junction gun-pulling incident

6/16: Car, package thefts reported

6/16: Window in the crosshairs

6/14: Child-luring attempt reported

6/13: From SPD Blotter: South Seattle assault suspect arrested in Delridge

6/12: Five updates, from a hit-and-run to a stolen tandem bicycle

6/11: The latest WSBeat police-report roundup by Megan Sheppard

6/10: Overnight trouble in two neighborhoods

6/10: Stolen Honda Civic

6/7: 3 notes, including 2 car crimes

6/5: Police arrest 13-year-old after school burglary, vandalism

6/3: Stolen car

6/2: Police search in Highland Park

6/1: Gas-line slashing; prowler spooked

5/29: Car broken into (with photo)

5/29: Two more cars hit

5/27: Stolen car; interrupted car prowl

5/27: Latest edition of the WSBeat

5/26: Early-morning SWAT action

5/24: Car prowler(s) steal irreplaceable memories of fallen soldier

5/23: Witness helps police solve burglary

5/21: Arbor Heights stabbing

5/20: Viking Bank robbery photos from the FBI

5/20: 3 car-prowl reports plus a suspicious-person sighting

5/19: Cell-phone-theft spree arrests

5/19: Three robbers hold up Viking Bank in The Junction

5/19: Alleged car prowler interrupted, arrested

5/17: Burglaries down, police say

5/17: Two trucks stolen from one home

5/16: 2 burglaries, 1 attempted burglary in Arbor Heights

5/13: Car casing house?

5/12: Police brief Fairmount Springs neighbors on attack

5/9: Car stolen in Gatewood

5/9: Fairmount Springs woman in hospital after reported break-in

5/7: Seen this briefcase?

5/7: Latest police reports in the WSBeat

5/4: Reader-report roundup

5/1: Bizarre theft case

4/30: 3 Crime Watch reports

4/29: 2 big police responses – burglary at 38th/Barton, dispute at 47th/Lander

4/28: Warrant, theft thwarted, car found

4/26: Highland Park arrest; Joel Lund update

4/23: Delridge fight sends 2 to hospital (KIRO-TV link)

4/22: Burglary suspect out of jail

4/22: More details on burglary arrest; plus, another break-in

4/19: Police report “huge spike” in local burglaries

4/19: 2 burglaries, one with a puzzling “clue”

4/14: Burglary suspect nabbed near Lincoln Park

4/12: Plea bargain for man shot by police after aiming an assault rifle at officers

4/11: Man robbed at gunpoint while walking in South Admiral

4/11: Assault arrest; bike theft

4/10: Defiant attack victim, and more

4/8: Crime Watch roundup

4/7: The WSBeat – “amateur urban explorers” stopped, and more

4/6: Two stolen vehicles found

4/4: “Felony stop” briefly closes Delridge at Findlay

4/4: Car theft, car prowlers, and robbery pleas

4/1: Package theft; SWAT aftermath

3/31: Latest WSBeat

3/30: SWAT standoff at Seattle West Suites motel

3/29: Court appearance for Lincoln Park attacks suspect Starkenburg

3/26: Stolen car, house break-in, flower theft

3/26: The latest WSBeat

3/24: Another “one car stolen, a stolen car found” roundup

3/22: One car stolen, another car found

3/19: Business robbed, three arrested

3/17: Latest edition of The WSBeat

3/16: Subaru stolen on Pigeon Point

3/14: Stroller stolen in car break-in (from WSB Forums)

3/11: The WSBeat – pre-emptive crime reporting? And 9 more summaries

3/11: Another afternoon break-in

3/9: Genesee afternoon burglary (and the latest from the citywide map)

3/9: 2010 Seattle crime stats/trends in review, including some West Seattle breakouts

3/8: Another stolen car to watch for

3/5: Alarm spooks burglar(s)

3/3: The latest WSBeat

3/2: Another stolen vehicle, another vandalism report

2/27: Car stolen, cars damaged

2/26: Fauntleroy car-prowl-suspect search, arrest

2/26: Megan Sheppard’s latest WSBeat roundup

2/25: 2 break-ins

2/23/2011: 4 reports including an “open letter” to a thief

2/20/2011: Another reader-report roundup – mystery find, vandalism, stolen bicycle

2/19/2011: One car stolen, one car found

2/17/2011: Arbor Heights car-prowl interruption; another Admiral speeder crackdown

2/16/2011: Man stabbed to death at Fauntleroy home

2/15/2011: West Seattle Crime Prevention Council told property crimes down 39%

2/14/2011: Police arrest ‘active’ car-prowl suspect

2/14/2011: Cancer patient’s car stolen again – this time with trailer

2/13/2011: 7 reports from the WSB inbox – including photos of loot to look for

2/10/2011: Latest WSBeat roundup

2/10/2011: Morgan Junction home searched

2/9/2011: Checking on the helicopter

2/8/2011: SWAT team makes arrests at 41st/Edmunds

2/7/2011: Religious items stolen; car theft attempt

2/6/2011: Apologetic Roxbury Shell robber caught on video

2/4/2011: Stolen car, hit-run sightings sought

2/4/2011: Latest edition of The WSBeat

1/30/2011: Car vandalized; garage break-ins; possible stolen car

1/30/2011: The latest WSBeat

1/28/2011: ‘Well-known’ car-prowl suspects arrested

1/27/2011: Three reports from readers

1/27/2011: Police laud neighbors for helping burglary suspect get caught

1/27/2011: Mistakenly released suspect now in jail

1/27/2011: 2 more potential charges against Lincoln Park suspect

1/26/2011: 2 arrested in weapon, robbery investigation near Admiral-area schools

1/25/2011: Woman attacked in Lincoln Park, man arrested and jailed

1/24/2011: Car windows broken/shot out

1/23/2011: Admiral Theater burglarized

1/20/2011: Latest edition of The WSBeat

1/17/2011: “Drop that package”; break-in attempt

1/14/2011: Car break-ins, and a game-time prowler

1/13/2011: The latest WSBeat roundup

1/10/2011: 2 hurt in home-invasion break-in/attack

1/8/2011: 2 cases of crooks vs. cars

1/6/2011: Beach Drive search followup

1/5/2011: 2 late-night searches

1/5/2011: Alki shooting suspect back in court

1/3/2011: Hate-crime guilty plea

1/1/2011: Papa John’s robbed again

12/28/2010: Latest edition of The WSBeat

12/28/2010: Station scare; fast-acting thief

12/27/2010: Junction hit-run crash

12/24/2010: Car vandalism in south Admiral area

12/24/2010: Package-theft alert

12/23/2010: Latest edition of the WSBeat

12/21/2010: Pharmacy-robbery suspect jailed

12/21/2010: Tree vandalism outside Madison

12/20/2010: Car theft, catalytic converter theft

12/20/2010: Fauntleroy prowler on the run

12/17/2010: Car prowling in Arbor Heights, reported in WSB Forums

12/16/2010: Latest “WS Beat”

12/15/2010: Car break-in

12/13/2010: 2 thefts – pickup truck with trailer; Christmas decorations

12/12/2010: Vandals hit cars in senior-housing apartments’ parking area

12/12/10: Car stolen and stripped; catalytic converter stolen

12/10/10: Car break-in

12/9/10: Burglary attempt

12/7/10: Holiday-season crime-prevention tips from the Southwest Precinct

12/6/10: From the WSB Forums – Morgan Junction mail theft

12/6/2010: FBI arrests Arkansas explosives suspect in West Seattle

12/1/2010: SPD launches Twitter account to get the word out about stolen cars

11/30/2010: The latest WSBeat (from Southwest Precinct reports)

11/29/2010: SPD to fight car theft with Twitter

11/28/2010: Car prowl/egging combined

11/27/2010: Car prowls in Highland Park

11/27/2010: Genesee Hill break-in

11/24/2010: Latest edition of The WSBeat

11/19/2010: Police search in The Triangle

11/17/2010: WSBeat: Megan Sheppard’s latest roundup

11/16/2010: Only one burglary in all of West Seattle last week (WS Crime Prevention Council meeting report)

11/15/2010: Armed robbery in Highland Park

11/11/2010: Seen this hit-and-run driver?

11/9/2010: The WSBeat by Megan Sheppard: Telltale tire, and more

11/8/2010: BBs shot into Fairmount Springs home

11/7/2010: 5 Crime Watch reports

11/3/2010: Coffee-shop-heist arrest

11/3/2010: From the police files (latest weekly installment)

10/30/2010: Telltale loot

10/27/2010: 2 stolen vehicles to watch for, plus a car prowl

10/27/2010: More from the police-report files (Megan Sheppard’s weekly roundup)

10/26/2010: What the law-enforcement helicopter was doing over north West Seattle

10/20/2010: Serial burglary suspect arrested; groper sought

10/20/2010: More from the police-report files (weekly roundup by Megan Sheppard)

10/19/2010: 8-year-old boy beaten, father jailed

10/14/2010: More details on the 49th/Stevens (amended address) arrest

10/13/2010: Police at 50th/Stevens; truck theft at 50th/Genesee

10/12/2010: More from the police-report files, installment #2 (by Megan Sheppard)

10/11/2010: One car found, another one gone

10/10/2010: 2 reports – credit-card fraud; car theft

10/9/2010: Bartell Drugs pharmacy in Jefferson Square robbed

10/6/2010: Robbery suspects on cam

10/5/2010: Papa John’s armed robbery

10/5/2010: Crime Watch roundup: Package-theft video; business burglaries; home break-in attempt

10/4/2010: More from the police-report files (by Megan Sheppard)

10/4/2010: Arrest in Genesee Hill starts with carjacking in Tukwila

10/4/2010: Stolen car; possibly stolen metal

10/1/2010: Pharmacy robber sentenced

9/30/2010: Crash, helicopter search

9/28/2010: 2 burglary reports, including a message for one home’s burglars

9/28/2010: What the 28th/Cloverdale police response was about

9/28/2010: Arrest in Roxhill Park murder

9/27/2010: Possible burglars sighted; car found, with a warning

9/26/2010: Three reader reports – car theft, car prowl, condo break-ins

9/23/2010: Murder-suicide takes four lives in 1 West Seattle home

9/21/2010: Charges filed in Highland Park attack

9/21/2010: Three neighborhoods hit by car crimes; Highland Park home-invasion victim tells her story on TV

9/20/2010: 2 burglary arrests, neighbor gets the thanks

9/19/2010: Multiple car prowls?

9/16/2010: Car theft arrest

9/16/2010: Explosive vandalism damages duck display

9/16/2010: Case of the stolen trapeze boots

9/15/2010: From the WSB Forums: Car break-in near 47th/Genesee

9/13/2010: 2 West Seattle charges added for smash-and-grab suspect

9/12/2010: Vandalism spree reported

9/11/2010: Music gear stolen; Shane Carlson sentenced

9/9/2010: Charges in Alki shooting

9/9/2010: 2 reports from the inbox – car vandalism & car theft

9/8/2010: Gun photos from Alki shooting

9/8/2010: “Mrs. Doubtfire Bandit” blamed for three bank robberies in West Seattle

9/7/2010: Car-theft wave in southeastern West Seattle

9/7/2010: Charges in Highland Park home-invasion case

9/7/2010: Perfume shop’s A-board stolen

9/4/2010: Alki shooting followup

9/3/2010: Alki man shot by police

9/3/2010: Firsthand account of why you SHOULD call police if you THINK you should

9/3/2010: Police search near Alki

9/2/2010: Arrests/bookings in Highland Park home invasion case

8/31/2010: Bank robbery at Alaska USA in Westwood Village 

8/29/2010: Stolen car recovered at 19th/Brandon, major police callout

8/27/2010: Request for help solving cold case murder in White Center 

8/26/2010: Robbers tie up 3, steal guns, cars from 4th SW home 

8/23/2010: Verdict in pharmacy-robbery case 

8/23/2010: Auto theft on the rise 

8/21/2010: Stolen Honda Passport reported in WSB Forums 

8/20/2010: Burglary reported in WSB Forums 

8/20/2010: From the WSB Forums – happy ending to stolen-car report 

8/16/2010: Crime Watch roundup – kayaks stolen, hungry burglar(s), more 

8/16/2010: Followup – “PIT maneuver” stops chase, but 6 vehicles damaged 

8/15/2010: Shots reported on Alki, casings reportedly found 

8/14/2010: Attempted burglary in Westwood – seen this car? 

8/13/2010: Charges filed against smash-grab suspect 

8/11/2010: Man exposes himself to teen at school track; park search; 2 vehicle thefts 

8/11/2010: Suspect arrested in smash-and-grab burglaries 

8/10/2010: Stolen car hit-run; two car-prowl/car-break-in reports 

8/9/2010: Second day in a row, Admiral District business break-in 

8/8/2010: Another business break-in 

8/6/2010: Five reader reports – all thefts 

8/5/2010: Man stabbed, not seriously hurt 

8/4/2010: Three Crime Watch reports – burglary, car break-in, bike theft 

8/4/2010: Early morning West Seattle fire was arson 

8/2/2010: Police confirm that smash-and-grab burglaries are official “pattern” 

7/31/2010: Junction liquor store burglarized 

7/29/2010: Junction robbery, burglary reported 

7/29/2010: Arbor Heights search explained 

7/28/2010: Hit-and-run driver sought 

7/26/2010: Search for suspect in “domestic-violence threats” case 

7/25/2010: North Admiral car break-in 

7/23/2010: Robbery arrests update; plus, hit/run, car-prowl reports 

7/23/2010: Armed robbery reportedly solved fast; more catalytic-converter thefts 

7/22/2010: Tagging trouble 

7/20/2010: VW “getaway camper,” plus, tagged poles 

7/20/2010: What the big Delridge/Brandon response was about 

7/19/2010: Two more business burglaries with smashed windows 

7/16/2010: Smash-grab theft at The Swinery 

7/13/2010: Search, car theft, car prowl 

7/13/2010: Catalytic converter theft 

7/9/2010: Latest reader reports 

7/8/2010: Car prowls way down, police tell Southwest District Council 

7/7/2010: ‘Bones’ is back 

7/6/2010: “Bones” stolen from Delridge driveway 

7/5/2010: Burglary/van theft, plus two car-prowl reports 

7/1/2010: Lincoln Park shooting/fight sends 2 to hospital 

For Crime Watch stories before July 2010, go to this archive page

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