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    Nursing Homes in West Seattle…? Seeking info on the good, bad and ugly. Do you work at one? Do you know anyone living at one? Had a tour at Providence Mt St Vincent today and don’t know what to think…..



    What is it would you like to know?

    I’ve worked in long term care for 22 years and lived and worked in West Seattle for 10 of those years.
    There is a big difference between a Skilled Nursing Facility ( Nursing home) and Assisted Living.
    Skilled nursing is a placement of last resort usually as the level of care is the highest offered outside of the hospital. It is the least home like, most restricted and most expensive. Running $350-$600 a day
    Assisted Living can usually meet some ones physical needs and can cost anywhere from 3000 to 10,000 a month depending on the apt. style and care needed.

    Currently there are no assisted livings in West Seattle that accept Medicaid either straight in the door or after a certain amount of years private pay.

    Park West and Mt. St. Vincent have a limited ability to accept Medicaid in their skilled nursing. Not the Assisted Living Portion of The Mount.

    A good resource for finding out about quality of care for a skilled nursing facility is where you can find the most recent state survey or health inspection and over all care rating which is based on a 5 star rating. This takes into account health surveys, falls, pressure sores, use of anti psychotics medications.

    Assisted Living survey or health reports can be found at

    Adult Family homes which are privately owned and care for 6 residents at a time can often give a higher level of care then assisted living but not cost as much as a skilled nursing facility due to less over head.

    Ask me anything else…



    Mom2Boys, excellent advise. Hoangnganvy1, there is a resource guide for seniors, called Choice. The printed Choice guide is no more, but it’s all on line. You can also call them directly for assistance. 800-361-0138



    My grandfather had to transfer into a skilled nursing facility after a failed back surgery — initially at The Kenney he moved very shortly thereafter to The Mount — nothing terribly wrong I can remember about The Kenney, just not a good fit. He lived out his days at The Mount (6 years I believe from Level 2 care ultimately to Level 5, similar to Hospice I think?). Luckily enough my grandma was able to move into an Independent living apt. and be with my Grandpa and she is still there in her Apt. years later at the age of 91.

    My grandma raves about “my home”, never wants to leave b/c she is so comfortable there and is grateful everyday that she was able to move in there (& she raves about the food, too… always showing me the latest menu). I enjoy visiting and see it as a very active community, there is no weird “smell” that you often think of and with the daycare on-site (which my Grandpa visited everyday), very lively and multi-generational. There is a wonderful documentary that has been made of The Mount that is fantastic and several great articles about the “death cats”.

    Interesting about nursing homes and assisted care/living I have noticed at The Mount is that it’s not just old people, there are people of all ages, whether rehab from an accident, maybe a stroke at a very young age, it’s all there. I would never hesitate to be there if I found myself in need.

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