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    Lindsey– My understanding is the baby on board signs are supposed to be an alert to emergency personnel, in the case of accident (or at least, that was the original purpose). Similar to the “pet in house” signs people put on their front window, in case of fire. Maybe knowing that will keep you from grinding your teeth when you see them? It’s the only thing that keeps me from hating them too! (But don’t get me started on stick-figure families on cars; yugh!)



    People who say “NUCULAR” instead of NUCLEAR!!!!!!!!!! It seriously makes me cringe!

    I hate baby on board signs too!! I thought it was just me. I’ve always said I will NEVER have one of those, even though I love kids and can’t wait to have my own :)

    People who can’t figure out how to navigate a 4-way stop.


    People who don’t hold doors for others.

    People who pull up in the bank drive through cash machine and bump their music while im actually trying to hear what the hell the bank teller is saying.

    Mostly I just can’t stand people who are completely unaware of their surroundings and how their actions DO in fact affect others…


    Ms. Sparkles

    I think 90% of the posts are very reasonable reactions to inconsiderate actions by other. In the vein of Trivial and/ or Irrational I will share my own personal moral failing –

    I hate it when people walk slowly in the middle of the sidewalk / aisle / walkway. My mother used to walk with a cane (can’t walk at all anymore) and she once explained that people who feel unstable tend to walk in the center because they fear being bumped.

    My failing is that even knowing this, or seeing that the person walking slow and center is a small child does NOT help. I still want to scream “Hey move it pokey!” – fortunately my self restraint has held firm ;-)



    I haven’t seen a baby on board sign in 20 years, is this still even an issue?

    How about hipster parents who think happy hour at a BAR is an appropriate place to have a birthday party/playdate/etc for their children?

    NEWS FLASH TO PARENTS: Happy Hour is where you go to GET AWAY from screaming little kids.

    It’s The Mission, not Chuck E Cheese.



    Stopping in the middle of the aisles in grocery stores. Especially at Costco, in the smaller spaces, they just leave the cart to go look at something, or stop to sample something, without a CLUE to might be behind them trying to get down the lane. Move it, people, I need to keep moving…..



    Ahh, Costco. Bringing out the worst in people since 1983.


    I 3rd Costco.



    Yes, Filbert…the Baby On Board signs are everywhere! Now that its on your mind, you’ll start seeing them everywhere ;)



    SUV’s, vans and trucks parked in “Compacts only” parking spaces. You guessed it, I’m in that compact car roaming the parking lot.



    People who eat with their mouths open.

    People who eat the crunchiest food ever during meetings.

    All of my pet peeves revolve around eating. Don’t even get me started on eating that takes place in a movie theater!!!



    People who walk down the middle of the street. Isn’t that what SIDEWALKS are for?

    People who slow down when crossing the street in front of your car.



    Post 34 yes very annoying. And getting stuck behind one in traffic because they block your view ahead.



    people who back their car onto the street when should back their car from the street when they have full vision of pedestrians and control of traffic (much safer!). this way when they leave they are able to see pedestrians and traffic before entering onto the street.



    Ms. Sparkles..in your post #28…I am that person walking with the cane. Lately I have had two speeds, slow and stop. I simply don’t move very fast. I have a neuropathy in my feet and ankles, so walk in the middle because I sometimes walk a little off balance.I don’t want to stumble or fall by walking on uneven ground. A peeve of mine? People who walk faster and come up behind me, right behind me, and then sigh audibly, but don’t say “excuse me”.Happened to me at Met Mkt today. I heard her, I moved..


    People who smoke in cars with kids!

    People who throw gum on the ground!

    People who stuff the overhead bins on airplanes!

    People who write “LOL” after every stupid comment, LOL.



    Nobody’s mentioned vocal fry, yet, or the sad disappearance of the subjunctive.



    how about the irritating back up noise from trucks and even the battery powered carts. the constant beeping is very annoying. a few beeps ok but constant beeping no



    People who open their car doors into traffic without looking, and then leave them open while they’re doing something else! Look, I get that if you’re loading the car seat or something, you might have to have the door open, but don’t leave it open while you go get something out of your trunk!


    “pacific” for “specific”



    ahh, these are great! The grammar ones, definately!

    Also, the people in line at airport security who wait until the last minute to take of their shoes and belts and hold up the line while they search for their laptop in the suitcase; and likewise, on the other end, stand right next to the conveyer belt while they get dressed and organize all their stuff again. This usually happens at 6 am, or some ungodly hour, and makes me very cranky!



    One of my ridiculous pet peeves is that the cleaning person who empties my garbage/recycling cans at the office always puts them back in the opposite space. I know it’s no big deal, and I try to just be grateful that someone is doing this task for me, but I can’t help but get annoyed for a brief moment every morning when I have to reverse them.



    Ha! Sue, I don’t find that annoying, per se, but it does confuse me. I could swear it’s a game; one day I come into my office and the recycling can is on the left. The next day it’s on the right. Rinse, repeat for eternity.

    The grammatical/spelling errors mentioned above bother me, as well. “Who” vs. “that,” especially. Another one I haven’t seen mentioned: “which” vs. “that.” It’s a trickier one, since apparently British English really favors “which” in all circumstances; I have to remind myself of that fact when listening to BBC news on KUOW.

    Driving pet peeves: People who trail really far behind the car ahead of them, but then manage to get their sh*t together and speed up when approaching a yellow light… leaving me at the red, even though we both could have made it through had the driver not left ten car lengths between himself and the car ahead of him.

    Also, 35th Ave. may be 35 mph, but guess what? So is most of California Ave. That’s THIRTY-FIVE, not twenty (barring active school zones, of course). Too many West Seattleites don’t seem to understand this.


    Their, there, and they’re .. how hard is it to use the right one!? :)


    tom kelley

    How about the people who sit at a stop light and fail to turn on their left turn signal until the light turns green.



    Oh, this thread is a dream come true for me. I might even have to come back later to list more:

    TOP PEEVE: People who snap, crack and pop their chewing gum. Especially on the bus when there is no escape. I bought headphones but sometimes I can still hear it. It puts me in kill mode instantly.

    When people stand in the middle of the escalator, not leaving room for people to pass. I’ll walk up and say “excuse me’ and get looked at like I’m the rude one!

    People who put their bags, purse, backpack, etc. on the bus seat next to them instead of holding it on their lap, especially when the bus is full. Having to say “excuse me” to get their attention and ask to sit down.

    Litterbugs and SMOKERS who throw their ciggy butts on the ground. The earth is not your ashtray! It actually is illegal to throw burning objects on the ground but unless a cop is around to witness it, what’re you gonna do? I’ll say “You dropped something” or “Here, let me get that for you” in hopes of making them feel like an ass.

    Stupid trendy sayings like “nom nom nom”, “sad panda”,etc.-mostly seen on Facebook. I also hate “LOL”.



    Ooh ooh, two more! People who take forever to turn the corner when driving. Just make it happen so we can all go on with our lives! (I do admit that I’m an impatient driver)

    When people say “rilliter” for realtor.

    I think someone mentioned “fermiliar”; also “fertographer”. Or “narcist” for “narcissist”.

    Oh yeah, the people who are waiting at the bus stop and then start digging around for money, bus pass or whatever only after boarding the bus. What’s wrong with them?! (So many bus peeves).

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