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    The “hey poopyhead’ thread made me wonder… Do you have a pet peeve that could be considered incredibly trivial by others? I know I do.

    This is car related. I would never leave my trash (coffee cup, food wrapper, shopping bag, newspaper, etc) in a friend’s car, or change the heat/air setting or the radio station/volume without asking permission first. Ask first, or better, ask me to make the adjustment(my car, my control). Minor and inconsequential to some/many, but thoroughly rude to me. Sets me off like nothing else…

    Oh, and that whole dog poop in my garbage can issue, but that’s already well documented.

    If you want to come and clean/tidy my house though, I have no control issues there.



    Is it trivial?

    I hate when people lock their cars and then go “beep, beep, beep” with a remote. Why is that necessary? Try running or biking past while getting a shocking blast out of the blue…or try living across the street from a serial “beeper”. Some are louder–and thus more abrupt–than others. Noise pollution. Ugh!



    LOL…I have been in the rescue world way to long! Took this literally…a ‘pet peeve’ about one of my pets! And here it is.

    In the last three months, Monet has decided to ‘groom’ my hair at night. Strange feeling to have your cat ‘lick/clean’ your hair…and then she chews off the ends so I have all these short pieces of hair at the hairline! Lovely.

    When I’m awake, she can be gently stopped…but once asleep, the stealth groomer descends.



    Sorry…. you asked for it. I have a few. Mostly assocaited with some form of body function. to keep it simple, I’ll only list my top 5.

    Double doors, where one side is kept locked for public access to/from a business. WTH do they bother to have a second door?

    People who need to blow their noses, and but keep sniffling (I have seen this go on for hours). I will often hand someone a tissue, as I find that rude. Get off your duff and go get a tissue!

    People who do not cover their mouths when they cough. It amazes how many adults forget what they were taught when they were 2 years old; come-on its a common courtesy.

    People who snore on flights…… Gosh, I really want to scream at these people, as I am never able to sleep on a flight, and I just hate that sound.

    Men who do not put the toilet seat down. My hubby knows that if the seat is up, the wife is very unhappy. Been years since I have found it up (thank you Mark) and as a result, I dont leave my feminine stuff in his way.


    tom kelley

    People on tv that incessantly use the phrase, ya know. I’ve created the ya-know-meter counting how many educated people use the phrase in an interview. One of the most frequent users? The Prez. The other one is the word absolutely used in answer to a question from a fellow talking head.



    Knuckle-cracking … *shudder*


    2 Much Whine

    People that stand in line for 15 minutes doing whatever they do and then when it’s finally their turn they decide to check out the menu or dig for their checkbook or decide which movie they want to see or look for their boarding pass or whatever. You’re in line doing nothing – PAY ATTENTION!

    Also, people that sit silently steaming next to me on an airplane while I snore away without letting me know. I will gladly forgo my sleep to make your flight better but can’t do that if I am not aware I’m snoring. I confess – I’m THAT guy (but I don’t want to be).

    And another thing, what about those folks that don’t wave or nod when you let them in front of you as they try to merge? Is it just me? A nod goes a long way. . . .



    People who say “supposably” instead of “supposedly”.



    “Pike’s Market”






    my biggest pet peeve:

    you take the elevator down to the lobby, the doors open for you to get off, and there’s somebody standing right in front of the door. they don’t move out of the way to allow you to get off… better yet, they try to get on before you’ve exited the elevator. when I worked downtown in a tall office building, I was amazed at how many times that happened. and more often than not, they were carrying coffee cups, which I was afraid i was gong to jostle as I tried to squirm my way off the elevator.



    EX-pescially instead of especially!!

    Those who cannot merge properly in traffic.

    Those who cannot use the rope-tow at the Snoqualmie Tubing Center!



    Baby on board signs on cars. They are stupid and pointless and I irrationally hate them. No one is more or less likely to ACCIDENTALLY hit a car because there’s a baby in it. And guess what? Someone’s (grown) baby is in every single car. So there.

    I know this one is not technically incorrect, but I can’t stand it when folks use “that” to refer to people, instead of “who.” Example: I have a friend that hates baby on board signs. NO NO NO NO. You have a friend who hates baby on board signs.

    @funkietoo Thanks for the laugh! I have a stealth night kitty who tries to make nests out of my hair every night at about 3am.


    All of the above.



    People at work who take the last drop of coffee, but don’t bother starting a fresh pot.

    Drivers who are ambivalent towards pedestrians and think that the correct place to stop at an intersection is not at or behind the stop sign, but past the stop sign, through the crosswalk and with the nose of the car in the intersection. I almost got nailed by one such driver this morning.

    Drivers who think that “Speed Limit” means Minimum Required Speed rather than Maximum Allowed Speed and proceed to tailgate, pass illegally or make other ill-advised, aggressive maneuvers when behind someone they feel is not going fast enough.

    Loser vs. Looser



    People who don’t talk to their neighbors about any problem they might be having with them or their behavior and then anonymously post about said behavior on a blog.


    WC, sad but true, it’s often safer to post vs talk to your neighbor.



    i have a number of pet peeves:

    – speed limits that violate technical criteria. consistent limits based on technical (not political; aka fantasy engineering) create the safest environment for all users.

    – advocacy groups such as bike groups that want new bike facilities but then do not include a proposal how to fund it. in other words we want this but then want someone else to pay

    – teachers unions that protect ineffective teachers that has great adverse consequences on our children’s education.



    The phrase ‘just sayin’ ‘ – because obviously without it, I thought you were knitting it into a blanket and writing a play about it.



    Not using turn signals.


    All grammar peeves above and then some.


    Talking on your phone on the bus loud enough for others to hear.


    And… “So I was, like “nuh uh,” and she was like, “duh,” and I, like, went to tell her to, like, shut up? And she, like, got all, like, ya know… like, dumb? Like, she couldn’t like, talk? Like everything was, like, a question?”



    obamacare that essentially socializes insurance premiums by not allowing controllable risk factors (the factor in question cannot be mentioned) except smoking to be factored. further the mandate fines are a joke; a better approach deny services to those that do not buy insurance



    Hoop – totally not getting the idea of a pet peeve, here. But hey, rock on.



    I have this little thing about drivers trying to turn a corner in front of me with one hand steering, while they’re talking on the phone with the other hand. And, invariably, they’re in a huge SUV, and the traffic is heavy. They hold everyone up with their inattention.

    (have been spending too much time in traffic lately – sigh)



    Most of the above, plus:

    People who clip their nails or floss their teeth in public (like on the bus).

    Yawning (sneezing, coughing) without covering.

    Guys who make those absurdly loud snorting noises, apparently to clear testosterone-infused clots of phlegm. (I just tried to imitate one; the cat nearly hit the ceiling, and the dog bolted from the room).


    Overuse of the words “actually” and “basically”, or the phrases “as well” or “ya know what I’m sayin’?”. Judge Judy loves to pounce on these, which always makes me chuckle.



    People that find a way to turn ANY topic whatsoever into a dim-witted screed against helping people who are sick.

    Advocating withholding health care from poor people.


    The ones amalia and anonyme stated.


    Most of mine seem to fall under lack of courtesy. People who act like they are the only one living on earth.. you know the ones who leave their cart in the center of the grocery aisle so neither direction can get through. Or they bump into you and don’t say sorry or excuse me. People who do something totally illegal then flip you off like it’s your fault. People who don’t take responsibility for themselves. People who feel entitled to get what they want, when they want it, come hell or high water, for free.


    Car horns tied to car alarms is perhaps the worst thing ever invented.


    Noise pollution.


    The over use of the word literally.


    People who push the button for the walk light 20 times when it just needs to be pushed once.

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