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    Just out of curiosity, are there any celebrities who either currently live in or used to live in West Seattle?

    I know about Laura Love (great musician) and Lori Hinton (West Seattle 101), so that started me wondering about other West Seattle VIP’s.

    You never know who you might run into in the WS ‘Hood…



    Frances Farmer went to West Seattle High School, as did Dyan Cannon, aka Diane Freisen. She was a “Miss Hi-Yu” candidate when she was a teenager. Of course, you won’t run into them now. But…there’s Eddie Vedder, and I think Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) lived in WS for a while…and I’ve heard that Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, etc., also lives in West Seattle.

    There’s bound to be others…anyone?



    Diane Friesen was my classmate at WSHS. A little older than me, Ivar Haglund of Ivar’s restaurants was a WSHS graduate class of ’22 (I think). Ome Daiber, carpenter, inventor, one of the founders of the Seattle Mountain Rescue Council, grew up in West Seattle.



    wow… these are some cool people… It’s always interesting to find out the quirky history of the people and places around you… don’t ya think?



    Radio- wise we have a couple of notable names –

    Gregg Hersholt – KIRO radio

    Marty Riemer – KMTT, The Mountain and a WS native

    NY Vinnie who isn’t on the radio much but he does do some reporting for Fox Sports NW.



    At least half a dozen current TV news reporters live out this way too. Among former local TV celebrities — Tracey Conway from Almost Live, for one. And of course the mayor, city councilmember Tom Rasmussen, county councilmember Dow Constantine, city attorney Tom Carr, fabled photographer Art Wolfe … Author Terry Brooks is my favorite megabestselling West Seattle author (we have covered two of his past Barnes and Noble WV appearances) … I’m sure more will come to mind later — TR



    Eddie Vedder still owns a house in WS, at the very least. (Dig around enough in the King County records and you too can figure out where it is… :) ) How much time he actually spends there is anyone’s guess.

    Chris Cornell used to live in WS, fairly close to Morgan Thriftway, but based on county records it looks like his ex-wife now owns the house, probably as a result of their divorce.



    Not West Seattle, but close:)

    Elizabeth Mitchell – Lost – Bainbridge

    Chris Kattan – SNL – went to Bainbridge HS

    Susan Powter – bainbridge

    John Ratzenberger – Cheers – Property on Vashon

    Alex Borstein – Mad TV, Family Guy – Vashon

    Jack Olsen – Crime author – Bainbridge



    Jim Whittaker went to West Seattle High School.




    and let us not forget Cindi Rinehart, Northwest Afternoon’s “Soap Opera Queen” on KOMO-TV




    The list was looking impressive until that one. :)

    I use to run into Chris Cornell at the ol’ Cat Eye Cafe (RIP) and he always had a scratch for my pooch, but he now lives in Paris I believe.



    The lead singer (I think lead singer??) of Mudhoney lives in West Seattle.



    Bonnie, one of my friend’s thought Mark Arm (Mudhoney lead singer) was at the first Democratic caucus at WSHS, but we never confirmed so you could be right about him living here.



    CMP, there is a lady who helped us get stuff together for the Hi-Yu tea a few months ago who told me that she lived next door to Mudhoney’s lead singer and she could hear practicing. Of course, I can’t remember if she said the lead singer or another band member but I’m sure she said lead singer. She said they were all very nice. So, somewhere here in West Seattle…



    Don’t forget Tobia Wolffe – author of “This Boy’s Life”. Part of his (sadly awful) childhood took place in West Seattle. Check out the Leonardo DiCaprio/Robert Deneiro movie.

    …oh, and Gyspy Rose Lee!



    Mudhoney is one of my all time favorite bands…now I am going to be driving around with the windows open listening for practice sessions….

    Cindi Rinehart is the nicest lady, BTW. I am sure I just butchered her last name.



    I’m assuming Jim Dever lives in WS. I’ve seen him at Target and Lowman Beach with his wife and kids. They were a very nice couple. He’s on King-5’s Evening Magazine.

    Also, doesn’t Brenda Peterson live here in WS full-time? She is a well-regarded nature writer and advocate, including her devoted work on behalf of the Elliott Bay/Puget Sound harbor seal pups.



    I knew Tobias lived as a young teen in Concrete WA but I did not know about West Seattle. Huh. Interesting. Guess it has been a few years since I saw “This Boys Life”. They did film in Conrete I know this for a fact. De Niro was pretty good as a jerky step father.

    I used to see Chris Cornell at Thriftway too but he lives in Paris and LA now but yeah his ex wife and child live in WS.

    Ed’s house is easy to find .. I know a lot more as I suspect many of you do too so I wont post any more personal info like the kind of vehicle he has or his address :) You’ll see him out and about too but I wont say where exactly.

    Other, arguable, celebs – Mike Kinsley and Jim Dever from Evening Magazine. If were counting Burien as WS as some folks do then you can count Villi and Mary Kay.

    I know there are more but I’m drawing a blank. Can anyone else chime in?



    Aw c’mon, just a couple of Vedder hangout tips? I already know the house address. :)

    As for Mudhoney, it’s hard to find info in the county records about “Mark Arm” because that’s not his real name. I’m pretty sure his legal name is Mark McLaughlin, but with such a common name & so many spelling variations, it was too much for my limited patience to bear!

    Hung out with them at a party once in Chicago “back in the day”… Ah yes, back when I was young & stupid! LOL! Am I totally dating myself or what?



    I dunno’ if you consider these VIP’s….probably more along the lines of almost famous???

    Two WS musicians – both singer/song writers….

    Rachel Harrington – Alt Country – heard her on the radio 103.7, and at Folklife, I think. Then I saw her at the Westcrest dogpark here in West Seattle. That makes her almost famous, doesn’t it? ;)

    Brian Marshall – saw him for free at Coffee to a Tea a little over a year ago. He was living in WS then. Acoustic – his songs/performances have been used on many television shows – that makes’ him almost famous, right? “Las Vegas” “What About Brian?” “Dawson’s Creek” I think…and more, I believe.

    Lots of interesting people around WS – except for Villi and Mary Kay…I could have really done without THAT reminder. Ew….



    eddie hasn’t been home much..

    at least if he is, he keeps a really low profile…

    i seldom see lights at his house.



    Jim Dever does live here. I’ve seen him around for years.



    Note from your friendly management: I do appreciate everyone’s restraint in avoiding posting addresses or explicit tips on how to find them, even if they are public record (those public records are not always mega-easily navigable so it at least provides a little bit of a buffer zone). Yes, these folks chose to be famous, but it does bring its vulnerability and potential stalker types don’t need any more assistance in tracking them down.


    TR (WSB editor/co-publisher)



    I’ve heard that Ann Rule lives around here somewhere.



    Ann Rule’s business has a post office box with a west seattle zip code — and she has a great blog as well!


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