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    i did a bit of modeling when i was young… and i am very glad to hear she is pursuing her education…

    a pretty face only lasts so long… but curiosity will keep life perpetually interesting.



    Meg Tilly who was an actress in the 80’s (I believe she was nominated or won an Oscar for “Agnes of God”)went to Chief Sealth High School for a portion of the 77-78 school year. Her picture in in the ’78 annual, but I believe she left Sealth before graduation.



    I just watched an old Frasier episode on a flight and I’m pretty sure it was Meg Tilly guest starring as a “loose woman” Frasier picks up in a bar – a hilarious episode! Guess she is still working (at least as of 5ish years ago??!!)



    Meg Tilly was born and raised in LA and then lived in British Columbia during her high school years. I wonder what she was doing at Chief Sealth High School. Actually, she was only nominated for an Academy Award for Agnes of God. She didn’t win, though she did win a Golden Globe for that same role. She’s not acting much these days but she’s had some success as an author.

Viewing 4 posts - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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