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    You wouldn’t learn that in the Herald would you JenV….



    After reading the WSH editorial, I now know why the survey call I received from WSH last week made me feel so defensive.

    And, why I called Patrick the minute the call ended to let WSB know that the Herald was conducting the telephone survey and I felt uneasy about it.

    The women doing the survey talked very fast, it was hard to keep the multiple choices straight, let alone give a thoughtful answer.

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t use any of my answers to the telephone survey as research for their editorial.



    oh god I’m slow today…I just got the avatar (and previous one)…TR, you have a great sense of humor, thank you :)



    Just keep this in mind…..anything that does not evolve will die off. Print media will need to reinvent themselves or die off to the competition (online media).

    Death is part of life.

    If I were West Seattle Herald, I would embrace technology such as The Kindle. In my humble opinion, if they capitalize on technology such as this,mixed with a lower consumer price point for the device they could easily compete with Blogs.



    Since this is fairly far back in the discussion now, I wanted to repost the invitation for one and all to come to the free event being organized by a group of local journalists and other writers, “No News is Bad News,” 7 pm Thursday 2/26 at the Bertha Landes Room at City Hall downtown. It’s not on the official website last time I looked but according to planners, Dave Ross is almost nailed down as host.

    This is NOT meant to be a wonky discussion by journalists for journalists – the folks confirmed for the panel so far are quite lively – and if you are interested in attending, they’d like to hear from you online (no obligation) – this page has an RSVP link plus a form where you can submit a question NOW that you’d like to see addressed.



    I completely agree House…and I never thought I’d say those words!

    We are smack dab in the middle of history every day. The times-they-are-a-changing, and they always will. I happen to love my Sunday Times AND my WSB. But it’s all about choice, and ultimately the public consumer will decide the future of how we get our news.

    As for this discussion – they wrote an editorial and we are intelligently reacting to it, quoting their words and deciphering its meaning. That is a far cry from pointing fingers at an outside company or situation without all the facts.

    That’s the beauty of the written word – whether on newsprint or a computer screen.



    Thanks for the heads up, TR. I will bring my lawnchair to the meeting for sure. :)

    Can’t make artwalks due to knitting and that is really sad. Back in art school when we were poor and starving students, I literally ate dinner at openings and artwalks. One can survive on cheese and wine. I really miss seeing new art on a regular basis. It’s good for the soul…



    There’s an article in this month’s (March) Atlantic about the “survival” (or not) of the New York Times. Very interesting and addresses many of the same issues — print versus online; new versus old — access to information (which is, after all, what all of this is about.) I didn’t realize how soon the Times *could* fold. I’d post a link but it appears you have to subscribe to read. Look for it — at least in the library.



    On the link TR provided, there is now a who’s who of the speakers’ panel and a form to submit advance questions which will be presented to the panel.

    I hope WSB folks submit some quality Q’s insightful and observant of WSB?

    If folks want to actually attend, reservations are now being taken. I just made mine. It’s still free though.



    I’m a librarian by profession, so this whole print v. online question is a big part of my day to day life. (And these days, it’s mostly online; I work at an academic institution where 90% of our periodical subscriptions are online, for example, and that’s not unusual. Pretty much the only things we still get in print are a) things people like to browse, b) things that aren’t available online, or c) things that are online but cost so much more than we can’t afford it. Seriously, you’d be shocked.)

    To me, it’s more important that the information is there and accessible. I really hope that papers like the NYT find some way to transition online rather than folding entirely, because there is so much value in the way they report the news and what medium it arrives in is secondary in importance to whether or not it arrives. (And speaking of accessibility, I was able to read the Times online using my cell phone while riding a bus on an unpaved road in Cambodia. Talk about information access!)

    Criticizing news sites like WSB for being “blogs” entirely misses the point, as several people here have noted. “Blog” can mean highly informal content, but it can also refer to the platform the content is running on (though now people are mostly calling those content management systems whether they really deserve the name or not; it does make things less confusing though) and the Herald editorial isn’t the first place I’ve seen that confusion.

    And by the way, if you have a Seattle Public Library card, you can read the Atlanic online through their website.



    from a twitter friend….a link to the original editorial, plus some of the comments…



    Oh great! I can’t wait to read them all. Thanks for the link!

    I agree with Villagegreen, though. There is something really great about the physical paper. But not so much for news. Also, I will always read actual books.



    TR –

    Just a little something that I think pairs nicely with a bowl of popcorn…



    What the Herald should do is become a viable online news source. I keep forgetting it exists because when I first moved to West Seattle, I’d read a few articles and find they weren’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.

    But the thing is, multiple news sources is good; one reason I’m troubled by the P-I’s probable imminent demise. Diversity isn’t just healthy in natural ecosystems, y’know?

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