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    You guys have kept me jumping…

    It started with all those pesky links…

    i’d follow a link and right there buried in the comments or on the side of the page would be something intriguing.. and i would follow that.. to another link and another… it’s neverending:(

    I learned things i didn’t want to know. I have been so much happier not looking too closely at how politics are actually played in these United States… I wasn’t naive.. i knew what was going on… i just didn’t know so many details before.

    There was a reason i stopped being actively involved in American politics right after the Adalai Stevenson campaign….I don’t sleep better for what i know about the actual behind the scenes details of politics.

    but each question has raised another better one.. and i have been reeling through blog comments i would never have found any other way… and i have discovered that a lot of America is still thinking…

    I knew we were thinking in West Seattle.. well.. at least most of us are:) but i had begun to think that most of America had simply set their brains to the sleep cycle. It isn’t so:)

    So.. as a way to say thank you to the West Seattle Blog Forum members.. I am going to answer one of the intriguing questions of our time…

    it’s only fair since my increased research skills are what have led me to this startling revelation…

    The last supper portrait of the cast on the Battlestar Gallactica page is a direct takeoff on Rembrandt’s red charcoal sketch in reference to Michelangelo’s last supper.

    it’s a take off on a take off:)

    The nagging thought that the photo was a direct nod to a last supper portrait done by one of the masters .. and our inability to find “the” source had been keeping us awake at night…

    and according to the blogs… had yet to be solved.

    You have heard it first here… A scoop!

    There.. now, we can all sleep tonight :->

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