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    My Niece remembers her visits to Alki fondly, and loved our Alki Beach sweatshirts with the Long/Lat of West Seattle on them that Shafran’s once sold. While I was informed that the owner had the copyright on these, I’ve seen similar ones for other communities.

    My Niece would like such a sweatshirt, but even if the long/lat sweatshirt don’t exist, I would like to get a hoodie-style Alki Beach sweatshirt for her. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? Coastal at Alki, Alki Gifts, and Alki Mail and Dispatch do not have hoodies (M&D does, but only in gray and black…not nicer greens, yellows, etc. Thanks for your timely help (Her Birthday is fast approaching).



    OK, I know it is a trivial request, but compared to most subjects, relatively easy to solve. Even the merchants I visited along Alki Ave. said it was a great idea. When the weather is nice, there is often a stiff breeze blowing off the 48-54 degree waters of the Sound, putting the lie to sun in the sky…(go to the south side of Alki…). An Alki hoodie is an idea waiting to happen…




    I think I remember seeing Alki sweatshirts at Linda’s Flowers and Gifts at California and Admiral.



    I own Alki Art and Gifts on 58th Ave SW and we currently have three kinds of T-Shirts with the images from Alki in stock.

    You can see samples of the T-shirts here http://www.atlantisfusedglass.com/AlkiBeachMerchandise.htm by clicking on the image of the T-shirts.

    I can get any of these images on a sweatshirt that you can choose from the website below http://www.cafepress.com/cp/customize/?id=11




    Thanks to all; my problem was rather urgent, and had checked into Alki A&G earlier, but they didn’t have sweatshirts ready to go for an uncle who was behind in his duties. Linda’s was able to help, and I appreciated their selection.

    – JayDee

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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