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    I have a “Custom Crafted” built-in electric stove/range that came with the house. It is probably a circa 1954 appliance, and while electric ranges and stoves are an anachronism, we still have relatively cheap electric rates and I’d hate to replace something that works.

    That being said, the wiring under the burners looks pretty bad, and I’d like to get the old beast rewired, and maybe the old clock and cook/time feature functioning again…one can dream.

    Can anyone in WSB land recommend someone who is familiar with re-wiring/repair of these types of stove/ranges, preferably in WS? Thanks.



    Try Wiseman Appliances on California.



    Thanks jwws. Heck, the original stove/range probably came from them. :-)

    I might call Scott Wiseman and see if he can do it, or recc someone else. Scott is related to the Wiseman Appliance family, and is a good appliance repairman.

    I’ve purchased my dishwasher, reefer, and washer/dryer combo from Wiseman rather than Home Despot and they matched the HD/Sears prices and threw in free delivery. I’d rather patronize Wiseman than HD/Sears and I take the extra effort to do so. But this being electrical wiring, I was wondering if someone specialized in this type of refurbishment.



    Haven’t heard of specialists but I would bet an established electrical firm would either have someone capable or be willing to refer you. The Eagle Electric folks sponsor us and might be worth a call for the heck of it. They’re WS-based.


    +1 for Scott Wiseman. He’s worked on our circa 1948 electric stove and it is in tip top running condition!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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