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    We’ve contacted other security system companies, but they charge an arm and a leg for non-wired systems. After reading Aim’s rave for Freedom Systems, we contacted them (way back when) and after working with them (they didn’t charge us an arm and a leg for a non-wired system), I’m happy to say Jimmie just left and we have a brand new security system. Freedom Systems were a delight to work with and were extremely flexible with our schedule and even worked with the system that came with our house. They went above and beyond the call of duty and were a pleasure to work with. They answered all of our questions, researched different options for us, were more than helpful, extremely knowledgeable and are local to West Seattle.

    The first time Jimmie knocked on my door, he had his business card in my hand before I’d even extended mine to shake his. He’s extremely professional and immediately puts his clients at ease.

    And yes, I told them Amy G sent me :O)



    So glad you loved them as much as I did!! They really are great.

    Our alarm went off one day last week. I got the call from ADT, and since I work 5 min away, I opted to come check it myself rather than having them dispatch. None of the entry points had been compromised – the motion sensor went off.

    There was a burglary in the area that day. I believe they may have tried our house first, and the motion sensor caught them at the window and the siren scared them off.

    I’m so glad to have the security system. I thought it would make me feel trapped, but it doesn’t. I used to have panic attacks in the middle of the night, but I feel secure in knowing that the “stay home” alarm is armed, and nobody’s coming in.

    Sheesh, I sound like a commercial. But I’m just being honest.



    It’s an awesome feeling to feel secure and safe in your home; I’m glad the panic attacks have stopped. I sent Jimmie links to all your raves and comments here on the blog and told him that it was a relief to find a decent company to work with. Blog sponsor + great customer service + satisfied customer raves = more customers. So thanks so much for sharing your experiences / reviews Aim.



    Just got an alarm system installed yesterday by Freedom Systems.

    Jimmy was polite and professional and had my system installed in no time. It’s so easy to use – I opted for the wireless system as I have no working land line.

    A huge relief and peace of mind for when I’m away. Thank you West Seattle blog for recommending them and to anyone else looking for a home alarm system – give Freedom Systems a call. They will treat you well.



    Just to remind folks who haven’t already – to join their Block Watch groups and watch out for their neighbors too! If you don’t know have one, contact Benjamin Kinlow at the SW Precinct or the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network and feel free to start one :).



    Based on the above recommendations, we chose to go with Freedom Systems, and we were very happy with their service. kurjen’s comment above pretty much covers what we experienced. I do appreciate the peace of mind.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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