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    Please stop walking across my lawn, stomping on my flowers and across my neighbor’s lawn, just because you’re too lazy to walk down the FOUR STEPS to the sidewalk and walk up the steps to the neighbor’s house. Does it say in your manual that it’s okay to cut across people’s lawns? I’m sorry that I don’t have a fence there (maybe that’s on my TO DO list), but I really thought that common sense would prevail. Would you like it if I came to your house and walked all over your lawn and on your flowers? You did realize when you applied for this job that walking would be a requirement, right? So please take the extra time to think of others besides yourself and walk down my steps and back onto the sidewalk.



    I’ve got a mail carrier who apparently can’t tell the difference between 40th and 48th Ave even when the number is typed. Of all the mail they’ve misdelivered to me, there was only one that was remotely difficult to read.



    SueY, have you spoken to the delivery person about your concern? I acknowledge it would be nice if that wasn’t necessary, but it seems like it might be worth trying. I’ve noticed it’s the occasional fill in carrier who walks across part of our lawn rather than the regular guy who uses the driveways and sidewalks even though they are a less direct route.

    I’ve got a mail carrier who never delivers to our house since we have a PO box but takes the time to sort out items improperly addressed to our physical location so they go to our box rather than get returned to sender.




    We had a similar problem with postal carriers walking through our yard and squeezing between shrubs to get to our neighbor’s house; we even put caution tape up in our yard to prevent them walking through while we were trying to grow plant material in our courtyard green joints, all to no avail. We even had one gal do the limbo under the tape to cut through the yard and when I confronted her about it she started to walk back over the newly planted area ….

    Bottom line, after researching on USPS website, postal workers are allowed to walk through your yard. If you don’t want them to do so you need to put it in writing and submit to the post office. Or you could just try to talk to them, but that won’t stop replacements from walking through your yard….



    I used to date a postal carrier many, many years ago. He said that supervisors would follow them and time them as to how fast they were walking and finishing their route. If they did not do it fast enough, they would be written up. Part of having to speed up was walking across lawns. It may seem like not a big deal to walk down a few steps and across the sidewalk to the next house, but if you add that up with how many times it needs to be done on a route, I can see why it’s done that way. Do I necessarily think it’s right? No. But I can see both sides.


    2 Much Whine

    I put in a nice little stone pathway and try to keep it in decent shape (although weeds are a never-ending battle). Any time I see the postal guy out delivering I make sure to tell him that the pathway is for him just so he gets a nice walk through a little garden each day. I find it very rewarding to think that I am doing something nice to bring a smile to a person that has to work in all kinds of weather and deal with dogs and cranky people that don’t want him on their lawn. He’s always been nice to us.




    Sheesh people. First world problems.



    Now here the gun control debate might be on topic!

    But all you really need is some landscaping. Plant some blackberries and see if Miss Limbo tries again. Here, you can have some of mine.



    A path would be kinder.. and would probably look better too



    And then there’s the carrier who just pitches packages over my fence, into the shrubs or on top of the flowers. Go through the yard? Hell, he can’t even be bothered to open the gate…



    Moving your mailbox to the sidewalk(ask the carrier or supervisor first!) might take care of having to deal with your unwanted footpath, but I’ve seen some very nice paths created with just a few stepping stones placed by the owner. Kudos to the folks who have put walkways of one sort or another for their carriers(like the considerate 2MuchWhine) and a special place in our hearts for the ones whose pathways keep us from having to go back down stairs and up the next set of stairs to the next mailbox! (yes, I deliver mail and really appreciate those who come to our defense when appropriate!)

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