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    This summarizes the war being waged on Super Deli Mart by people who think it’s an evil part of the neighborhood. For those who don’t know, SDM is licensed to serve pints of draft beer, plus fill growlers. In addition, they serve sandwiches and offer the typical convenience store fare.

    I’d love to hear someone logically explain how this business is at all a threat to anyone’s safety, or as these opponents are claiming, the safety and innocence of children.

    Also, if you truly have a problem with a business like SDM, you should take up that complaint with a legislator; harassing the business owner, staff, and patrons is not the answer.


    Never speak badly of the S.D.M.

    S.D.M., Proleteriat, and Full Tilt make this South W.S. worth living in.



    Ridiculous! I have lived here for a long time, and no store that has ever been in that location has done more to foster a sense of community like Min has. We’ve made friends there and had great beer there. Keep rocking the beer loving world, Min! Don’t let the bastards get you down.



    Wonder if it’s the same people that went after Lumpia World?



    Aarrgg! Leave my beloved Super Deli alone! I feel my neighborhood is enhanced by the Super D. I’m looking forward to the anniversary party and pig roast. See you all there!



    Sounds like a cool place. I must stop by soon & patronize the establishment. Thanks for making me aware of it.



    There’s always someone who has to poop in the pool and spoil it for everyone. :-/



    I agree with the above post — SDM helps to make South West-Seattle an amazing place to live. We love Super Deli Mart!!!!



    Super Deli Mart is Super!



    speaking of SDM…wasn’t it a Hoagie’s Corner before it was SDM? I don’t remember there ever being a 7-11 there, as stated in the Seattle Weekly article…


    Speaking as a regular patron of Super Deli Mart, I have to say that it is an excellent part of the community here around 35th and Barton. Full disclosure: I am a beer nerd, and that place is bringing some real treats to an area that otherwise doesn’t have a whole lot of options. And I can WALK there from my house for a pint.

    There are a few jerks complaining vociferously about SDM’s deleterious effect on the neighborhood, and I have no idea where they are coming from. Rather than focusing on sales of Swishers and Steel Reserve like many other convenience stores, the Deli Mart is introducing people to a wide array of excellent beers, and providing a neighborhood gathering place.



    On one of my first stops in SDM, a customer asked about cartons of real whipping cream. The clerk apologized and said they were out.

    Me: You usually carry whipping cream?

    Him: Oh yeah, sure.

    Me: Huh.

    Him: You should have seen how much nutmeg we sold last week (holiday).

    Me: You sell NUTMEG here?

    When was the last time you saw, let alone wanted to buy, spices in a 7-11? Their stock is so much more than beer, wine, and smokes – I was impressed. And this was before I even realized they sold pints!



    wow. i could just as easily complain about 7/11 and the crap that they serve from their hot trays being unhealthy for the children – and the community at large. (i can’t prove it – yet – but i think that “food” is actually made out of people.)

    now i’m going to have to go to super deli mart to see what the fuss is all about.



    Don’t get too foamy here. WSB contributor Deanie Schwarz checked this out extensively last weekend. The Twitter thing was some account that claimed to be starting a petition drive, but the tweeter declined an interview and no petition existed. No person by the name they used could be found in public records anywhere in the neighborhood. No story.

    On Twitter, you can open an account and send somebody a message but if you have no followers it’s like a tree falling in the forest etc. etc. – we only heard about it because Deanie noticed someone ELSE tweeting about it. As we have learned over and over and over and over and over again, trolls are best ignored.



    Hi WSB, I agree that the Tweeter in question was most definitely a troll. At first “she” seemed serious, but it quickly became apparent that she was just bored and looking for a target and/or attention.

    However, there are people out there who apparently are opposed to SDM’s model of serving beer in a store; I posted the SW article link because I actually was not previously aware that the anti-SDM folks aren’t limited to an ephemeral Tweet campaign. ;-)



    Foamy….heh heh. Gotta keep using that!



    SDM rocks and so does Min! Looking forward to the upcoming tasting. Keep up the excellent work! Hearing this just makes me want to patronize them more. Min has been a good friend to my hubby since we recently started frequenting the deli. I also enjoy the great conversations I stumble into with neighbors I’ve never met while I’m there as well.

    I don’t recall it ever being a 7-11 either. The oldest I remember was Hoagie’s Corner, but I’m “fairly” young so I could be wrong. Then a high school friend’s family owned it during my teenage years.

    It’s sad how there always has to be a party pooper. In fact, SDM feels like one of the safer “marts” to be in considering how often there are cops enjoying a Cheesy British, or whatever their favorite sammy is ;)



    this reminds me of a short-lived store on nickerson, ca. 1996: liquid assets.

    it, too, had beer on tap, (3 handles IIRC) and served boar’s head sandwiches, as well as various staples necessary for urban living.

    but being too close to SPU, the university’s regents pressured liquid assets’ landlord into raising the rent on the property to a point that required the proprietor to close up shop.

    15 years later, there’s a successful thai joint that serves cocktails that’s even closer to SPU. and it’s located on land leased from SPU.

    i guess appearances make all of the difference – to some people.



    I remember it being a 7-11 for at least a couple years after it was Hoagie’s, but I couldn’t find any exact dates online.

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