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    does it matter what speed limit is posted?

    nobody seems to think it pertains to them



    I’ve always had a bit of a lead foot when driving. There are times I’ve been in a hurry to get somewhere and the posted speed limits seem like carrying a lead ball and chain uphill. BUT… there are thousands – yes, thousands more people walking, in cars and on bikes that weren’t on our roads even two years ago. I’ve had to have a long chat with myself about my speeding habits and have now consciously slowed down, mostly due to a couple of incidents the past year that set my heart racing. My anger at the guy who stepped right in front of my car in the middle of a block on California Ave on a rainy night, wearing black clothes, didn’t negate the fact that I really didn’t want to hit him or his little dog. Thankfully I have good brakes. My advice… SLOW DOWN. I’ve had to do it and yes it’s frustrating and agonizingly slow at times, but do you really want to put the well-being of others in jeopardy, not to mention your own? Even though there are times I swear that some people hit our streets with a death wish, slowing down allows me to sleep peacefully at night and avoid tickets, too. Plan ahead because trips to the store or wherever will take more time now as construction and higher population density will make those trips seem like constantly navigating obstacle courses. That’s the state of our hood these days, like it or not. If you are OK with injuring or killing someone else and wrecking your own life, continue to speed. The police HAVE to enforce more, because there are more chances for dangerous incidents. I’m OK with that.



    Tan – we both had the same epiphany. I’m trying to attach mine to the concept of being present and in the moment – which also reminds me to not text drive or other distractions.

    I too have been seeing lots more deathwishers out there and I suspect we’ll have more serious ped accidents on our streets until things balance out.

    I seriously don’t like the extra time it takes to get anywhere now but as they say, adapt or die.

    Folks like Skeeter (avowed car guy) and me probably need to find places to do track days or parking lot autocross to sate our “need for speed”. ;-)



    A track to speed on would be great… especially if it were on the way to stores. I could swing by, get my road rage fulfilled by racing around a track and be calmer at the grocery store… :)


    Jd seattle

    Maybe I havent been around long enough to notice wake and skeeter are car guys. Me too. I second a track day!



    Far more bicycles out on the road in West Seattle in the past few years. Just look at the bike counter across the low bridge. Speeding and/or texting makes it far more dangerous for anyone without the protection of a metal cage and airbags. Please slow down drivers!

    I love cars too. But I try to drive very slowly in West Seattle because it’s simply not safe to drive fast here.

    To satisfy my need for speed my family takes day trips. For example we went up to Mt Rainier a couple weeks ago. Once you get out in the country it is far safer to kick the speeds up a bit and have some fun. There are a lot of beautiful and fun to drive roads in our great state that are far away from population centers. Planning a Cascade Loop trip as soon as highway 20 opens.



    Personally I enjoy seeing speedsters get pulled over speeding UP Admiral Hill, there’s a buffer zone as soon as you make the curve off the bridge notifying drivers that the limit is 30 mph “ahead” so I coast down to 30 then keep that speed. I’ve had people flip me off for it too but I just put up three fingers, then a zero (thumb to curled fingers) for “30” then flip them off right back. It’s even better when you get to see them speed off then get pulled over by a cop just before the lookout. ;) That’s only happened once to me but it was glorious.

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