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    What’s up with not allowing students in fast food restaurants between 9 and 3. I’d heard about it at McDonald’s and saw the signs at Jack in the Box on Admiral. I understand that some kids are thugs. So are some grown-ups. I’d be surprised if this is even legal — and it’s certainly not the way to build a diverse community and teach our children how to behave. Hire rent-a-cop, but don’t shut out everyone.



    Shouldn’t kids generally be in school between 9 and 3? I wonder if it’s to prevent kids cutting school and hanging out in there. A lot of places in NY used to do that – I know a local mall wouldn’t let kids in without a parent during school hours.



    charlabob…maybe you should have been around when they were allowed in. I live just down the street from Jack in the Box, and when the kids take their lunch at 10:40am, both Safeway (still) and Jack in the Box were completely inundated with students. And, unfortunately, for the most part they weren’t exactly “thugs”, but they were/are inconsiderate “me”people. They will walk in front of your car crossing the street, defying you to hit them almost, and act as though they are the only people in the world (teenagers – lol)…and create havoc in these places. And I believe restuarants have the right to refuse service to whoever as long as it’s not race, sex, gender. If it’s troublemakers, I guess they can.

    I have learned to not do shopping @ Safeway while the students are about…it’s just too difficult….

    so this is behavior of the few affecting the many…



    I just called McDonalds in the Admiral area and was told that this policy of kids not in McDonalds is due to alot of the kids skipping school. And yes, you are riht that this policy also could include adults.



    Hm, when I went to WSHS 9 years ago we were allowed in McDonalds and yes, we skipped school and hung out there. And we were NOT allowed in Safeway after my freshman year, nor were we ever allowed in Jack in the Box unless someone had a car and we could go through the drive thru. And I don’t blame them. Even if we weren’t “thugs” we were loud and obnoxious.

    Also, the reason we were stopped from going into the Safeway was because of theft. And believe me, I knew more than a few people who stole loads of stuff from there…so there really is good reasoning behind it.

    Plus, I think it is kind of nice that kids don’t have those two fast food places to choose from because really that is probably all they’d choose and that just isn’t healthy.



    I don’t know if this policy is progressive or discriminatory, but i have to admit i will probably be taking advantage of it:)



    I remember years and years ago Herfy’s didn’t allow students inside during those hours. (Herfy’s is now Jack in the Box)

    Personally I like it. High School kids can be obnoxious. Not all, but many are.



    I remember a Herfy’s where the KFC/A&W is in White Center or at least in the general area, always was a place to hang out!!



    A few years ago the McD’s across from WSHS had students bullying and physically threatening its employees. I seem to remember that’s when the ban on students started.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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