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    “Thanks to Cadbury for pointing out the difference between a sexual peccadillo and sexual assault.”

    That’s simply untrue.

    Paula Jones was a sexual harrassment case.



    Well Jan… since I was THERE..twice in fact … it is the ancestral home of the great Archimedes … I would say you are dead ass wrong. How that for a fact check? You can even google some pictures of Siracusa,.. it was called in Carthaginia ,Syracuse and the sea wall looking across the Straits of Messina If you ever go there, you can even visit. Sometimes you look just foolish. Enjoy the pictures… Syracusia, Syracuse, and Syracusa…. ships were USS Inchon and Barnstable county… eh? Is that how you do life.. google?

    or video





    if a news media qualified as liberal for having one liberal reporter one time in history, i am guessing most of them would qualify as liberal.

    I was once a Republican. Of course I was 16.

    does that make me a republican now?




    “Is that how you do life.. google?”

    following that crack with a google post ;->




    Ya gotta play to the audience ma’am. Oh JoB I an so sorry,, was the head injury THAT severe at age 16? I had no idea. And such a promising start too.



    Cadbury, maybe not in such salacious details, but Ike and his driver, JFK, and lots and lots of speculation on J Edgar Hoover…Hell Andrew Jackson and wife Rachel got both barrels of the press during his campaign for bigamy…Clinton didn’t break much new ground in the sex and scandal department.




    the head injury was indeed that severe…

    but I was 15.

    On a ride called the scrambler some guy scratching his .. well you know.. and fantasizing about my cousin’s unusually large mammary glands… took the governor off the ride in the hopes of impressing her with a good time.

    the guy she was with really enjoyed the enforced cuddle, but I was on the outside and the centrifugal force broke every capillary from my waist up and hyper-extended my neck.


    some doctors believe the resulting limbic insult triggered my lifetime of chronic fatigue syndrome which has caused major cognitive deficits.

    My cognitive function now resembles swiss cheese.

    I test barely above retarded on spacial skills, can’t add, subtract, multiply or divide worth beans and word finding can be a real bear.

    Yet, I somehow manage to pack a car better than anyone I know, can execute complex mathematical equations and can define enough words with textbook accuracy to keep my verbal scores on IQ tests more than respectable.

    I am much slower than I used to be but still find myself impatiently waiting in conversation for others to get the connections that are obvious to me and I seldom get past the second chapter of a mystery without figuring out who the killer is.

    my listening skills and reasoning skills still seem to be sharp

    but I have to double check and triple check sometimes to make sure I have all the information I need to make a decision…

    and if i don’t find what i am looking for where I expect to find it,

    I forget what it was I needed

    I can’t follow a recipe because i can’t keep track of whether or not I have completed a step without a list I can check off…

    and even then I worry that I may have checked a step off before completing it..

    but I read cookbooks for inspiration

    and cook well enough that people are pleased to get an invitation to my table

    I can respond to questions all day

    but find it really difficult and time consuming to originate thought.

    It takes me a long time to write a reasoned argument.

    Yet, I persevere

    I speak publicly and I write.

    sometimes I wonder who I might have become

    and what I might have accomplished

    if that young man had paid more attention to safety and less to .. well you know .. those irresistible impulses that seem to govern some men.

    And as it is, I have done better with what is left of my brain than many who have the full use of theirs.

    Now, don’t you feel like a jerk?

    but thanks for giving me the opportunity to let people know how much I and others with cognitive difficulties struggle to make the most effective use of what still works for us.

    perhaps they will think about this reply next time they are inclined to nitpick someone they know nothing about because of grammer or punctuation or spelling or literary style that irritates them.





    “Clinton didn’t break much new ground in the sex and scandal department”

    but the Republicans did when they tried to bring down a presidency over a blow job from a willing woman.



    Yea, and don’t think for a second the Democrats wouldn’t do the same.. It was great fun though. It was a continuation of politics as usual. And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on…. course’ if it wasn’t such a big deal… why did he lie about it? Perjury from the President of the United States… right to our faces… so sincere, that big old pointed finger, the indignation. For a minute I almsot believed him. Then I remembered.. silly, this is Slick Willy!! Sniffin’ out some new stuff… in the Oval Office… good judgement call.




    define fun.

    The American taxpayer got screwed out of millions during that witch hunt

    and our safety was compromised

    by diverting attention from real threats to the made up threat of a president so supposedly rotten that the only thing the special prosecutor could make stick was the answer to inappropriate questions about his sex life.

    we have very real difference in our definitions of fun kootch.

    and apparently very real differences when it comes to matters of decency as well.

    didn’t your mother tell you it wasn’t nice to pick on disabled people kootch?



    “but the Republicans did when they tried to bring down a presidency over a blow job from a willing woman.”

    That is just flat out false.

    He lied under oath in a court of law during the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit. Women should have been outraged. He was never impeached for getting a smoker. Yet one more result of our topic.

    I believe the perjury “revolved” around the Lewinski affair but impeachment was not “about” the Lewinski affair. I don’t care if he lied about jaywalking. He was under oath and deserved to be impeached.



    And while we’re at it Kootch let’s not forget George HW bush and Jennifer Fitzgerald…now why do you suppose the dema didn’t hire their own Kenneth Star and try to bring him down…hmm



    Dems I meant…damned auto correct



    Did HW lie about it under oath in a sexual harassment case? Then by all means he should have been impeached.



    I didn’t say he should impeached I was responding to kootchs statement that the democrats would’ve tried to bring diown a presidency over an affair.



    Republicans tried to bring down Clinton for lying under oath, committing perjury during a sexual harassment case. I would certainly hope that the Democrats would do the same. Guess we agree.




    better question.

    do you think the special prosecutor should have been asking about his sex life at all?

    and if he should have..

    why isn’t the sex life of every presidential candidate equally germane?

    or every president for that matter?




    Whoa nelly…

    where was the sexual harassment?

    true, she was an intern.

    but she didn’t report being harassed.

    she bragged about her “affair” with the President to another woman who reported it to the special prosecutor who then asked the president questions about his sex life.

    and before you go there, she wasn’t simply naive

    she had already established a pattern of sexual misconduct with her “superiors” in Portland.

    I agree that this was misconduct…

    but not prosecutable misconduct at any point..

    that is until he lied to cover it up.

    The question no-one seems to ask is why he was asked the question in the first place.



    Kman…. in response to your post #27. No, I don’t feel like an ass. What I said was factual. I’m so sorry that I haven’t had the pleasure of being there twice, as you have. I suppose that gives you an “in”, about using local names for things, that it makes you an expert. I’m so sorry I haven’t had the means in life to do everything that you have. I’m so sorry that I didn’t run to my local library to look something up instead of turning to the internet (something that you don’t do?). But…here is what I found (not experienced):

    Syracuse (Italian: Siracusa pronounced [siraˈkuːza] ( listen); Sicilian: Sarausa; Ancient Greek: Συρακοῦσαι Syrakoúsai)[2] is a historic city in Sicily, the capital of the province of Syracuse. The city is notable for its rich Greek history, culture, amphitheatres, architecture, and as the birthplace of the preeminent mathematician and engineer Archimedes. This 2,700-year-old city played a key role in ancient times, when it was one of the major powers of the Mediterranean world. Syracuse is located in the southeast corner of the island of Sicily, right by the Gulf of Syracuse next to the Ionian Sea.

    The city was founded by Ancient Greek Corinthians and became a very powerful city-state. Syracuse was allied with Sparta and Corinth, exerting influence over the entire Magna Grecia area of which it was the most important city. Once described by Cicero as “the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all”, it later became part of the Roman Republic and Byzantine Empire. After this Palermo overtook it in importance, as the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. Eventually the kingdom would be united with the Kingdom of Naples to form the Two Sicilies until the Italian unification of 1860.

    In the modern day, the city is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site along with the Necropolis of Pantalica. In the central area, the city itself has a population of around 125,000 people. The inhabitants are known as Siracusans, and the local language spoken by its inhabitants is the Sicilian language. Syracuse is mentioned in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles book at 28:12 as Paul stayed there.[3] The patron saint of the city is Saint Lucy; she was born in Syracuse and her feast day, Saint Lucy’s Day, is celebrated on 13 December.

    Sicily is the island…Syracuse is the city. Tell me that’s wrong.



    “Whoa nelly…

    where was the sexual harassment?”

    Against Lewinski? There wasn’t any!

    The entire thing STARTED during his sexual harassment testimony during the sexual harassment case brought on by Paula Jones (remember, she was called trailer trash unlike Cain’s accusers?)! That’s my point…women should have been outraged. He was NOT impeached for getting a smoker, he as impeached for lying under oath and committing perjury in a court of law during a sexual harassment case. The liberal media even has well read people like you not understanding the issue. Thus this threads relevance.



    As I was told by the tour guide, it was “the Siracus” and Siracusia was the then and only port …Syracuse or now one of many cities on the Island of Sicily…but what the hell does a native UNESCO Italian guide know? Right? Yea yea yea… I got all the tour guide books too… save the space.. thanks for the tour through the new testament tangent?!?!? . the post was a recount of how character counts and men should be held to their oaths…. well it counts if you are a republican,,, you can be a veritable hound if you are liberal…where character counts not I guess.

    cadbury # 37… no evidence? Truth is never heard about her… guess it must have had no substance? What was amusing was how Slick Willy shot himself in the foot over and over again. There ya go… Clinton the Slick let his Johnson get in the way of good governance. JoB his perjury was the distraction, consequences of immature, reckless, behavior..that was the wellspring.. and the cover up and I am betting holy hell from Hilary…non stop I would bet. wadda hoot… Clinton grabs a slice .. an intern..a very unsophisticated “Chatty Cathy” who blurted her 5 minutes of fame… uses a cigar as a sex aid.. uses Arkansas State troopers to play fetch em, assaults a state worker, and he gets a pass from you all. Malfeasance on so many levels. Jeez look at what he was poking! Dependnet, immature, powerless women.. he was a friggin predator.. I will trade the money spent for the special prosecutor for the Solyndra fund in second. Thats our liberal fem base in Seattle…ONLY if you are an entitled, liberal, do you receive their grace.. if you are a poor rural Arkansas women.. you are trailer trash..and you deserved the assault. Because you were white, powerless, poor, and not a feminist activist.. Ok then.. the picture is getting clearer. Are you forgetting too that Clinton tried to deny justice and Paula Jones’s day in court claiming as president, and during his presidency, he could not be held accountable? Justice delayed is justice denied right? Talk about the Imperial Presidency! We all remember, Clarence Thomas, Slick Willy just got the payback. Remember his famous attack strategy during the Clinton campaign? The “war room”… ya reap what ya sow. To this day Thomas lives with that “high tech lynching”… it still gets dragged into the press. every profile and analysis of a SC decision where he writes a dissent or the majority opinion…Anita Hill gets dragged out of the closet. One begat the other.



    cadbury..looked it up…

    “Years later, during Bush’s vice presidency, Jennifer Fitzgerald held a key staff post – and this caused a virtual revolt among his other loyal staffers. They hated the haughty, pushy and arrogant woman who clearly had more “access” to Bush than they did.” Linda Tripp in on this too.

    But they crossed the wrong warrior.. they pissed off Barbara. Now that makes sense. That’s one tough old bird the press corps would not screw with… no .. no “vast left wing conspiracy”theorist was she. Just tough and mean as hell. I can understand why the press corps would back off.



    thanks for the vote on my character, kootchman…back atcha!



    over the top?




    I understand the issue..

    but still want to know what consensual sex with Monica had to do with the alleged sexual harassment of Paula Jones…

    and why depositions given in a sexual harassment case for events that occurred prior to the presidency were the basis for impeachment proceedings.

    as for Paula being referred to as trailer trash..

    I think that had something to do with her posing for Playboy and was spearheaded by the right wing sweetheart Ann Coulter… not democrats.

    And last but not least.. i would point out that Paula’s case was filed just a few days short of the statute of limitations.. long after it occurred.

    yet the argument is being made that the women who reported Herman Cain for sexual harassment had waited too long…

    there is a huge double standard being applied to Herman Cain’s peccadilloes …

    don’t you just love that word?

    I could care less about his sex life

    but i am not in favor of putting a man who abuses his power in the White House

    Bush jr’s tolerance of Cheney’s excesses were enough for me.

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