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    Any podiatrist recommendations? Thanks!



    My neighbor, Doug Hale, is a podiatrist. I had a foot problem that he fixed right up very professionally.




    Yes! I’d highly recommend Dr. Matt LaBella. He’s extremely professional, funny and friendly. I had to go in for a couple of different issues I was having with my foot/ankle and walked out thinking how nice it was to have such a positive experience. He’s in the Alaskan Junction…

    4520 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA • 98116

    (206) 937-4700



    I second Matt Labella. While I’m not a patient of his YET, he was most compassionate with an elderly man that I helped out a couple of years ago with some diabetes related foot issues.



    I second Doug Hale. I was new to Seattle and had a number of foot problems. Dr. Hale did a very thorough exam. It didn’t take long for my custom orthotics to arrive, and my foot is now pain free.



    Matt LaBella. I was misadiagnosed twice by excellent doctors who didn’t listen to my doubts…athlete’s foot, said they; use over-the-counter stuff. I knew it was something else. Matt agreed–told me what it was, and I felt so vindicated; no wonder that stuff hadn’t worked. He has such a nice manner, too.



    I really like Dr. Michael Vickers, he is in the same clinic as Dr. LaBelle. West Seattle Foot and Ankle; 4520 42nd Ave. SW, Suite 34, Seattle, WA 98116, Phone (206) 937-4700. Very personable, kind and professional. The office staff is very kind as well.



    I really like Dr Michael Vickers, he is in the same office as Dr LaBell. Very kind, personable and professional. The office staff is just as wonderful. I have only meet Dr Hale once (I usually saw his associate Dr Huppin), but my experience at the office he works at has not been good.

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