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    Anyone local use airbnb? Anyone local have their place listed? I have 1 bedroom, animal friendly place. I want to know how it has worked for you. Any drama,security issues?




    I’ve used it in B.C. at 2 different places.

    South Africa and Spain.

    All great. One needs to use common sense of course..

    I have a friend here who just started and loves the people who have come.



    I have a close friend who has been doing it for the last year, occasionally, when their apartment is vacant due to travel; I help with the administration. Absolutely no issues at all, no drama, no security problems. All the guests have left the place neat as a pin, many even washing their own sheets and towels before they leave. Most everyone leaves a nice note, some even leave little gifts such as a box of chocolates, some flowers, etc. It’s always a risk, but we knock on wood.



    I used VRBO similar to air bnb when I went to Arizona recently. Price and location was accurate to listing. Day before leaving I checked if there was a hair dryer, reply that there is not came after we already landed. House was not clean. Bathroom tub shower was gross. Second bedroom which was set up for a child had stuffed animals with dried vomit on them. I work in health care know what I saw. Tv had Netflix, hulu ect but wouldn’t let us log in due to a security setting…owner never did get back to us after multiple phone calls so tv was useless. No cable. If I use a service like this again I won’t stay somewhere without lots a positive reviews and several phone calls to owner to get a feel for them.



    Thank you this is good info.I think I will go for it. I have a great place especially if you have dogs.



    Air B&B rooms are great option used by prostitutes off Seeking Arrangements who want to spare their Johns the $300 room fee for a hotel room downtown.



    We used AirBNB in Asia twice and both times we had a great experience. We are a family of 4 with two small children and we were able to find small 2 bedroom apartments (non-shared) in awesome neighborhoods. We saved a ton of money on lodging and we were able to cook and save money that way. Our kids also got to know some of the neighborhood kids at the playground. When selecting places we read reviews and used the many filters available. Don’t discount this option because there are many choices (ie shared vs non shared, pet friendly, yurt, etc).


    I’ve used Airbnb quite a few times and never had any problem.



    I am putting my West Seattle home on the market soon and have been looking at Airbnb situations in the area in case there is some time between when my current and new home close and I have two small dogs – a Chihuahua and a Chiweenie (Chihuahua Weiner dog mix). I would definitely be interested in your space, as I’d like to stay in West Seattle. As my home isn’t on the market quite yet, I don’t know how much time it

    would be that I would be looking at temporary housing, ie: days, weeks? Would you be interested in renting your space on a weekly or monthly basis? Thanks!



    Leamk, sorry I didn’t respond quicker. I can’t log on my computer on the wsb, so using phone.

    I actually was able to rent a disabled vet with a pit bull service dog.

    Sorry it is not available.



    Frequent AirBnB user here and it is excellent and I am not a prostitute (nor a trick). :->



    No problem, I just posted this query yesterday, thanks for your reply!



    As an AirBnB host and user, boy could I give you and earful! Ninety percent of the time I’m thrilled to make my home available for people to enjoy and explore West Seattle and Environs. The other 10% can be hairy. People misrepresent themselves and problems arise. My neighbor is not talking to me due to an underhanded misrepresented guest. I maintain a 5 star super host rating and work hard at it. I keep my place meticulously clean with lots of services and amenities. My personal rental experience was a disaster; filthy was the least of the listing problems – so be careful.



    I’m an AirBNB user, but not a host. I really enjoy the service as it provides a more human experience of being in another city/town and I love having a kitchen.

    Of the 7 times I’ve used it, I’ve only ran into an issue once (had a tough time getting a hold of the Host to get access to the property at check-in) but it was resolved in due time. I’ve had a situation or two where I was staying a private room and the interaction with the host was awkward but could happen any time, any where.

    I always recommend it to friends but I realize that it’s not for everyone.

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