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    Alki Tripper

    Last Saturday while walking on Alki, I tripped on a high edge of the sidewalk and went down hard! My left shoulder hit as well as my right knee and right elbow. The intense pain, fear and humility was overwhelming and I burst into tears. My Phone was in pieces(cover came off).
    Along came two strangers, I believe Fran and Brad-hope I got the names right! They were so kind and tried to help me up but the pain in my left shoulder prevented me from doing anything but laying still. They offered encouragement and Fran reassembled my phone so I could call for my Husband. They were exactly who I needed at that time-I felt so alone!
    I asked my two new friends to bow down so I could see their faces as all I could see at the time were their legs and shoes! As they did, I felt so touched to put faces to the kindness they gave me. Fran said “I know you! You’ve walked here years ago! I saw the man who revived you!” She was referring to the time and near the same place I fell down from a heart attack five years ago! I was without a heartbeat and survived! All my angels were in place to administer CPR, defibrillator and summon an ambulance that was just blocks away.
    My husband finally arrived and called for an aid car. Fran and Brad wished me the best and left as the aid car arrived and EMT’s were gathering around to do the wonderful things they do for us. I was soon at Harborview ER and discovered I had fractured my left humerus bone. Fortunately, I didn’t need a cast but a specially knotted sling that enabled the bone to start healing. Painful week since then but my heart was warmed by the memories of my two friends and all the people driving along Alki who stopped to offer assistance!
    I wish I knew more of what happened five years ago as I don’t remember anything after I passed out. Last Saturday showed me there are still angels out there among us. THANK YOU!



    I am glad to hear you were treated well by strangers. I wish you good healing as I have also been lucky enough to have random people help me when I needed it.



    Thanks for sharing such a great story…sit, stay, heal!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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