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    new resident.. i wouldn’t be too thrilled about McCain if i was a republican either.. in fact most of the republicans i know aren’t.

    but i am still thrilled about my girl hillary… and with luck she might even survive the primaries tomorrow. who knows:)



    I have to admit, JoB, if it’s a McCain/Clinton race, I think some Republicans may vote Democrat for the first time.



    i think so too…

    in fact, i even think if it is a McCain/Obama race, some republicans will vote democrat for the first time.

    imagine that:)



    Very true. That one scares me more than Hillary, though, so I’m not allowing myself to think like that.

    I do have to admit, I’m jealous of all of you who are excited and supportive of your candidate.

    Not as much fun this time around on this side.




    joB said as she danced around the room letting off fireworks and wishing for some doves to release:)



    ha…. ha….ha (that’s my sarcastic version of hehehehe) Very funny, JoB.



    every dog has to have her day:)

    i try not to be smug about all of this because the primaries haven’t happened yet and we really don’t know who will be running until they do…

    but i am so happy America seems to be actually thinking again.

    And more than that.. America seems to be talking again.

    If nothing else.. that is a good thing.



    I understand that most of people posting here on this blog our supporting Clinton. I just dont see how they believe as Democrats that is what is in their best interest. If Clinton wins the primary and it is a McCain/Clinton race. McCain will win. 1) Republicans will vote for Obama over McCain. They will not vote for Clinton over McCain. I know personally Republicans that are sending donations which is very unlike the. In the past they were spending $1000’s for the Republican Party.

    2) Clinton does not have the financial support and backers to win this election. She has alreadyhad to dig into her own pocket for this race.

    If we as democrats want change during the next presidency we need to get past who we like more and take a look at electability.

    and on a side note-the only reason why the numbers look as close as they do presently isnt b/c it is what the people want it is b/c of the superdelegates. who are slowly coming to their senses.



    beachdrivegirl – As a die hard Republican, I do not agree with your assessment that Republican’s won’t vote for Clinton. I think that is more likely than a Republican voting for Obama.

    It is possible that you personally know Republicans and they have stated that they won’t vote for Clinton, but would vote for Obama, but I think the majority of Republicans who do vote for the other side would only do so if it is a McCain/Clinton race.



    3)While 58% of voters familiar with Hillary Clinton have a positive view of her, 41% give her negative marks, for a net favorability score of +17. By contrast, Obama’s net favorability score is +47.

    4)Clinton’s popularity within her party does not translate as easily across party lines as Obama’s does, or indeed as Giuliani’s and McCain’s. Only 58% of the total sample of respondents had a very or somewhat favorable impression of her, compared with 82% for Giuliani (including 7 out of 10 Democratic voters), and 70% each for Obama and McCain — both of whom showed strongly among independents

    5)McCain’s unwillingness to make the “anyone but Hillary” argument endangers one of the most substantial rationales he makes for his candidacy: the idea that he, alone among the Republicans, can beat Clinton in the general election. But McCain firmly believes he can accomplish that without engaging in the kind of politicking that was on display, say, between the Clinton and Barack Obama camps this past weekend.

    –Three more points all from TIME magazine on why Democrats need to think about electibility.




    you are very wrong that most of the people posting are pro clinton.. you have plenty of company.

    And they all say some version of the same thing.. Clinton can’t get elected. people hate her.

    if America has no choice but her or McCain, who do you really think they would vote for?

    It’s the issues this time far more than the candidates. And the democrats come down on the popular side of three very big issues… the War… Health care… and the economy.

    It is time to stop making the Presidential race a personality contest and that is exactly what that argument does.

    If you feel Obama is the better candidate, tell me why… instead of bashing Clinton.

    And if you need a little ammunition, i learned some reasons why Obama might be a good president from the Feb 18 Newsweek.. you can find it at the library.

    I learned more from that one article than from any of the Obama campaign literature. (i have been on his mailing list from day one of his campaign.)The Obama campaign is selling the campaign… not his ability to do the job.

    it’s a good thing I kept looking because i will be selling him if he wins the nomination… and i desperately want to understand why anyone would think he was really the better person for the job.

    will you be selling Hillary if she wins the nomination? Because it isn’t over, you know. Neither candidate has the numbers to make it without super delegates… so she is not alone there.

    it is still a horse race no matter how Obama supporters would like to paint it. It may not be tomorrow… though it looks like it still will… but it is now.

    As for her ability to raise money… she passed her millionth donor and raised a good chunk of change this weekend amidst little fanfare from the press.

    Don’t count her out yet.

    got to go..



    NewResident, as a diehard Republican you can have opinions, but I suspect you don’t really understand what Obama or Clinton–or the party itself–stand(s) for. I’ve yet to meet a Republican who really *gets* it. (and I’m sure that the reverse is probably true as well.)

    It would be nice to think that we might draw a few votes from Republicans over to Obama, but I’m not so sure. Republicans seem to have a way of rallying around whichever clueless white guy the party sends up. Look how many of them still support Bush.



    True, Kayleigh. I have yet to meet a Democrat who really “gets” it. I say this smiling. We both have a lot of faith in our respective party.

    And, believe me, I’m sure the Democratic party will get some Republican votes this year. However, I firmly believe that Democrats have a better chance of winning if it’s a McCain/Clinton race. I think more Republicans would be apt to vote for Clinton over Obama.



    I am not trying to bash Clinton I am trying to point out one of the strongest reasons why people of my in my age bracket our voting for Obama. ( I am 25). I think that a number of us have not spoken up in the past about who we think could when the past two elections and lets take a look around and see where that has gotten us. So yes the number one reason why I would like to see Obama come out ahead after the primaries is because I do think he can and will win. A few of the other reasons I support Obama include the fact that he seems more like the guy next door and someone you can open up to than Hillary. Furthermore, he would be change. And change is what we need. Lets take a look back for my entire lifetime starting since before i was born in 1982 we have had either a Bush or a Clinton in the White House. (Including VP’s) Now fast forward to today and take a look at where we are. Yes I like Hillary, I think she has great points, and I think she is an extremely positive role model for all women out there; however, i disagree that she is what we need. Take a look @ Obama’s web page if you have a chance he isn’t forgetting Healthcare, or kids, in fact he addresses each issue and has huge plans as to how to change the problems with in each of these issues. Maybe his biggest weakness is that he is not speaking out about them enough–but to me i think that plays into his hope campaign. that if he doesn’t over sell what he plans to change people will believe in him and have hope for our country!




    Bill Clinton campaigned on a platform of change… tho he/they were unable to make the kinds of changes they wanted.

    that experience taught hillary that she couldn’t make the kinds of changes she wanted to make without learning how to play washington politics.

    the truth is that a vote in the house or senate is always for sale. Unless they are sponsoring a bill, none of them will commit to vote for anything (even if they believe in it) without getting some favor for their vote. It isn’t how it should be.. but it is how it is.

    I wish it there would be a new game… but this process is too well entrenched to give up without one heck of a fight… and that may take generations. You have to play the game that exists.. not the one you wish did.

    the thing that would be different with this Clinton presidency is that there is a very good possibility that this president will have a congress they can actually work with… and imagine what somebody who knew how to play the game could do with that.

    that to me speaks more of hope than anything in this campaign. Someone who knows how to work the system and has the ability to get things done.

    Perhaps we would finally get the chance to see the democratic agenda in action.

    Did you know that Hillary and Bill were wide eyed idealists… both working deep within the democratic party when they started? i think younger than you at their first real experience at democratic power brokering… in Texas.

    She is still a wide eyed idealist… who optimistically believes there has to be a way to get things done and keeps trying even when she runs into countless roadblocks.

    she will literally work with anyone to accomplish her goals.

    And more important.. after the beating they took in Texas.. she stayed in the game. (One i dropped out of…) and she learned how to play hardball. She truly believes you can change the system from within. She has spent her entire political career doing just that.

    I have read both candidates websites… so i know what their platforms are… and where they differ, i think Hillary has a better grasp of the issues… but being an old gal who has seen more campaign promises broken than kept, i wanted to know what Obama has actually done.

    I will tell you that the news is more promising than i thought.. tho his senate record (including who he chose to mentor with and his attempts at passing substantive bills) is not what one would hope for as an agent of change.

    I agree that Obama sells. But he is going to have to sell a lot more than people’s enthusiasm for him and hope if he wants to beat McCain.

    McCain has a reputation of being a tough independent and when the shouting is over and he has that nomination, he will go back to selling that image.. regardless of the fact that he sold it out in a heartbeat to get his chance at the presidency.

    Let me tell you, it’s a pretty convincing image.

    And he has equally good plans for almost everything except getting out of the war and the economy.

    He knows how to play hardball… and has no qualms about doing so.

    And he has a republican administration behind him to help time events to promote his agenda.

    If it becomes the Obama campaign against the McCain campaign, this pretense of a clean and gracious campaign.. the political high road… will have to go because it just plain won’t stand up against the republican/McCain smear campaign. It won’t be a gentleman’s race.

    If he has to campaign against McCain, you won’t get the same candidate you have now because he will have to adjust his rhetoric and his strategy to combat some of the dirtiest politicking available.

    I am sorry new resident and any other republican toes i stepped on there… but i am just stating the obvious… the truth is that if you don’t win.. you never get a chance to either keep or break your campaign promises and nobody knows that better than John McCain.

    and i am sorry if this offends obama supporters. I am not putting him down. i truly think he would make a great president in 4 to 8 years… but for now, i am am hoping the better woman gets a chance to get things done:)

    ok.. so i guess i have to apologize to the guys too for my sexist ways;-)

    just more food for thought…



    She’s holding her own! I just saw early reports and clinton took rhode island.. is holding a good margin in ohio with a little over 50% of the vote and is neck and neck in texas with only 25% reported. vermont went Obama.

    The old girl still has some life in her.

    this has been a good day.



    Cnn projects she won Ohio! Now that gives me hope! My heart’s actually racing. lol



    Maybe she’s doing so well because she was on the Daily Show yesterday (have you heard of the Colbert bump?) :) McCain knows the value of Jon Stewart, he’s been on the show a bunch of times.




    WSMom, OMG that video is hysterical! I love it!



    After Hillary’s “3am” ad, I will not campaign for her if she is the candidate. Nor will I donate to her.

    The fearmongering, selfishness, and disregard for the welfare of the party that she is showing right now make me want to vote for Nader.

    And I don’t even LIKE Nader. But I sure as heck won’t vote for a Republican and I can barely stand the sight of Hillary right now.



    I didnt See Hillary’s “3am” ad, but I am on your boat. As of right now, Hillary is down by 130 delegates (I am disregarding the super delegates at this point b/c I believe that they are slowly coming to their senses.) She was always expected to take Ohio and Texas, Obama’s campaign was ready for that. However, she does not have the delegates needed to pull off a victory. She needs to step-down so the Democraticic party can start concentrating on the November election or we will be stuck with McCain for presdident.



    i didn’t particularly like the 3AM add myself… but if you think that’s fear mongering.. you should look at some of what is coming out of the McCain camp.

    It was apparently just good campaigning. it was on point and it worked.

    Truth is ladies.. you don’t like her. It wouldn’t much matter what she did. and right now you need an excuse. You found one. but that doesn’t mean she should step down.

    It is still a horse race… and i for one am going to come down pretty hard on sore losers if Hillary wins the nomination.

    Did you notice i said wins… because she is in the middle of a political fight and doing what it takes to win… and making some progress.

    She spent 2 million less than Obama in Texas and took the popular vote. She is doing something right.

    Obama supporters may be able to control the caucus in Texas with their unwillingness to hear both sides of the story like they did here in Washington, but in the privacy of the ballot box… those who can’t stand up to the censure of the caucus prevail and hillary wins. They did here as well… too bad it doesn’t count.

    And i didn’t use the word censure lightly… i have talked with a lot of Clinton supporters who felt exactly the same way i did at my caucus. And there is sure plenty of it on this blog.

    I don’t know how to put this other than bluntly.. but we are people too and we have will… it is easy to dismiss us as middle aged housewives (not) but we have huge numbers… we pull across the aisle…we have faithfully shown up for our party (we actually voted against Bush in both elections)… and there are plenty of young people in our midst. In this election, we are the (mostly) silent majority.

    You may be young hip and with it and really invested in your dream.. i don’t fault you for that. I will work for that dream if Obama wins… if you believe your own rhetoric, you need to be ready to do the same.

    and i am not just blowing air.. i signed up to do the vote turnout in my precinct at the caucus… in a room full of healthy young Obama supporters… and a young latino woman will be helping me… another Clinton supporter.

    We are the workers you depend on to deliver your dream where it really counts… against McCain.

    And i wouldn’t be surprised if most of us in West Seattle who will be doing the work this year are Clinton supporters.

    I grant you your right to fight like heck for your candidate before the nomination.. but if the only way you can do that is by bashing Clinton… it won’t get your candidate very far when the real fight starts.

    the more you bash McCain, the more republicans will stand up to defend him.

    Did you see how the last article (i forget which paper) ended up in an apology from the editor… not for the main content of the article which has now been forgotten… but because of the unsupported allegation of an “improper relationship” between McCain and the lobbyist.

    And again, i chose my words carefully.. unsupported.. not necessarily untrue.

    never mind that McCain blatantly intervened in matters that weren’t his province for the benefit of a lobbyist and then lied about that as well… and was caught out in that lie by his own testimony.

    McCain hasn’t been the target of the republican smear campaign… at least not for the past 4 years since he rolled over during the campaign… and people don’t think it’s nice to bash the war hero. Even the conservative block who hated McCain days before rallied to his defense.

    But they will think it’s fine to expose Obama… because that’s one of the problems with a campaign of personality.. the higher they rise.. the more people are willing to see them fall.

    You will need the old warhorses to get Obama elected. You should be glad that we have the perspective to realize that if your candidate wins the nomination… he will become our candidate.

    I wish you would do the same… because whoever wins our nomination, we are going to have one heck of a fight on our hands to win in November.

    You want the tried and true campaigner who has worked tirelessly for her party to stand aside because all you can see is that she stands in the way of your dream. Yet.. your dream isn’t possible without the rest of us tried and true campaigners who support her.

    perhaps a little more respect is in order here.



    I should have chosen my words a bit wiser. I am not completely on Kayleighs boat-I dont want to campaign for Hillary or give her my money, but yes if she is the nomination in November I will support her. I dont hate Hillary, and am tyring not to bash her .I just dont believe that she is the right nomination. I guess we all just get a little too passionate sometimes. :)



    JoB I stand in awe of your eloquence — no one can say what desperately needs to be said better. Thank you.



    JoB, she showed her true colors, her ruthlessness, with that ad. She will do anything to get the nomination—including planting fear and mistrust of Obama in the heads of indepdents, swing, and conservative voters.

    I didn’t like her before because I suspected this about her. She just proved it to be true. My mom was a huge supporter of Hillary’s till she saw that ad–she’s even alienating her *own* supporters.

    That she would betray the party with that kind of ad makes me doubt she would stand true to liberal principals once she’s in office. She is a politican through and through—and that is no compliment.

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