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    I know, I know…I live in West Seattle, but work in the Renton/Kent area. Just filled up my vehicle for $2.95/gallon regular unleaded. No transaction fees or surcharges. Just straight up cheap. Their name and location in Kent is “APP” 20241-84th S (Accepts major credit cards only -no cash) Just looks like a hole-in-the-wall trucker fill-up station, but did I mention CHEAP?



    that’s so funny; Arco is the opposite, cash only, no credit cards accepted


    I’ve asked this before, but again, anyone know why West Seattle is consistently higher in gas prices, by 20 cents or more? even the Arco here is usually 20 cents more than the Arcos up by Green Lake and Magnolia



    I really am not trying to be a Buzz Killington (a name only us Family Guy fans will know), but I have to highlight the fine print on cheap gas from hole in the wall stations in general. I work for a local auto parts store and one of the top 10 most purchased products is gas line water remover. One of the biggest reasons this is needed is when watered down/cheap gas is put in cars. If untreated, you take a chance on corroding your car from the inside out. Cheap gas, along with pretty much everything in life, should be looked at with the thought of “if it’s too good to be true…” The few bucks you might save now could end up costing you hundreds of bucks later on.

    I would only suggest using cheap gas on rare occasions, i.e.: almost out of gas and you just need a couple gallons to get to where you’re going, you’re really tight on money and only use that gas for a few gallons til pay day, etc.



    I have to side with knight on this one. I once put cheap gas in my car – it was watered down – and I never made it out of the gas station.

    Buzz Killington FTW! :)



    I don’t want to be Buzz Killington the 2nd but I was kind of happy that people started biking more, taking the bus and looking into different modes of transports. Up with Hybrids, down with Suvs! With gas getting cheap again, I’m afraid people will revert to their old selves.

    Caveat: I’m happy that people who have to drive for a living and businesses are getting a break.



    the new “Ruxbury” station was $3.07 last night; lowest I saw on my treck from Admiral junction to Burien Trader Joes; the Gasco on 35th was next lowest at $3.09



    I just filled up my Prius at Costco for $2.99



    Costco was indeed $2.99 today (as of Sunday, just before closing time). We are about to embark on our newly resumed weekly Sunday night price sweeps around West Seattle – look for that in the next few hours – TR



    TR – I think there’s also a website – maybe that tells you by zipcode, but it’s also based on local reports.



    correction – it’s called

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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