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    Hi all, I just had major foot surgery and need some help with my three kitties. I need to have them fostered for 4 to 6 weeks while I heal and get b acknowledge on ,your feet. The kitties are mostly indoor kitties and use a litter box and ,eat dry food. They are good kitties and love to sleep on my bed. My biggest problem right now is that I can’t put any weight on my foot and obviously can’t do stars and guess what the kitty litter is downstairs. I talked to Furry faces and they will cover theverything cost of kitty litter and food.

    Anyone else is the WSBLOG able to help Me? I also have posted on nextdoor about the kitties.






    What about getting some volunteers to come by and care for the cats in your home? Kitties and you might be happier about staying together. I volunteer to come by once a week to clean litter boxes and otherwise care for your cats. You can order food and litter online from places such as or Petco to be delivered to your doorstep.



    I can do litter box changing/scooping and litter hauling also.



    I can help too. I agree with Mehud, if you can keep them in the house.

    If it really won’t work, I can foster them, I have done it for many people



    i would be happy to foster your kitties.i have three of my own and they would love the company.i love cats. everything in my house is cat friendly.i have been going to lien animal clinic for 25 years and the owner DR.. Kraabel and the whole staff know me.i just lost a kitty (10years) to Lymphoma. We did chemo. but the cancer was too agressive. we could enjoy the love of some kitties in my house in cats are 4, 10 and 11.



    Hi all, thank you for your support. I think I have it handled for now. A friend is going to stop by every other day to clean kitty litter. We are going to attempt to keep the kitties are home for now and see how it goes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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