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    Tried Eness after a thorough discussion about our list of West Seattle favorites. Eness is now on the list and we’ll be going back.

    If you think about all the pink things you actually like, then any complaints about the paint job are just quibbles.



    Eness needs to help and fast. I admit I have not eaten there, but the menu seems limited and pricey and everytime I walk or drive by it is VERY empty-reasons enough, not to spend my money there. However, I want this place to succeed, as a neighboorhood french restuarant seems like the perfect match for West Seattle. My suggestions: 1) kill the tacky neon ‘Open’ sign, 2) hire an interior decorater (pink?!),and 3)visit Cafe Presse to get an idea of a fun, affordable, and great tasting menu. Oh, and 4) is there a website, yet?!



    I had dinner last night with my husband at Eness and we were thoroughly pleased. Very nice atmospher and the food was delicious! We had the cocktail avocat salad (shared) $11, two entrees (eggplant parmesan and chicken citron) $12.9 and $14.9 respectively and each of us had a glass of wine ($6.5 and $7.00). We paid $67 including tips. For those who have tried French restaurants before and who know the French cuisine, you will notice that Eness is not pricy at all…(tasty food and generous portions).

    We will certainly be back.



    You may find this useful. Khadidja (the owner) did mention it to us.




    I do agree with Corra. My wife and I walk by on a Friday or Saturday night at peak dinner hour, and there MIGHT be one table occupied. I really want them to do well to…maybe lower the prices and make it more affordable for more people, or send out some coupons to get people in there.



    Debby, thanks for the link to the menu. that definitely helps. Yes, I’m sure the food is good there, butthey do no marketing at all. Knowing how much a place is going to cost, for me, before I go, is essential. I don’t make a ton of money, and need to plan my expensive evenings out. It should be noted that you spent $67 inc. tip on a meal where you split the salad course, had the least expensive thing on the menu, and didn’t have one of their yummy sounding desserts. Next time you go, you probably would want to try something else that they have, and your bill will reflect that.

    That’s wonderful if you can afford to eat that way. I can’t,not on a regular basis, and many of us out here are in the same predicament. I think, for me, it would definitely have to be a place for special occasions, not where I go on a regular basis on the weekend. But that’s just me.



    Actually their appetizers can be easily shared by 2 people. It was the server who adviced us and he was right! Portions are really generous for a French restaurant! very often prices are high and portions are small, which is not the case at Eness. Bottom line is that at Eness restaurant the food is really tasty and delicious! I understand your point JanS which is a fair point. With my husband when we dine out, we look at the prices and order dishes based on our budget which is limited too. Next time we will share the bouillabaisse and have a dessert for sure. I will keep you posted.



    Very friendly folks, but really, the rest of the experience was abysmal. As Ralphie’s old man said in the brilliant film “A Christmas Story”: A pink nightmare. Bland food, no presentation whatsoever, limited choices, horrible service. Veal? An unrecognizable gray mass. In search of something good to say: excellent tapenade. And the garlic soup was OK. AVOID!



    For those following this saga – just came across something we’ll be checking into further – a new liquor-license application for the Eness address under a different restaurant name and different ownership names. “Blackboard Bistro.” Haven’t rustled up enough info yet for a home-page story but making note here till we do.




    My favorite phrase I’ve read tonight, “It’s lookin’ a little gynecological.” Priceless!



    We’ve walked past this place many many times and wondered how it is…seems like we should stop one time and have a meal. Pink aside of course.

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