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    Looking for monthly or bimonthly. My great cleaner moved to Portland. Easy job, 1 bedroom apt, have cats. No cleaning issues, just normal. I have everything you need, just bring yourself. Senior female, retired from state govt, can pass any background check. To begin early September. On public transpo, lots of free parking. Female, please. $20 per hour. I am covid-compliant.



    I have a wonderful cleaner that I LOVE! Her name is Milagro and her phone is 206-856-5890. I’ve tried a handful of cleaners /
    over the years and Milagro is by far the best. Very reasonably priced, incredibly thorough and happy to clean anything and everything. She’s a bit more than $20 an hour but worth every penny.

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    Hello, I have housekeeping and domestic experience as a hotel housekeeper and a nanny of many years. Have also had cleaning assignments at various other positions. I’m thorough, detail-oriented, and am comfortable with your suggested rate. Please email me at if you would like to speak further. I live in Admiral.



    Hi my name is Zenaida Redman I work at the children center FOR 16 YEARS 11-6PM and i work in daystar retirement center as a housekeeper long time ago . now i just have one in the daycare. I have 2 hour in the morning to clean your apartment your welcome to call the place i work the Fauntleroy children center (206)932-9590 if Iam a good and trusting person. I can say Iam but its better you heard from my boss and you can do background check on me. My number is (206)359-5569 just leave the message ill call back. you can call me Zenny.



    Thank you, the job has been filled.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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