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    Does anyone know of a place in west Seattle that will trim cat claws? Petco doesn’t any longer and the vet is a bit spendy. Thanks.



    My wife is an “expert” and you could be too! It is really quite easy, unless you have a “difficult” cat, then its time for the two person team and a thick towel :)

    The most important part is “less is better.” You do not want to cut far enough up to cause any bleeding. There is kind of an art to it, but this is a skill that is fairly easy to master. All that is needed is to cut off the sharp tip.

    As for the towel treatment – the towel person wraps the cat in a large towel and covers the cat’s head, allowing just one limb at a time to be exposed outside of the towel. The towel person’s main job is to protect the claw clipper person.

    Don’t worry, the cat will still be your friend about 20 – 30 minutes later after it has time to go run and hide and regain it’s kitty dignity :)


    Hi Chinook,

    My husband Jason and I run a pet sitting business. We will come to your home and clip your cats nails. You can reach us at

    JWPETCARE@COMCAST.NET 206-932-2076


    Jackie Winter



    I highly recommend JW Petcare. They take care of my precious cat Bailey. They also do his nales. This can be a challenge at times, but they are sensitive to his needs and get the job done.



    I’m so sorry, I meant nails in the post above.



    How do you trim a mean siamese cat’s nails? Put it under or something?



    The towel method can be used to trim the nails of a tiger! So long as, you know, the tiger is under 15lbs.



    Thanks everyone for the great information (from both of us and Jonesy)! A closer examination of our 20 pounder’s toes revealed that the nail on his 6th toe was actually growing in to the pad of his paw (poor kitty, bad humans). So we bit the bullet and took him to the vet for the trim and to be sure all was ok. Next time we’ll catch this sooner and utilize one of the ideas above.



    I guess I never realized how lucky I am in this regard. I just flop my cats (past and current) on my lap on their backs and clip away with regular old nail clippers. Takes less than a minute per cat and we’re good for a month or longer.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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