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    Big Bling

    Just drove thru a stretch from end of WS Bridge (35th & Fauntleroy) up to Trader Joe’s.

    Saw at least 2 cars with WAY expired license car tabs. One was 2 years old, one was about a year old.

    Trying to understand why I pay mine each year for fear of ticket & being a tax paying citizen and this tiny example of what is more than likely a wider spread issue. What gives ???

    People, pay your car tabs or give me some reasons why not. Cause I feel foolish for paying mine all these years if you know something I don’t.


    2 Much Whine

    It bothers me as well but in the grand scheme of things there is a certain (small) percentage of people that don’t do their part and think the government is out to get them. Do you want to fall in the bucket of scofflaws or in the bucket of tax-paying citizens that are part of the solution and not part of the problem? Personal choice.



    Car tabs have gotten very expensive with all the BS fee’s and RTA tax..
    The police can no longer pull you over for expired tabs as a primary offense.
    The ticket if you get one, is still less then the tab itself..
    The people of the state voted for $30 tabs.., but the emperor Jay cried foul.



    That stretch of road usually has a lot of cars so seeing two without tabs seems like a small percentage. Also, how/why are you bothering to read car tabs? Let it go, its not worth it.


    Big Bling

    Dear aa – I am not holding it, so letting it go isn’t the purpose of this post. I believe there are more than a few scofflaws not paying their car tabs. Seems rampant. I notice as I sit behind people at stop lights as I stay aware of what is going on around me. Maybe I should have become a cop. The idea that people are not paying their car tabs when others are smacks of same people who let their dogs run on the beach. Of course I would love to let my dog run around on the beach, so fun ! so carefree ! but that’s not what is the law. There are laws that are in place to keep a society functioning. When I see people flaunting those laws, it irks me. I follow the rules, others follow the rules – why shouldn’t all ?



    You can no longer be pulled over for expired tabs as a primary offense. Probably why you are seeing so many.



    As with most laws around here, they just aren’t enforced.

    It’s no fun when we don’t all play by the rules.



    I see more than a few cars out there without even a license plate or temporary paper one in the back window. What’s up with that??



    The paper ones from the dealer/car lots are now installed where the plate goes, no longer in the back window. But yes all these vehicles without plates and or current tabs are frustrating, we’ve kept ours current thru out the whole pandemic and… and I hope when it does get enforced again that they get fined for not keeping them up to date. But I’m thinking not. :>/



    I will say, it’s an unfair generalization about the reason someone’s car tabs may be expired. Having moved from Olympia to West Seattle, my car tabs went up $300 dollars – for a lot of folks, that’s a huge increase in expense that not everyone has immediately set aside; I sure didn’t, at first and had to put a one month forbearance on my student loan to cover the unexpected expense. It’s also been documented that most Americans don’t even have $500 to cover an emergency medical expense – let alone, $400 car tabs. It’s great that you have the means, but I wouldn’t be spending my energy hunting down people with expired tabs just to berate them for whatever circumstances they are in.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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