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    Today, wife, 5 y.o. daughter and I decided to get the bikes out and take them down to Alki, as this may be the last nice Sunday in a while. We parked down by the 7-11 on Alki ave and rode around Jack Block Park, then off to the beach.

    I had daughter on the “trailer bike” attatched to my bike with wife behind us. We had jsut passed Anchor Park, when a very angry “LEFT” was yelled at me, then “!!!LEFT!!!” again. I was passing pedestrians and with the trailer bike, it isnt very easy to make quick moves in either direction. the NOW extremely angry road bike yells ” I said LEFT” then passes me on the left and punches me, luckily he got me in the upper arm instead of the face. This in turn almost made me crash. I stopped to process what had just happened, now daughter is scared and crying. I yell back at him telling him I am calling 911 to report it, he yells back ” F__K YOU, A__ h__e”, So we found an officer down the beach and made out a report. He will be charged with misdemenor assault. But he is no where to be found.

    We walk the bikes down the beach to get coffee, run into some friends and low and behold, jerk man rides by. I follow him and call 911. They caught the dude and he will be charged. I dont know what happened to him next. I heard him tell the offecer he didnt had i.d., should be interesting. A couple then stops us on the beach to tell us they had witnessed the whole ordeal and are willing to help. ( Thank you so much folks! )

    Lets hope justice can prevail and at least show my daughter that the bad guys get caught.



    WTF?! Wow, sorry about that. I assume you’ll know what comes of it, as you are the one who reported the crime? If so, please report back!



    Wow. So sorry this happened to you but I’m really happy to hear they caught the guy and charged him. Talk about anger management issues. Geez.



    and that attitude by that lone biker is what turns people off to bikers in general. There’s always a bad apple, huh…glad he got caught…and always carry ID…



    What! Bike on Bike violence…

    The law states you can ride two bikes across on roads, all the naked biker love on the roads and some wanna-be “Tour De France” rider spoils it… sheeesh



    Wow! Glad this guy was caught, and will be charged. Kudos to the witnesses too.

    Like Jan said, this is *exactly* what gives bike riders a bad name in general, at least in the eyes of the bike “haters”, just giving them more ammo for their argument, whether real or perceived.

    I’m actually a recovering bike hater. Well, maybe hater is too strong of a word. ;-) But, I used to have bad feelings towards bike riders in general. I attribute it to working Downtown for so many years, and having to deal with the bike messengers practically mowing me down as I walked along the sidewalk, and, when I had a car, or would be driving a company vehicle, cutting me off in traffic, causing me to practically run them over.

    Haven’t worked Downtown for over 11 years now, and rarely get down there nowadays. So, don’t have to deal with them very often anymore. So, between that, and quite frankly *alot* to do with the attitude of some of the regular riders that I see posting here on WSB, such as Al, and others, who are *responsible* riders, my bad attitude has softened quite a bit.

    Plus, I figure bike riders and pedestrians need to unite against the wacko car drivers out there, that try to mow down us responsible peds and bikers! ;-)




    Wowwww… he couldn’t have slowed down a little and just waited? …Said the preacher to the choir, I’m sure. I’m so sorry that happened and I’m sorry that it upset your daughter the way that it did. But I’m glad she got to see that justice comes to the people who do things like that. Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



    what cait said…



    Boil all that down to one thought, vincent, and anyone who takes a cheap swing IS a “thug” in my book. And blame HIM for perpetuating the bad rap on bikers, not the person who was assaulted. As mentioned in other discussions, not all bikers are a$$holes, nor drivers, nor smokers, pick your group – bad apples can ruin it for anyone



    For what it’s worth I believe ToddinWestwood. He’s been a blanced “poster” on these boards for some time and I think he’s also a motorcyclist (?) so has good awareness of what’s going on around him.

    Bottom line it gets dicey on that trail when there’s a lot of people. Cyclists who are moving fast should use the street (I certainly do) and if not, an over-taking cyclist (or vehicle) has the duty to yield to the cyclist (or vehicle) being over-taken. Period. Sure “Todd” heard the first yell of “Left” and didn’t move over due to the inability to do so. That cyclist should have waited another couple seconds till “Todd” could move over, then passed with no punches necessary. I’ll bet the cyclist is aggressive in all he does, not only cycling.



    oh look my post got deleted! thanks WSB!

    I agree AL, but posting that someone is a criminal in dicey circumstances is poor taste in the very least.


    thanks everyone.

    True, I am a responsable motorcyclist also.

    When I ride with my daughter on the back, I try very hard to plan my moves and scan for hazzards, even just because the mountain bike with the trailer bike mounted on it, does not handle as easy or as agile as a regular bike.

    I try to listen for cars and other cyclists coming from behind, but I feel he came up on us too fast and was very angry before he go to us.

    There is signage down on that part of the mixed use sidewalk that states “bikes yield to peds” So I was yielding to the pedestrians and watching for oncoming traffic on the trail.

    The funniest part was, I had just thought to myself “hey I can see where the trail splits, then we will be free of all the traffic here”

    For a moment, I thought to myself, to chase him down and wrap that bike around his neck, but I didnt want to lower myself to his level at that point. I had enough witnesses and just the sheer fact that folks dont go rushing to the police with tales of assaults for maybe just bumping another cyclist.

    This dude has something up. My wife is an R.N., she thinks “roid-rage” as in Steroids might have been part of the equation. I also talked to a friend that is a professional mountain biker, he feels the same.



    Was this on the sidewalk or the bike path?

    I hate it when pedestrians meander on the bike path.


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