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    “Abner! BPP is letting stinky dogs inside!”



    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gladys Kravitz, late mother to rock star Lenny Kravitz.

    I need to check if BPP has “Mama Said” on their jukebox or foosball device.



    Brilliant…the dogs should be dropped off at the Wash Dog while the owners enjoy their drinks at BPP. I like it! It really did smell heavily of wet dog in the bar last night though, but maybe my nose is just sensitive.



    Cool, our own micro-version of the Stimulus Plan.

    Now I am sufficiently intrigued by all of this to think about stopping in BPP. Watch for the dog with the service dog cape. And yes, it does say “Working, please ask before petting”! Warning to anybody who decides to go with a service dog cape: it puts a big scarlet D on your forehead and you’ll get all kinds of questions like “What’s WRONG with you?” Ah, the stories I could tell about the weird questions and the rude ones. Like the fellow driver at a Hertz rental site in California who looked at me getting out of the driver’s side of my car while wearing sunglasses (bright sunshine in SoCal) and saying very sincerely “Oh I get it. You’re blind!” See that’s an example of the highly specialized tasks my service dog is trained to do that probably your dogs could never do: one bark, turn left; two barks, turn right; three barks, slam on the brakes. Maybe the caffeine in a few Diet Cokes will get me talking more.



    CMp–it was overwhelming last night. I went down to go have come birthday cider, and between the smell and amount of dogs (who knew so many people had service dogs) including the dog up on the couch, I just realized that BPP caters to a certain group and me and the allergies are not it.



    CMP, I thought the same thing when I saw WashDog’s post! :-)

    Maybe, for those who don’t want to go that *exact* route, WashDog and BPP could work out some kind of promotion, such as purchase a “dog wash”, get a discount on your favorite BPP beverage.

    Now, to alleviate the Smelly Dog Syndrome, the promotion would have to be time sensitive. Perhaps showing a dated, time stamped receipt from the WashDog, that would be valid for maybe an hour or so.




    This morning I sat down in an Elmers to have breakfast with a friend.

    When the booth next to us was filled.. i had to ask the waitress to move us.

    And no.. the women who occupied the booth were not dogs.. but they sure did scent up the place.

    when i mentioned to the waitress that we would like to be moved.. she simply looked at the women and said she understood…

    when we left, the restaurant was full and the booth next to the two women was still empty…

    is there a wash dogs for that? i would be glad to carry discount coupons to pass out :))



    Just when this thread is starting to slow down, here comes KOMO with a “service animal” must see video.


    In this case, it’s a “seeing eye” horse allowed inside a Target store.




    Wow. I’ve heard of horses trained as service animals for the blind before–they’re very good for it–but a horse wouldn’t even fit down the narrower aisles at Westwood!



    It’s obvious that trixie makes a huge difference for her… and she seems incredibly polite about how she uses the horse… but i am not entirely sure i would want to be the shopper with a horse over my shoulder…

    maybe that’s something i would have to get used to if i was her neighbor.



    Wow – “cleanup on aisle three….correction, environmental disaster on aisle three”




    i can tell you didn’t grow up in a cow town… horses in bars are not a new phenomenum…

    and i know for a fact that more than one horse was responsible for seeing his cowboy home…

    i frequented a watering hole just north of scottsdale where the horses were as welcome as their riders.. and worked there for a spell… and i never noticed that clean-up was much of a problem.. at least not from the horses…

    The horses were generally far better mannered than their riders.

    I find that’s often true of bipeds and their animal companions.. don’t you?

    think frat house during Greek week…

    i also spent a short time as a house mother and one of the better behaved fraternities.. i shudder to think of cleaning that mess…

    and yes, i have had a very interesting life:)



    frat house during Greek Week? I’m stumped. can someone please explain??




    “frat house during Greek Week”

    A Fraternity house

    at a college campus during the week they are recruiting and screening possible members…

    do you not speak campus greek? My daughter is currently on a University campus and she tells me the terminology hasn’t changed that much…

    they are still frat rats to those who aren’t living greek…



    i am not dumb. i know what a fraternity is and I know what greek week is…but what the heck does that have to do with BPP or any of these posts??? I’m “greek” and you have stumped me!



    BDG – I think “what it had to do” with BPP and dogs was the issue of cleaning up doo-doo.

    If that’s the case, this thread has reached an all-time low.

    I’m, personally, not interested in who has and hasn’t had to clean up human waste. Yuck!



    Btw, anyone who knows you, knows that you are NOT dumb! :)



    Thanks NR! I guess we all know who is and isnt greek now as well as who does & does not clean up human poo!! how gross!!



    BDG, I don’t know you except from here, but I don’t get the vibe that you are dumb, or need to be talked down to.



    JoB – you’re correct. I only saw that one terrible thing I wrote about in my WS RN post and lived grew up in a suburb where cow ownership was frowned upon although I knew someone that had a lemming. I mean ferret.

    I was exposed to a great deal of country music – not the all hat / no cattle kind, the real deal stuff like Loretta Lynn, Slim Whitman, and Boxcar willie. My Grandpa even played along with Bob Wills at a truckstop bar.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for horses being allowed into the BPP as you are. I am a little scared because at some point someone will stand behind that horse and I know they kick!




    sorry.. i didn’t mean to imply anything…. i just answered the question it looked like you were asking…

    my reference to frats during greek week referred to their house’s state of cleanliness after the evening’s festivities.

    it was not uncommon to find several examples of every form of human waste afterwards.

    Someone had to clean that up and as housemother i supervised:(


    i would envy you your exposure to country music but i spent my childhood in Pendleton, Oregon and we had one hour of rock and roll a week.. on a sunday.. go figure…

    anyway.. the music was country 24/7 .. the real deal not country rock.

    mom sounded just like Patsy Cline when she sang along:) but she never sang with anyone but the Adelines.

    I sang in the talent show at Happy Canyon for the Pendleton Roundup when i was about 12.. but we sang Teen Angel… we nearly won too.. if i had had the rack that my best friend did at that age (she was older but i couldn’t match her even now) we might have ;->

    “that fateful night the car stalled upon the railroad tracks.. i pulled you out and you were safe but you went running back… teen angel.. can you hear me.. teen angel can you see me.. are you somewhere up above.. and are you still my one true love…”

    some things you just never forget:)

    the closest to a country star we got at the “dive” in Arizona was John Denver.. and yes i think he rode his horse in…

    that does give new meaning to the phrase “and the horse you rode in on” doesn’t it:)

    as for the horses kicking… is that where the term “kick a..” comes from ;-0

    i am puzzled.. they are generally better shots.. going for the kidney if my personal experience is any indication…

    the hour grows late and old brains wear down ;->

    and if you believe that i know where there is a bridge for sale:)



    Was there a second place at the Roundup? What about using tissue for enhancement purposes? I heard someone talking about that when I was filling my growler at BPP earier, which is how I know to ask this question.

    John Denver did a TV special with Jim Henson’s Muppets, and it was in a dome structure with real butterflies and plants.

    I was never brave enough to perform live singing, but if I was, I would sing this song (the recognized anthem of World Contact Day, which is going to happen this year):




    at 12 i was still years away from the first bra i stuffed like crazy…

    and maybe we should have chosen country instead of rock and roll…

    but yes, we took second. but it’s just not the same as first. oops.. two buts in one paragraph won’t do.. i’d edit, but it’s more fun making myself the but of the joke:))))

    I didn’t remember… but am not surprised that John Denver did a special with Jim Henson’s Muppets.. he really believed in that Rocky Mountain high thing… he talked to cactus… i think he thought they were all peyote ;)

    and he liked butterflies… but they didn’t come out much at night. i guess they weren’t that into star gazing…

    LOL… If your choice of music is any indication, it’s probably good that you kept your day job…

    there are some things we really shouldn’t revisit… thank god for old timers memory… songs like that just fade away……….



    So finally got around to visiting BPP because we really wanted to smell some wet dog but were met with disappointment. There were no dogs whatsoever when we walked in. But then the dogs starting piling in, draggin their owners (dogs are all alcoholics and cannot pass a bar without pursuing beer).

    Expectations of an indoor dog park of poorly behaved pooches were squashed as all of the dogs were on leashes and most seemed content to stay by their owners legs.

    I did have one incident however. As I was settling our tab my butt was sniffed. The sniffer wasn’t offended though and we establshed a friendship.




    lifetime relationships have been based on less ;->

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