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    From the wording, I would say that BPP is covered letting dogs in. I’m no lawyer though. If I was I might not be here spending my evenings talking about Hooters and cat crap, and what fun would that be?

    I’d be interested in seeing if they’ve dealt with violations like that in the past though. It sounds like there are enough people interested in pressing the issue that I’m sure it’s happened before and they’ve obviously won. But… one never knows.



    Hi I’m have had the BPP one time but I agree, there were way to many animals of all type in there at one time. I too am interested in violations of the code, so where do we find the infos to make the decision afterall?



    I haven’t been to BPP since they redid it, but I thought since they didn’t “technically” serve food it was okay to have dogs in there? I have no idea if that’s true, but that’s how friends have justified it to me.



    Am I understanding this right?

    BPP chooses to let dogs and their owners go there.

    guest 1 has allergies, writes to them,

    and now you’re looking up health codes to find a way to force your way in there and displace the community that enjoys that?

    I thought we choose to support businesses with our dollars. If you don’t like it, then don’t support it. Pretty simple concept.

    Why ruin another place others feel right at home?

    Or as I like to say…”Open your own bar”.

    There’s alot of bars I don’t frequent for various reasons. type of crowd,music,too much fleece, too much testosterone, lighting,

    spirit selection, service, owners,

    did I mention people?

    I personally liked the Hooters analogy and it was dead on.



    and now you’re looking up health codes to find a way to force your way in there and displace the community that enjoys that?

    No, I’m looking up health codes because when people say that the law says this or that I like to look up what it actually says. I’m a librarian, I look things up. Some people get really excited about football. It’s all good.



    I remember a news story awhile back about dogs in bars and it was pointed out that it’s not legal unless it’s a service animal. So of course everyone that brings their dog to BPP claims it’s a service animal,which is pretty irritating for people that may have allergies or just don’t like them. Why should a dog take precedence over a paying human customer? It’s completely selfish, but that’s the sense of entitlement that Americans have embraced I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see the dogs at the bar, but I can do without. It reminds me of when Washington banned smoking indoors…it made all of the non-smokers quite happy and the smokers seem to have survived being banished outside to smoke. Same could be said of dogs waiting outside too.



    I don’t think it’s a matter of entitlement, it’s a matter of what the business wishes. If they value dogs patronage over “paying customers” it certainly hasn’t harmed their business and it’s their right to make that choice.

    And I am not buying the cigarette to dog comparison that’s been made here a few times. Cigarette smoke (particularly second hand) is extremely dangerous. Dogs are only dangerous to those with allergies and for most not deathly so. Its also rather easily avoided. Think about someone with an extreme peanut allergy if you want to talk about someone who REALLY has their restaurant choices cut down for them.



    The funny part of that last comparison, Cait? I DO have a peanut allergy as well as the dog allergy. And it does suck! Does that mean I get more sympathy on the dogs in bars issue? ;-) (Kidding…)



    Oh man! Well… I can see between the dogs and the peanuts and all that your choices ARE pretty limited. I’d resent the doggies too in that case. But… it is what it is :(

    I used to go to camp with a girl that couldn’t even be outdoors with peanuts and I always felt so bad for her, not knowing the joy of a Reese’s PB Cup… or even sniffing one. :(



    Yeah, my peanut allergy has become milder as I’ve gotten older. When I was a kid I’d break out in hives and have an asthma attack when peanuts were handed out on planes. Now, there have been a few times when I accidentally ate a peanut (who puts peanuts in a green salad, anyway?) and had a bad itchy throat, but was ok after an hour or so. No epi-pen needed! Anyway, back to the discussion at hand…



    Kudos to Beveridge Place and Norm’s in Fremont and the patio at Dog & Pony in Renton for providing a rare treat – we will keep coming because of it. Man, I cannot wait for the dog days of summer!



    I have never encountered so many dog hating people as are on the West Seattle Blog.

    There is ONE PLACE in West Seattle where you can take dogs to a bar and people are complaining about it? Complaining like all these dogs lovers are forcing their pets on them? Just don’t go there. Period. Problem solved. Don’t you people have something worthwhile to put your time and energy into besides complaining about something you can easily avoid?

    Also, non dog lovers need to stop passing their judgment on dog lovers. Who cares if I treat my dog like a child? It doesn’t affect you! My dog is capable of unconditional love and when you show me ONE human capable of that, I’ll stop worshiping my dog for her amazing abilities.

    Not to mention the fact that humans were the ones that domesticated wolves for our personal benefit. Now we’ve created a booming species that is not capable of caring for itself in the wild and its our responsibility (since we created it) to take care of it. But that’s a whole other thread….

    Hooters example: smack on! Notice how the best argument SarahScoot could come back with on that one was to bring up health code violations, when she had already expressed this was not a concern for her?

    PS-I have never been to Beveride Place but my dog and I will be there tonight and as much as possible in the future to show our support.



    those dogs posters are complaining about come attached to human owners who are paying customers BPP might not get if they didn’t have a relaxed policy about dogs…

    imagine that.. a dog friendly policy that actually brings in business…

    i think we should ban perfume… the odor that assaults you as you walk through a door full of saturday night hopefuls propels me out the door immediately…

    it’s worse than running the perfume gauntlet at the entrance to a major department store at Christmas…

    give me a few muts any day.



    I don’t have an issue with dogs nor do I find them to be particularly endearing personally but I do sometimes enjoy seeing the dogs at beveridge place. It’s a chance to see handsome animals that aren’t normally part of my day to day life. However it would annoy me if I were in Sarah’s situation because I can’t think of an alternative pub in the area that even remotely compares to beveridge place in terms of central ws location, outstanding selection, beautiful decor, games, events, and of course the lovely staff. I think that if other public houses in west seattle were of comparable standard it wouldn’t be an issue, but that simply isn’t the case. Personally I think dogs can be entertaining as long as one isn’t taking my seat at the bar and as long as they’re not snapping and snarling at each other (which DOES happen among the dogs at bpp), but if they pose a health issue to others they should be left out front.



    EmmyJane – I brought up the health code example because really this IS a health code issue. I know it’s a health code violation; I simply said I won’t be the one to call them on it. Yes, it’s the business’s choice whether they allow dogs (and risk fines for that choice). But it definitely is a health code violation, so my argument re: no shirts and shoes is more apt than the Hooters example. Sorry.



    And guess what? I truly don’t hate dogs. I actually really like them and if I weren’t allergic (and had more space), I’d own one. However, I’m very aware of the effects my actions and choices have on those around me. When I smoked (for a short time when I was 19 or so) I would keep clear of other people. I live in a condo building, so guess what? I keep my TV and music volumes low because we share walls with other people. And I really enjoy seeing a well-behaved dog out in public. It’s not a matter of hate, it’s a matter of courtesy.

    And at this point, I’m not referencing courtesy on the part of BPP’s owners, or even the people that bring their dogs with them because they’re welcome there; rather, it’s about the entitled attitude of people that can’t seem to understand how their actions negatively effect others.



    How is taking a dog to a restaurant that not only allows dogs but encourages it having an “entitled attitude”? Are you going to start complaining about how dog parks have too many dogs in them and trigger your allergies?

    I get your point that its your favorite bar and the dogs inside trigger allergies, but the theme of the bar is that you can bring dogs in. Its just simply not the place for you and that’s all there is to it.

    PS- If you like dogs and someday have space for one, you should consider a hypoallergenic dog. You can get on a wait list for one at a shelter and they’ll notify you when one comes in or check out the local rescue groups that specialize in the breeds.




    do you wear perfume? if so, do you keep clear of other people?

    because there are people like me who tear up and sneeze and cough.. and have asthma attacks because people wear perfume in public.

    and how about strobe lights.. flashing lights ok with you? because at best they trigger migraines for me and a lot of other people.. at worst they trigger seizures…

    and i won’t even go into the sound issues and people who persist in bringing unruly children into establishments catering to grown=ups…

    these are health issues too you know.

    I am sorry your allergy to dogs prevents you from enjoying an establishment that caters to dog owners… and i agree, it’s a great place to hang out… and i agree that it sucks… however…

    i don’t want to sound callous.. but they are your allergies… and you aren’t the only one who is limited in where they can go due to health issues.

    health issues keep a lot of us from going a lot of places we would love to go.. including plays and concerts… but that’s just the way it is.

    asking people who want to bring their dogs into public places to bathe them more frequently using a dander reducing shampoo… i am all for that.

    I doubt you will have better luck than i do asking people to avoid wearing scent though.. even when they are visiting my home… but it is certainly worth a shot..

    if for no other reason than to bring awareness to allergy issues.

    and maybe you could ask BPP to invest in boxes of anti-dander dog wipes and hand them to customers with dogs when they take their orders.

    it may not be enough.. but then again.. it might be..



    Hi EmmyJane,

    I realized my thoughts were jumbled in my last post. I was trying to say that the annoying side is NOT the owners of BPP for allowing the dogs, or even necessarily the people who choose to bring their dogs (because, as you said, they are welcome there); the problem, in my opinion, is with the people that just do not understand how their actions (in this case, bringing along a dog) effect others. It’s the people that assume that I or others hate dogs when we question the privilege of bringing them along everywhere. I hope that makes a little more sense.

    That’s what just annoys me. I’m just disappointed that I can no longer fully enjoy BPP, but I don’t hold resentment over it.

    And yes, I’m hoping to one day adopt a poodle or something fairly hypoallergenic :-) Or maybe allergy treatments will advance enough that I can pick up a pug from Seattle Pug Rescue.




    i second your wish that people looked beyond the boundaries of their own lives to realize how their actions impacted the lives of others…

    for many more reasons than my own health issues…



    Why not complain about Jak’s not offering more vegetarian dishes?

    Remove all Phad Thai dishes from a menu because the smell of peanuts makes someone break out in hives.

    Entitlement? I think considering health code violations and homogenizing another bar towards one’s preferences would be considered entitlement.

    But go ahead and blame the dogs and their happy owners who enjoy a pint among friends.




    Perfume, Strobe lights, and loud kids are not against the law. Dogs in bars apparently is in King County.

    Your comparisons do not hold water.

    Again, I am just an outside observer, and do not frequent the establishment. There are a TON of other options in West Seattle that suit me fine. I just wanted to point out that your comparisons don’t add up.



    Strobe lights can cause epileptic siezures..

    might need to get an initiative to pass for this one.

    (tongue in cheek only)



    Thanks, WesCAddle (Eddie Vedder fan, or…?) There have been so many straw man arguments on this thread that I don’t even know where to begin. So far, none of the comparisons offered match up; no, it’s not the same as Jak’s not offering enough vegetarian options. They are not REQUIRED to offer vegetarian options. If anyone actually wants to debate the issue using comparable examples, I’ll gladly join in.

    The false logic in these replies is giving me a headache (similar to a too-much-cologne headaches, actually…)



    This is a bit off topic, but anyone know what happened at the 9lb Hammer in Georgetown? There was a time when it was annoyingly lousy with dogs as well. Now there’s not a dog in sight.


    I don’t “hate” dogs – I just prefer to drink in an establishment where I don’t have to worry whether that’s spilled beer on the floor or dog piss. There’s no getting around the fact that they do smell up the place, will occasionally bark and growl, and knock over the occasional beer. If that’s what the establishment wants to promote and the public wants it, then so be it.


    However, I can definitely sympathize with SarahScoot. BPP is a very unique bar, not just for WS, but all of Seattle. Their beer selection is stellar and there is a great laid back atmosphere if you’re looking to avoid the frat crowd. Not that many other options that match up. Maybe the new Feeback Lounge next door will do the trick!

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