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    I Wonder

    It looks like there is some solid revenues being generated for some of these events ($125 per camper for a guest instructior) so the Parks Dept. should be recovering good funding also. But I think another angle is that some courts should be FCFS all the time, and not available for reservation or holds. This might break down some of the empty courts syndrome. And agreed, perhaps VB should be restricted to specific areas. But its going to open a can of worms to dictate what can be where when its an open, public beach. Seems like this is a hot spot that the Parks crew should be visiting on weekends for spot checks.



    Wow, you guys are right! I haven’t been down to Alki much on summer weekends lately (I guess I’ve turned into a curmudgeonly local :)) – but this morning I counted 14 courts set up and being used. Reading this thread again, it’s not clear if the Parks Dept has specific rules about setting up extra nets outside of the 6 that are supposedly designated/reserved. I didn’t see any “FCFS” courts, either. They were all being used by organized groups. So obnoxious!



    With a problem this significant, affecting so many folks, it is pretty lame for the Parks Dept to say they can’t do enforcement on weekends. I know the Dept is strapped for resources, but they should be able to shift somebody’s work schedule to deal with this situation before it gets really nasty.



    I have noticed that the volleyball courts have been more contained to the middle of the beach lately, but what really gets me is waking up at 8am on a Sunday morning to the blare of the loudspeakers.



    now, loudspeakers at 8am would definitely piss me off…sadly, I suppose that.s the time the city has deemed for them to make noise…:(


    happy hour

    I have no complaints on volleyball. Come on.

    Yes, the loud speakers. Cross the street and take them, then run as fast as you can. Oh they are athletes … Never mind.

    I live on beach drive and nothing more annoying than constant motorcycle & auto racing, parked cars w blaring music @ all hours, etc earplugs don’t work with those mufflers.

    I say, let them play ball !!!!



    As I was out for a walk a few hours ago, I noticed a group pulling poles out of a U-Haul and setting up courts all along the beach – the entire beach is now full. I assume it is for an Alki Volleyball Association competition this coming weekend as advertised on their website. I hope they have the appropriate permits for the almost ten extra nets they are putting up this PM because as I read the letter below, it seems a breach of the reservable use policy. Apparently the Parks Department is taking some action in response to the concerns expressed here and the letters we have generated. Here is a response I received – sorry for the delay in posting it. I wonder if exceptions are made for these special tournaments? -Greg

    July 11, 2013

    Greg, hello.

    My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    Seattle Parks and Recreation appreciates that public beach space-at Alki and also citywide-is at a premium, and we will continue to decline requests to allow more reservable volleyball courts at Alki Beach.

    It’s come to our attention that more courts have been set up at Alki than are allowed by the terms of the volleyball leagues’ permits. Seattle Parks staff will be meeting with volleyball permit holders to address violations of the use permits and stress the requirement that tournaments stay within the space allowed.

    It will still be possible for individuals sometimes to set up their own volleyball court in the open beach space where use is on a first come, first served basis. But this is individuals who bring their own equipment for a few hours, not leagues that play for an entire season.

    Thank you for writing.


    Laurie Dunlap

    Superintendent’s Office, Seattle Parks and Recreation

    Seattle Parks and Recreation

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Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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