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    Common sense is not that common…unfortunately.



    Round the sound are you criticizing me for posting anonymously on a blog? Because that is what you are doing. I wish for what you think should be the way things should be. It would be great if people had enough self esteem, common sense, and maturity to know when they are imposing, like these folks at Lincoln Park. It should not be that the ones minding their own business, have to be the ones to let the clueless know. It never should have gotten to this point because people should know right from wrong whether drinking or not. Agree to disagree maybe? Look at the way people behave these days with road rage, etc .. people will shoot you for just looking at them whether you mean anything or not. I think it’s smart to not risk an incident just because you were in the right as Josie was. The issue is people need to grow up and stop doing what they want until someone spells it out for them.


    Zenguy, I like that common sense statement. I’ve been saying that too.


    Mike and JOB, totally agree with what you are saying.



    Also a quick note to RTS: Some of us post with our real name and email address (mine is in the link attached to my name) And have no problem saying anything I say here to any human in person. Where I live is rather obvious from my posting history.

    Of course anyone I offend must challenge me to a dual. My choice of weapons is 2 cycle weed eaters at point-blank range. (I recently acquired a second one so you can choose which model you like)

    But the chain saw and brush clearing attachments are not an option.





    I am VERY sorry to hear that. :( …

    I have no idea why people do these things. Brought up that way? In terms of breaking the law, we all do to some degree. It’s a sliding scale. In terms of drinking and driving, I think that’s a classic case of denial. And it sucks!

    Ken, I would like to accept the dual challenge but you haven’t offended me so please get to work on that so we can battle!



    One thing I know is that I am more afraid of human beings in the park than any wild animal such as Coyotes. Human beings are very unpredictable, but wild animals don’t want anything to do with you and will avoid you for the most part unless you feed it.



    Maybe I am in the wrong here but unless the person seems extremly out of control I would always attempt to talk to the person who is breaking the law first. Then fi they dont change their behavior or seem to act out at all I would call the authorities. I for one think everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt.



    JoB- thanks for bringing up this issue. And for sharing some of your perspective and experience. I’m so sorry that happened to you. :(

    I had been noticing that common trend on some of these threads as well. Like walking in the bike lane, but over to one side, or running through pedestrian lights on your bike because you didn’t see anyone coming, or the whole leashed versus unleashed dog mess… Everyone wants to think that they’re not doing any harm when they break a law, but its a slippery slope, especially when you are providing an example to others who may not be as harmless when they break the same law.



    I think my point was missed entirely. Did I condone drinking in the park? No. Did I say that the authorities shouldn’t be called at all? No. Josie specifically said she was afraid of being uptight. I can’t believe that would stop you from asking someone to stop their bad behavior. I believe the police have more important things to do then hand out a bunch of tickets to some 20-30 something’s for drinking in the park. With all the bank robberies and vandalism in WS I believe this would fall very low on their list of priorities. If there is an easier solution to a problem then getting the police involved, I take it. I just don’t see how talking to someone, standing right in front of you, is going an extra mile.

    Josie, I think next time you go to the park you should bring some rolls of caution tape and clearly make you space off, this will keep everyone away and you will be able to have a nice private picnic in the public park. Keep your cell phone handy and call in all suspicious activity, including any and all open containers or people that appear to be intoxicated. Just like putting on sunscreen before going out in the sun, sometimes we have to take preventative measures. Never hesitate to call the police if you feel you are in danger; but like all in this forum we care about our community and take many things upon ourselves to make it a better place, like talking to the neighbors.

    I was not criticizing anyone, just saying there is a co m m u n i ca t I o n b r e a k d o w n . . .

    My name is Stephanie and I live on Alki, If you want to get together for a weed-eater battle that would be awesome, seriously though, I need to borrow a weed whacker.






    Roundthesound, I did not say I was afraid to be uptight, go back and check. I said I chose not to ask them all to move; I have no fear of confrontation, but I was having a nice day and I get enough confrontation at work.

    The detail I did not go into is that we (myself as well as others in our party) actually did ask them multiple times to stop spraying us and our stuff, stop smoking in the shelter we had reserved, and to please not pick up and use our toys and supplies as if they belonged to them. There was no change in behavior on their part. If I were the type of person to pick up the phone and call the police before attempting something like that, I think my post would have been very different. I did not call the police.

    Roundthesound your highly judgmental and condescending post assumed many things, but the previous posters were correct in that drunk people do not respond to requests to change their behavior. Our choice was to leave and go enjoy the rest of the beautiful day somewhere else rather than try to deal with a bunch of drunk inconsiderate people. I don’t think there is one specific way one must behave in these situations. In an ideal world we could all just talk it out. This is not an ideal world. We willingly shared the space with them, but when their behavior deteriorated and our requests fell on deaf ears, between calling the police and leaving, we chose to leave. I do not expect that the police should drop everything for my benefit.

    In light of JoB and other’s posts, however, I regret not calling the police. I hope that there were designated drivers in that group.

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