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    I think the movie I had the worst reaction to was Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. At the time rave reviews!…great comedy!… Even now it’s 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and with 3.4 popcorns out of 5 rating I am overwhelmingly in the minority.

    I sat there stone-faced, despising John Candy’s buffoon character from the moment he appeared; I didn’t care for Steve Martin’s character either but I remember having some sympathy for him, and then they throw in a sappy sappy ending. Ugh. Just awful.

    What movie rubbed you the wrong way?



    squareeyes, good question.

    My top two most hated movies of all time each received lavish praise and positive reviews. They were “The English Patient” and “The Piano”. The only thing I liked about the first film was the performance by Juliette Binoche. The rest was intolerable. “The Piano” I thought was horribly cast, in addition to being pretentious, sappy, and maudlin. IMO, these films pose as high art, but seem deliberately directed toward some stereotypical female viewer – as in, a woman with an education but still ruled by emotions. A bit of action and violence were thrown in to hide the fact, to jarring effect.



    Walked out on The Sicilian, Lemony Snickett, and more than a few “superhero” movies. Oh, and The Color Purple.



    The movie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). The storyline was so pathetically ridiculous that I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. I want that period of my life back. :)



    Oh, Sue, that is too funny. I absolutely LOVED that movie, as did my mom, and we know we’re the only ones in the world who did. I was actually working on some transmedia projects for it, but when it bombed that came to a screeching halt.


    The Velvet Bulldog

    I want to say “Blade Runner”–but I don’t honestly know if I hated it because I fell asleep both times I tried to watch it.



    Hmmmm .. you’re asking this on the same night that Sharknado 2 is playing in the IMAX theaters. Very curious.



    Way too forced with no return on the investment.

    The Baby Ruth in the pool?

    Bill Murray and the golf ball washer?




    Dr Dolittle. The Rex Harrison version. And Popeye. Saw both first run at the Admiral. Dr Dolittle had an intermission just to make the suffering longer.



    I was falling asleep in the theater watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.



    The only movie I have ever walked out on was “Interview with a Vampire” — horrible film. And I loathe anything Sci-Fi.



    SquareEyes, I too never enjoyed P/T&A. I like both Steve Martin and John Candy in other things but this just seemed alternately predictable or contrived. Not that suspension of disbelief is easy to pull off for cynics like me anyway.

    If we’re picking some that got either good critical reviews or have a solid rep, I’ll go with…Braveheart.

    I didn’t HATE hate it, I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Maybe I’m just the type who got oriented to life in the middle ages by The Holy Grail and watching folks slog around in the mud, whacking each other with swords make me want to ask “what is your quest”?

    And just because it deserves to be listed as a complete waste of time…Star Wars Trilogy I/II/III. (The Jar Jar Binks ones).



    Oh, and Unforgiven. I get it, Clint. You’re an intense, bad man who’s teachin’ us all a lesson ’bout killin. But do I have to watch you squint at the camera for 90 mute minutes to learn it?



    Blair Witch Project. Granted, I watched it on video and not in the theatre but the only scary thing was how they were able to make everybody think it was some sort of documentary and some sort of “groundbreaking” way to make a movie. Poorly shot, horrible acting using every horror movie cliche’ imaginable. About a third of the way through we turned it into a drinking game- every time they used a horror movie cliche’ we took a drink. We were quite on our lips at the end.

    Perhaps this would have happened anyway with the advent of really cheap video but it’s terrible lasting legacy is that anybody with a credit card and a couple of video cameras is suddenly a “film maker”.



    There are many but the first that comes to mind is “Rambo.” Some friends had seen “First Blood” and loved it, so when “Rambo” came out they wanted to see it and I went along. It was two hours of torture in a packed theater full of cheering and clapping fans. The friends hated it too and apologized when it was over.

    But this made it worthwhile: As the credits started to roll, I stood up and yelled “Booo!” A couple seats down, a large man stood up (trucker hat, large belt buckle, even larger belly), turned to me and yelled “F***in’ Commie!” then stormed out.



    I recently watched a German mad scientist movie that is a few years old on Netflix. It was so bad that I fast forwarded through almost the entire movie because I was curious how it was going to end. But even at that, I was still left with a bad feeling for days, as if I couldn’t take enough showers to get the memory out of my soul. I’m deliberately not mentioning the name to avoid promoting it. Sick. In comparison even the worst movies mentioned above are, in my opinion, Best Picture Oscar candidates.



    On the older movie front, Blazing Saddles. I’ve never been able to sit through the entire movie. My boyfriend is begging me to watch it with him, so maybe I’ll finally sit through it.

    On the newer front….Gravity. OMG. Bored the hell out of me! I don’t get what all the fuss was about.



    I may be the only person in the world who hated Taxi Driver – it was many years ago, so maybe I missed some of the finer points. And last week, we did walk out of Neighbors after about 15 minutes / couldn’t relate to it, and nothing that was supposed to be funny was.



    BearsChick, you reminded me that I also truly disliked History of the World, Part I. My ex-husband loved it and quoted it constantly. I am so bored by it and find most of it totally unfunny. And yet I can probably quote half of the movie since it was always on (or being quoted to me)!

    Also re: Gravity, I got it out of the library, watched 10 minutes of it and shut it off. I cared so little about those characters that I didn’t feel like investing more than the 10 minutes I already had. Way too slow.



    Honestly – Lincoln. The mislead when he goes to the play for the first time and the dramatic music making you think THIS is the one where he’s shot and then nothing. I mean if you know history then you knew he wasn’t going to die at that moment but it seemed baiting. The script made him seem like he was constantly telling little stories instead of doing anything important – which is a good character development point, but it was SOOOO grating.

    The only highlight of that movie for me was James Spader and TLJ’s acting. I didn’t even like DDL. It’s one of very few movies that have legitimately pissed me off.



    I didn’t dislike Lincoln as much as you but I never warmed up to DDL’s voice selection (do we even know what it was supposed to sound like from a description?)

    I think he’s probably the best pure actor of our generation and this was his least believable role that I can think of.



    He has such obvious talent and he really Spielberg’ed it up on this one.



    Lincoln was ok acting was good the history side of it well…..

    Bill Murry in Lost in Translation bad so bad…

    As for more bad movies I have yet to see a good Will Fellell movie they are as bad as they get….

    the worse though would have to be yes jackass the movies all of them…..



    Valvashon, I agree that Blair Witch Project was simply horrible. I wasted my time and money seeing it in the theater. I suffered through it only because everyone was talking about it. I have no idea why people enjoyed that movie. It was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Not at all scary, or interesting, or clever. I guess it was memorable – but only that I hated it so much.



    I still remember being loudly hushed when my date and I broke into a guffaw during Blair Witch at the theater. :-)


    Acemotel, second the thumbs down for Taxi Driver. Red Dawn is the only movie I’ve been unable to salvage any positives (other than the Twilight trilogy, but I’m biased against vampires that sparkle).

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