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    I just wanted to say it, out loud, how AWESOME the Admiral Pub is! Not only the owner, Eric, who is extremely incredible with his determination to help a fellow business man and friend, but also Andrea, who works at Admiral Pub.

    They were more than willing to hold our fund raiser at their establishment and even had some really great ideas to share!

    I just can’t thank them enough. It makes me even more excited to be holding this event in partnership with such big-hearted people.

    Thank you, Eric and Andrea!



    I have never been to the Admiral Pub. I’ll have to check it out. good place for a Mom’s Night Out?



    They have a good, non-foo-foo bar menu.


    It would be a good night out for mom’s from Pacific-Algona



    Hey…. No knocking Admiral Pub in this thread! They are a very casual bar, laid back and everyone there is very friendly! A night out for moms? Probably not. I went by myself, though, and met some really nice people and I didn’t pay for a thing!

    Btw, “BusinessOwner”, have you contacted us in regards to what your business is donating?



    New resident…

    i don’t think they were knocking the admiral pub…

    some moms think a night out at the local pub is a great thing..

    and especially if it is a fund raisr and you might actually win something cool…

    any night mom doesn’t have to cook to feed herself is a good night:)



    Well, I wrote that whole post to BusinessOwner while chuckling and maybe my joking around didn’t come through.

    It was funny because Pacific-Angola is a senior center and I don’t think that’s the kind of “mom” Bonnie was referring to. I thought it was kinda funny.

    And I agree, any night I DON’T have to cook, is a “night out” for me!



    didn’t they do something for the Rat City Roller Derby girls recently?

    is that the same place?



    JoB -YES! They did and Eric and I talked about that and things that we could possibly do similar to what they did. He definitely has experience with these sort of things, so his ideas will be greatly appreciated tomorrow!



    Pacific-Algona is also the name of a town(s) not too far from here south of Auburn, down off Hwy 18.



    any place that has room in it’s heart for the rat city roller girls is all right by me….

    and would make a great girl’s night out spot for both the senior citizens (i am one) and for the girls in Pacific-Algona…

    south of auburn off hwy 18…

    one more place i haven’t been yet:)



    lol..JoB…save that excursion for some lazy day in the summer :)

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