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    OK – so there is not a merge sign at the bridge entrance coming up past the Taco Time to the right (I think it’s Fauntleroy that heads onto the bridge). Can someone PLEASE let me know why people keep honking at me when I stop and wait for a space?!

    Am I in the wrong to stop and merge? Keep in mind there is not an open / merge lane – you are heading into traffic going 5-40 MPH.

    Why oh why do I keep getting the finger?! I’d really like to know if I am wrong to wait for a spot or if people are really just that rude to think I want to endanger my life, my toddler, and my baby?!



    A fair chunk of drivers don’t know how to merge properly.

    Merging means you flow into the traffic without stopping, if the traffic gods wanted you to stop to wait for a space they’d put a stop sign up.

    Proper merging takes timing and finesse and I’m guessing you’re pissing off the other drivers if your idea of merging means stopping and waiting for a space.

    And as an aside, you say there’s no merge sign there. As far as I know there’s no such thing as a “merge” sign–do you mean a yield sign?



    That’s a tough merging point.


    It’s more of a short lane than a ramp, and being so short there’s no room to build up speed to match that of the traffic entering directly off Fauntleroy. Add the varied speed that you mentioned, and that makes it more difficult. You can’t match the 40 mph or more that happens when the traffic is fairly light and the light for Fauntleroy has been green for awhile, and if the light has just turned green, the other cars are building up speed, while still bunched together, so even if one of those wants to let you in and slows back down or stops, they risk getting bumped from behind, or honked at.


    Wish I had some actual advice for you on this one. :(





    It is actually illegal to force yourself and expect others to get over for you in traffic.Even when there is a sign that tells you that traffic is merging. If your car lane is the one ending you have to wait… One of my co-workers (got pulled over where the lane ends on I90 right by the express lane closed going into the tunnel) not only got pulled over for this but got a ticket. You are in the right.



    r26 – Even if what you are doing is not “legal” (although, from what beachdrivegirl posted, looks like you are in the right), I won’t honk at you! Whenever there is a question, do what’s safe.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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