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Scary search in WS

April 16, 2007 5:16 pm
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Times says police were looking for a possible armed student near Cleveland HS (which is housed at Boren on Delridge) earlier this afternoon.


Almost forgot to mention one other bit of news picked up at the Charlestown Cafe meeting: A big WS job we mentioned three months ago is no longer open. The Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association has a new executive director, Derek Birnie. The DNDA site doesn’t have much on him yet, but here’s a bio from a previous gig. DNDA has a lot going on, most notably — at the moment — the new Community Resource Center that’s ever-closer to completion at 35th & Morgan.

Tunes from Delridge

Another blustery-day webfind: guy in Delridge touting his band Swampdweller’s new CD out @ Easy Street. (UPDATE: Two links removed after reader reports of virus trouble. If you have a Mac — ours didn’t have any trouble with the links — and you want to check them out, just go to Google Blog Search and look for Swampdweller.)

Buy, or bye-bye

As mentioned about halfway through the plentiful comments on this post three weeks ago, a big Delridge apartment building is going condo. (Odd little blip on the city website about the complex “failing” an “inspection” this week, related to all this.) The Weekly features the project in this story (by photo, not by name) and links it to a company whose website simply notes “West Seattle, coming soon.”

A plea for Delridge drivers

If you use Delridge to get onto the WS Bridge, one of your neighbors has a request for you … they say it much better than we could (especially since that’s not our route), so here’s the whole e-mail, after the “jump”:Read More

Nameless no longer

A city press release is out with official names for two West Seattle parks. No surprises, though — the site known as Junction Plaza will be Junction Plaza Park, and the site in the Delridge/Cottage Grove area is Cottage Grove Park.

Bus boost

One Metro route through eastern West Seattle just got extra service as part of the Transit Now tax increase that voters passed countywide in November. Route 120 goes between downtown and Burien via Delridge and White Center. Besides expansion of that route and several others, the county says it’s working on the new express routes promised in the TN initiative, including one (see this map) to get more of West Seattle downtown (especially once The Viaduct is out of service — speaking of which, the No Tunnel Alliance launches its campaign tomorrow, days after the kickoff for Not Another Elevated Viaduct — can’t find any official site yet for the No/No faction).

Need a new job for the new year?

Old news to some, since apparently this has been out there for a few weeks, but we just happened onto it while making a periodic check of the site for the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, the organization behind a variety of community improvements including most famously in the past year the Youngstown Arts Center transformation: DNDA’s longtime executive director Paul Fischburg is leaving, and they’re looking for somebody new. (We wrote to ask what he’s moving on to; he forwarded us a copy of his announcement memo, which mentioned that he’s leaving after 10 years with no particular plans, but will enjoy some down time while mulling the future.)

Thursday this-n-that

-The Seattle Weekly has two tales of West Seattle nightlife in its latest edition. One is a straightforward “Club Pick” piece about Skylark; the other is a fantastical journey into an alleged Beach Drive scene that you might actually start to believe, until the later paragraphs. (Kudos to the writer for quite an imagination. Best civically minded satire since took on Carl’s Jr.)

-Wonder if the rain will keep the Initiative 937 campaigners off the Fauntleroy walkover today. They’ve been up there sign-waving for two recent commutes … immediately causing me to feel excruciating guilt for being alone in my car (at least it’s a gas-thrifty little-bitty car, honest). But at least we’re not driving a big yellow truck like the McG crew (it was back in Yasuko’s north lot yesterday morning, with the addition of a guy having his own tailgating party outside it).

-Have you seen the bear under The Bridge yet?

Deadly crash closes Delridge

October 16, 2006 5:44 pm
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Part of West Seattle’s easternmost “major arterial” was out of commission for hours this afternoon because of a car-truck crash at Delridge & Orchard. The Seattle Times just posted an update saying one victim died. Here’s what tv channel 7 says about the crash; channel 4 has a few more details including police saying that red-light-running may have been to blame.

Maybe it was just a slip of the keyboard

October 14, 2006 10:27 am
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A political editorial (pro-Initiative 920, which means anti-estate tax) in the Sunday Times/P-I describes Services Group of America, which moved from its Delridge HQ (the building with the huge flag) to AZ, as a “small business.” Hardly!

My condolences, by the way, to anyone who lost their job because they didn’t want to move from West Seattle to Arizona; been through the “no relo? no job” thing ourselves. But it’s “good riddance” to SGA’s boss, perhaps best remembered for getting ticked off that he couldn’t get a heliport on the Delridge building (convenient for his commute from Vashon), and had the gall to take the fight all the way to the state Supreme Court!

Overheard at Home Depot

August 3, 2006 7:12 am
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Regarding the display of grill equipment in front of the Delridge store behind an imposing fence: “Oh look, it’s a petting zoo for barbecues.”

More than a garage sale

July 16, 2006 2:37 pm
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On a pole at the corner of Delridge and Thistle: “MOVING IN TOGETHER SALE.”

Somewhere on 34th SW — didn’t catch the whole address while driving by the sign. Anyone who does see the sale — tell ’em good luck!

Another grand opening

Tonight’s the night for Skylark Cafe & Club, where Madison’s used to be, just as Delridge starts heading south from the bridge. We’ll be at the Al Gore movie instead. But once the crowds ebb a bit, the Skylark menu (mmm, mac ‘n’ cheese!) sounds too good for us to wait TOO long to check out!

The next WS “grand opening”

Thanks to the Metroblogging folks for reminding me about Skylark Cafe, opening in a week and a half at the Delridge spot that used to be Madison’s. We’re not much for live music but we might go for the food, if the report here (second-to-last paragraph) is true about an ex-Easy Street Cafe person being involved.

On the east side of the West Side

May 3, 2006 5:38 am
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Cool story about what’s up at the re-invented Cooper School on Delridge.

I’m waiting to see somebody write about what’s up at the ActivSpace building on Harbor Ave just past the bridge. Some weeks back, somebody hung a sign on the Fauntleroy overpass offering “readings” there, among other things, and I believe they meant what we used to call “fortune-telling” as opposed to oh, say, poetry readings. (Actually looks like a lot of alternative practitioners, when you peruse the ActivSpace “customer” list.)

On the West side’s East side

February 22, 2006 5:58 am
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Thanks to the Seattle Weekly for the tip — the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center celebrates its grand opening this Friday night. For people who don’t visit Delridge unless they need something from Home Depot, here’s another reason to visit one of the fastest-rising neighborhoods on this side of the Duwamish!

Playing possum

January 16, 2006 7:06 pm
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Not a good season for West Seattle possums, unless their abundance as local roadkill is a sign of a population increase off the asphalt. While further flattening the one that lay in the northbound lane on the south half of Delridge over the weekend, I pondered the potential meme of “run over roadkill, or swerve to avoid it?” Googling shows me that somebody else already has adequately addressed the topic …