WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: What a car prowler took, then abandoned

Matthew says this happened near 47th/Hudson:

Our Subaru was successfully prowled last night. We had come back from our kids’ dance recital and accidentally left their iPad in the back seat of our car. The car was unlocked. Maybe for the best, as if they had seen the iPad (and broken) the window to get to it, then we’d have even more to deal with.

Sometime during the night the car was opened. The glove box was rifled through and the iPad was taken.

The bummer is that our 5-year-old son has hearing aids paired to that iPad so that he can play games, listen to shows and control the ambient volume of his hearing aids.

Thankfully, the iPad was signed in to an Apple ID, and Apple’s Find My was on.

This morning-when we realized it was gone-I was able to see its last-known location, where it had checked in. I biked to that location, and found nothing. I plopped down on the curb and happened to look over and saw it leaning up against the telephone pole.

My best guess is that the thief saw that it was signed in and locked to an Apple ID and would be impossible to sell without raising questions, and tossed it aside.

Still a little bit of a bummer as the screen was cracked and the iPad itself had been bent. It still functions, and we’re headed over to the store today to get it replaced under warranty.

All’s well in the end, but prowling is 100% a thing. Ah well!

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  • WS local June 9, 2024 (8:00 pm)

    Our car was prowled too on 39th/admiral Saturday morning. Evidently the newspaper delivery person told my neighbor (who found my trunk left open at 5:30am) that a lot of cars around our neighborhood were hit that night. 

  • Neighbor June 9, 2024 (11:05 pm)

    My car was prowled a couple blocks from the PCC around 1:30 AM. Luckily, nothing was taken. I checked my nest camera footage and there were two people on foot checking for unlocked doors and one driver with a support car.

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