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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Woman attacked near two schools, creek

Received tonight from a reader:

I’m writing about an incident that occurred on Tuesday, 6/4 at about 3:30 pm. I was walking my dog at the corner of SW Kenyon and 24th Ave SW (across the street from the new pedestrian pathway over Longfellow Creek). A man attacked me from behind and put me in a choke hold. I was forced to the ground, held, and groped. The attacker ultimately released me and disappeared between a couple buildings in Westhaven Apartments. I reported the event to the police.

I just want to get the word out for people to be careful in that area – especially since it happened in the middle of the afternoon. A lot of students from Chief Sealth and Denny walk through that area before and after school.

The person who attacked me was a white male, approximately in his 20s, medium height, slightly overweight. He was wearing black, gray, and white.

No other descriptive details. If you have any information, the SPD incident number is 24-151643.

Rethink the Link’s ‘route walk’ draws light-rail supporters as well as skeptics

(Across from potential Delridge station location)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Today’s West Seattle light-rail “route walk” organized by Rethink the Link wasn’t a rally or protest.

What we heard and saw, walking along, was more like a collection of conversations. The three-dozen-plus participants included not just the light-rail skeptics of Rethink the Link and curious residents but also light-rail supporters, including at least one member of the Transportation Choices Coalition, and an advocate who toted this sign throughout the hour-and-a-half event:

Other transit advocates, including writers for the Seattle Transit Blog, were there too. So there were many perspectives in play as participants talked one-on-one along most of the round-trip mile-long walk from West Seattle Health Club to the middle of the low bridge and back, between multiple stops along a potential path for the train. At those stops, whoever was in earshot heard from RTL’s Alan McMurray, a route-area resident described as someone who walks to work in SODO and is therefore quite familiar with the route: “For the last four years, as I walk, I wonder how they’re going to do it.” The group gathered in the parking lot of the health club, whose management has expressed concern about a potential path that could take out its pool.

From there, walkers headed over Longfellow Creek via the SW Yancy footbridge – where environmental concerns were noted – then to Andover and into the office park that’s in a potential Delridge-station footprint, home to Alki Beach Academy and other businesses, alongside the Nucor steel plant, and looked upslope at the back of Delridge-fronting businesses also facing displacement – Ounces, The Skylark, Mode Music Studios (WSB sponsor) and Mode Music and Performing Arts. Here’s the station rendering that’s been most recently shown:

Walking toward the low bridge, participants’ attention was directed toward Pigeon Point, along which the high bridge already runs, with West Seattle light rail requiring an additional new bridge to cross the Duwamish River.

The new bridge is expected to be at least as tall as the existing bridge, McMurray noted. How that’ll be built has yet to be finalized, but it’s expected to require some digging into Pigeon Point – “some kind of major cut” –
where herons nest. One took wing as walkers looked on, while birds’ coexistence with human-built infrastructure was on display too, as peregrine falcons’ nesting boxes on the underside of the high bridge were pointed out.

After trooping back along the path on the east side of Delridge, the group stopped for another perspective of the Skylark/Mode business building, when a person standing along the road shouted, “We don’t need no damn light rail!” A few participants responded “hear, hear”; he then said cheerfully, “OK, I’m done.”

Wrapping up shortly thereafter, McMurray explained the intent of the walk was “just meant to give you an idea of what it’s going to take” to build the West Seattle Link Extension through that area. A participant asked, “What can we do?” McMurray noted that the Final Environmental Impact Statement – precursor to a final vote on a route – is expected to be published this summer, and then there’s a “30-day window” before that final action can be taken. That’s the time to “be heard … make sure they hear you,” he said. Someone else pointed out that comments can be sent to Sound Transit now, too. (Contact info is on the project website.)

Whatever your view, McMurray concluded, “There is this common ground we all agree on – better transit.”

The still-roaming guinea fowl, growing-up goslings, and other West Seattle birds

(Photo sent by Kayano)

Almost every day, someone sends us a new photo of the still-roaming West Seattle Guinea Fowl, some still mistaking them for turkeys. So we’re opening this gallery of WSB readers’ bird photos with another mention of them.

(Photo sent by Lorenzo)

They’re not lost – we’ve been told they have a home, from which they are allowed to roam – most often seen in and near The Triangle, including in the street:

(Photo by Lisa Wallace)

As we reported earlier this spring, the Seattle Animal Shelter has tried, unsuccessfully, to corral them (they reiterated that to another reader just today) … Also often seen this spring, Canada Geese and their goslings. David Hutchinson sent this photo, observing that they’re growing up:

Here’s a view of a goose family earlier in the spring, by Angela Gunn:

Also on the shore, James Tilley photographed a Caspian Tern and Crow facing off:

In a more placid moment, this Great Blue Heron caught Benjamin Evans‘s attention:

Jerry Simmons photographed this Steller’s Jay taking time for self-care:

And here’s a Wilson’s Warbler photographed at Lincoln Park by Mark MacDonald:

Thanks to everyone who shares photos – birds, wildlife, breaking news, more – – also note that between galleries like this, we do feature bird photos with some of our daily event lists, so they’re worth a look if you don’t routinely read them!

WHALE WATCHING: Humpback off West Seattle

Whale sighting reported by Kersti Muul: “Humpback just north of Lowman Beach, mid-channel toward Me-Kwa-Mooks.” Let us know if you see it!

P.S. You can learn more about humpbacks in Puget Sound via this Seattle Channel video, produced by Annabel Cassam with photographer/editor Pete Cassam, and featuring some West Seattleites’ work – you’ll see Jeff Hogan interviewed, as well as photos by David Hutchinson:

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: What a car prowler took, then abandoned

Matthew says this happened near 47th/Hudson:

Our Subaru was successfully prowled last night. We had come back from our kids’ dance recital and accidentally left their iPad in the back seat of our car. The car was unlocked. Maybe for the best, as if they had seen the iPad (and broken) the window to get to it, then we’d have even more to deal with.

Sometime during the night the car was opened. The glove box was rifled through and the iPad was taken.

The bummer is that our 5-year-old son has hearing aids paired to that iPad so that he can play games, listen to shows and control the ambient volume of his hearing aids.

Thankfully, the iPad was signed in to an Apple ID, and Apple’s Find My was on.

This morning-when we realized it was gone-I was able to see its last-known location, where it had checked in. I biked to that location, and found nothing. I plopped down on the curb and happened to look over and saw it leaning up against the telephone pole.

My best guess is that the thief saw that it was signed in and locked to an Apple ID and would be impossible to sell without raising questions, and tossed it aside.

Still a little bit of a bummer as the screen was cracked and the iPad itself had been bent. It still functions, and we’re headed over to the store today to get it replaced under warranty.

All’s well in the end, but prowling is 100% a thing. Ah well!

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Adaptive cycling demonstration on Alki Point Healthy Street

For the second consecutive summer, Outdoors for All has brought adaptive-cycling alternatives to the Alki Point Healthy Street area – Beach Drive along Constellation Park – for free tryouts. They’re there today until 2 pm, with equipment meant to facilitate riding for people with disabilities or other challenges such as balance issues. The organization describes its year-round fleet as follows:

· Handcycles for individuals with limited or no leg movement

· Recumbent and therapy trikes for those who need more stability

· Hand and foot powered cycles for children

· Tandem cycles for individuals who want a guide while riding

· Standard 2-wheeled bicycles and Striders

For today’s event, no RSVP needed – just show up!

Phone outage closes Admiral library branch

(Added – WSB photo)

Thanks for the tip! The West Seattle (Admiral) library branch is closed today because of a phone outage. The High Point branch is open instead, until 6.


(Seen at Constellation Park at low tide – photos by SF)

Here’s our Sunday list, mostly from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar!

BOWLING BENEFIT: 9 am-11 pm, bowl at West Seattle Bowl (39th/Oregon) and tell them you’re there to support the Madison Middle School ASB, which will benefit from a portion of the proceeds.

ADMIRAL CHURCH FOOD DRIVE: Launching today – drop off donations at the church (4320 SW Hill) 9 am-noon.

MINI-POLAR PLUNGE: 9 am every Sunday, you’re welcome to join a group plunge into Puget Sound off Alki – meet at Statue of Liberty Plaza (61st/Alki).

WESTIES RUN CLUB: 9 am, meet at Ampersand Café (2536 Alki Avenue SW) for this week’s Sunday Funday Run.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: The market is open today, 10 am-2 pm as usual, on California SW between SW Alaska and SW Oregon, offering almost-summer vegetables, flowers, fruit, and plants, plus baked goods, cheese, fish, meat, condiments, fresh-cooked food, beverages (from cider to kombucha to beer/wine), nuts, candy, more! Here’s today’s vendor list.

FREE ADAPTIVE-CYCLING RENTALS: 10 am-2 pm, as previewed here, the organization Outdoors for All will be at the Alki Point Healthy Street (Beach Drive section) with free-to-ride adaptive cycles, meant for people with challenges from disabilities to balance issues.

‘RETHINK THE LINK’ WALK: 10 am-noon, opponents of West Seattle light-rail plan are leading a walk along part of its potential route, as previewed here, starting from West Seattle Health Club (28th/Andover).

HIGHLAND PARK SPRAYPARK: Daily operation continues – open 11 am-8 pm, free. (1100 SW Cloverdale)

COLMAN POOL: Another “preseason weekend” continues for the outdoor heated-salt-water pool on the shore at Lincoln Park (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW), noon-7 pm – session times are on the Colman Pool webpage.

NEPENTHE SUMMER MARKET: Noon-5 pm at 9447 35th SW, stop in to see what local creators are offering, plus free coffee and tea.

ALKI POINT LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: Today brings your second chance this year to visit the historic lighthouse most Sundays through the summer – free tours begin at 1 pm, and the last tour of the day starts at 3:45 pm. (3201 Alki SW)

LOW-LOW TIDE: Out to -2.3 feet at 1:28 pm (here’s the monthly tide table). Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists are at Constellation and Lincoln Parks, 11:30 am-2:30 pm.

JUMP ROPE SHOW: 2:30 pm at Holy Rosary (42nd/Genesee), Rain City Ropeworks will put on a show for you! Full details and ticket link are in our calendar listing.

CIRCLE OF SONGS: 3-5 pm at C & P Coffee (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor), monthly acoustic event.

‘CLYDE’S’ AT ARTSWEST: 3 pm performance for the new play at ArtsWest (4711 California SW; WSB sponsor) – “In this 2022 Tony Award®-Nominated Best Play, creating the perfect sandwich is the shared quest of the formerly incarcerated kitchen staff of Clyde’s, a truck-stop cafe.” Find the ticket link and more info in our calendar listing.

LISTENING PARTY: 3 pm at Easy Street Records (4559 California SW), listening party for L’Impératrice‘s new release “Pulsar.”

LIVE MUSIC AT THE ALLEY: Conclude your weekend with music by the Triangular Jazztet at The Alley (4509 California SW), 8-10 pm.

Are you planning something that should be on our community event calendar – one-time or recurring? Please email us the basics – – thank you!

UPDATE: Initial ‘rescue extrication’ response for bus crash on Roxbury

3:18 AM: SFD and SPD are arriving at the scene of a crash for which the dispatch was initially a “rescue extrication” callout. They’re describing the crash as involving a bus hitting a fence at 22nd/Roxbury. At least one person is reported injured.

3:21 AM: Apparently no extrication needed after all, so the response is being downsized.

3:25 AM: The bus involved is apparently a Metro coach, as officers have asked dispatch about whether a Metro supervisor is on their way and what kind of tow the transit agency will use.

9:29 AM: SFD tells us that indeed, only one person was hurt, a woman in her early 30s treated for minor injuries at the scene.