ELECTION 2024: Here’s who’s running locally

checkbox.jpgNow that Filing Week is over, the ballot lineups are set for local offices – here’s who you’ll see on the August primary ballot (unless they withdraw by the deadline later today):

*34th District State Representative, Position 1 – incumbent Rep. Emily Alvarado (D) vs. Kimberly Cloud (R)

*34th District State Representative, Position 2 – incumbent Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D) vs. Jolie Lansdowne (R), who ran for Position 1 two years ago

*City Council citywide Position 8 – Councilmember Tanya Woo‘s appointment to this nonpartisan position runs through fall, so there’s an election for one more year of this position’s unexpired term; Woo has filed, as have Saul Patu, Alexis Mercedes Rinck, Saunatina Sanchez, and Tariq Yusuf

*King County Superior Court – 54 judicial positions are open; not a single one has drawn multiple candidates

You can see the lineups – with links to the candidates’ websites, if any – including statewide, U.S. House, and U.S. Senate races, by going here. Primary Election Day is August 6.

P.S. For those who asked about perennial candidate Goodspaceguy – he’s filed for U.S. Senate.

13 Replies to "ELECTION 2024: Here's who's running locally"

  • Derek May 13, 2024 (12:18 pm)

    So Woo got a gift wrapped spot and now has to re-earn it citywide, which she likely loses. We have too many of these Nelson types on the CC and need to re-shift back to the left. This conservative council is a joke. I have had enough of Saka and Kettle trying to force everyone into car ownership during a time when insurance and gas is through the roof.

  • Lucy May 13, 2024 (2:05 pm)

    Which political party has had full control of Seattle and Washington for three decades?   Are you happy with the state of our city and state?

    • Mr J May 13, 2024 (2:45 pm)

      EYE ROLL. It’s almost like our political system is a spectrum and not some A / B test scenario. Just because you call yourself a democrat doesn’t mean you’re not a conservative at heart. (OR bought and paid for). 

    • Kadoo May 13, 2024 (2:57 pm)

      Amen, Lucy! Seattle turned me into a centrist a long time ago. Finally some people with sense on the council. 

    • K May 13, 2024 (3:11 pm)

      Very happy at the state level.  Unhappy about the sweeps, and efforts to reduce “visible” homeless in Seattle.  Would prefer a city council with real solutions to get people housed.  Also would love to have council that requires ANY level of accountability for the SPD budget, rather than writing them a blank check and then closing libraries and schools to fill the budget gap.  Other than those items I’m pretty happy with the city.

      • Amy May 13, 2024 (3:43 pm)

        100% agree.

      • 937 May 14, 2024 (3:29 pm)

        The “homeless problem” – an issue solely created and exacerbated BY the same government you want to fix it…

        No no no dear K “Homelessness Inc” is FAR too lucrative to be “solved”. A billion dollars in 10 years with zero results and MANY examples of failure. But, your taxes are going up up up!

        Single party leadership has crippled us to where we are today.

  • NotSoFast May 13, 2024 (2:31 pm)

    The quicker we get Woo back out on the street the better. She’s a loser who lost her race yet this brain trust of counsel members appointed her? Losing faith in this new group in an expedited manner. I hope they can turn it around and shift their focus from giving the SPD massive raises and subsidized housing to working to create a better city for all of us, even the less fortunate. 

  • TJ May 13, 2024 (2:42 pm)

    Um, what? This city’s politics is still to the left. Not as extreme left as a couple years ago, but it moved towards the center some. Where it was 30 years ago when Seattle touted itself as a world class city. While that was debatable then, what isn’t debatable is there is no way the city can try to claim that now. Too many years of failed extreme liberal policies that has created the mess it is in now. Republicans have had no part of this mess as Seattle has been a one party city. 

    • Derp May 13, 2024 (4:41 pm)

      That’s because the republicans haven’t had a candidate worth beans in years. 

      • 937 May 14, 2024 (6:02 pm)

        Willing aren’t able and the able aren’t willing.Anyone with an inkling of an R or a C by their name and has no chance in this city and county… Why risk an almost certain loss?

  • Kevin May 13, 2024 (3:04 pm)

    Glad to see Goodspaceguy is running for election again. Best of luck to him on his upcoming campaign!

    • Sixbuck May 13, 2024 (9:49 pm)

      Yes. I am certain that GoodSpaceGuy will, once again (sadly) be the most sane candidate with any modicum of common sense. 

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