PARKS: Planning resumes for long-‘landbanked’ 48th/Charlestown

(WSB file photo, future park site at 48th/Charlestown)

We’ve heard updates in recent months about two of Seattle Parks‘ three “landbanked” sites in West Seattle, in The Junction and Morgan Junction – but nothing recently about the third, at 48th/Charlestown, aside from a brief mention during last November’s “West Seattle park projects” meeting. Now the city has announced that planning has resumed:

Seattle Parks and Recreation is excited to get back to work on the 48th and Charlestown Landbanked Site Park Development after it was paused during the pandemic. SPR is currently working on renewing Osborn Consulting’s contract to complete the Bid Documents and SDOT Street Improvement Permit. A few refinements to the construction document’s electrical design are the last remaining coordination items needed to complete the set for final technical review. SPR anticipates a Bid Opening in late 2024 and construction to run through the end of 2024, with completion in mid 2025. We look forward to bringing the Community’s ideas and vision synthesized during the early design stages of this project to life!

Seattle Parks and Recreation and Osborn Consulting worked with the community on the design for the new park, which will provide a “neighborhood green” for people of all ages to meet, eat, play, and celebrate. The design includes an oval lawn surrounded by a loop path with arching seat walls, imaginative and active play for young children, picnic areas, and a small stage. Native and drought-tolerant plants will express the natural history of this area, and trees will frame the park and provide shade.

Parks says $1.2 million is budgeted for the project, from Park District funding. Site development/planning was “paused” in June 2020; the site was purchased more than a decade ago.

8 Replies to "PARKS: Planning resumes for long-'landbanked' 48th/Charlestown"

  • PandB April 8, 2024 (4:30 pm)

    So glad this wasn’t somehow marked for residential development. Can’t wait to see the finished park.

  • Al King April 8, 2024 (5:21 pm)

    Old timer here. There was small grocery store in that area. Can’t remember exact location.

    • PSPS April 8, 2024 (8:19 pm)

      It used to be a Thriftway, followed by Grocery Cart, followed by … what it is now.

      • Al King April 9, 2024 (5:47 am)

        PSPS. Thanks for the memory jog. It was a good sized grocery store. I remember riding my bike to buy fireworks in the stand that set up in the corner of their parking lot. Was also a gas station just to the east of it.

    • Lola April 9, 2024 (7:58 am)

      Al King,  my dad used to work there.  The Parking lot was over by 49th with the store being more towards 48th.  I remember going to see him all the time as we only lived a few blocks away. Lots of good memories with all of the employees back in the late 60’s early 70’s. 

      • Al King April 9, 2024 (4:46 pm)

        Was another good sized grocery store at California and Charleston. Where Cactus is at 63rd and Alki was another good sized grocery store. Mom and dad always shopped at A & P in the junction growing up-bread and sweets at Blakes of course. 

  • star 55 April 8, 2024 (9:40 pm)

    Crazy how long this has taken just to get to bidding. 

  • J April 9, 2024 (11:52 am)

    Before Zorich Brothers Thriftway, there was a small grocery store with wooden floors, called the Garden Patch. I could barely hoist myself up to hang over the pop cooler and pull a glass bottle out of the cold water. 

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