WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen SUV; help sought for truck-theft victim; laptop taken

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN SUV: From Jennifer:

(Photo altered to obscure face)

Our 2002 white GMC Denali was stolen from in front of our house this morning around 6:15 am. We live on Holly Pl SW and Fauntleroy Way SW. License plate number is AFN5614. Police report: 24-084094.

TRUCK-THEFT VICTIM: Just a few blocks south of there, near The Kenney, one of its workers’ trucks was stolen recently. Rick from The Kenney’s new management company says the victim is crowdfunding for help:

I’m sure you’ve heard about a couple of vehicle thefts that have occurred in the neighborhood around The Kenney. One of the thefts involved a vehicle owned by one of our staff members, Erick. Seattle Police were able to recover his truck but with substantial damages. Erick is working to help support his parents in Eritrea and the repairs are over $4,000. We are supporting his fundraiser on GoFundMe to help cover the costs.

STOLEN LAPTOP: Sent by Beth:

I had my car broken into at the Westwood Target (Wednesday) evening. I made the mistake of leaving my work bag on the floorboards of my front passenger seat while I ran in to grab a pickup order. While I’m sure my belongings are long gone, thought it was worth a mention as I was parked very, very close to the front of the lot/ front of the store so this seemed incredibly ballsy.

I’ve shopped/parked here a million times and never imagined I’d be in this situation so if it can save someone else the headache to be extra careful, at least there is some solace in that.

On the off chance it shows up as dumped somewhere, the most important thing that was stolen was a Microsoft Surface Pro 9. It was in a black carrier inside a pink/beige Anthropologie bag. It’s password protected, so if someone happened to find it I can prove ownership.

3 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen SUV; help sought for truck-theft victim; laptop taken"

  • Sarge March 28, 2024 (2:08 pm)

    Is the white SUV the same one used in the mail truck theft reported yesterday?  Based on the photos – maybe?

    • Justme March 28, 2024 (4:12 pm)

      Wow, it sure looks like it.

    • Brian March 28, 2024 (4:49 pm)

      No, the white SUV was stolen just this morning. 

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