Brown water in Gatewood

Per a text, discolored water is happening in the 6700 block of 41st SW. No incidents on the Seattle Public Utilities map so far, but if/when it happens to you, it’s always important to report it – SPU’s 24-hour number for this is 206-386-1800 – because your report might be first word of a problem. (Another common cause: Hydrant testing stirring up sediment, aka rust, in the pipes.)

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  • Janet Migliore March 16, 2024 (1:43 pm)

    Spoke with water inspector for the city.  Brown water is being caused by Hydrant testing yesterday.  Running water does not clear. Only stirs it up more.  Use only if necessary. Safe to drink if must be.

  • Kate March 16, 2024 (4:07 pm)

    Thank you for this!! I had a plumber out here because of the brown water and almost started a huge project to replace our line!!Would have been awesome to hear from SPU first, but I get it. We live on Portland Street.

    • Hammer in Hand March 16, 2024 (4:39 pm)

      If that water line has never been replaced I would put it on the bucket list galvanized pipe in the ground will rot and spring a gusher at the must inopportune time I would replace it

      • Derek March 16, 2024 (6:25 pm)

        Depends how old it is

        • Kate March 16, 2024 (6:52 pm)

          Line was likely put in in ‘89

        • Hammer in Hand March 16, 2024 (7:53 pm)

          The newer the pipe the quicker it goes& ;rots from the inside as well ;gamble if you want it will go45 years as a lic plumbing I have replaced my share of water lines pay me now or pay me later

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