UPDATE: Brown water and work crews in Admiral. Plus, a signal update

12:49 PM: We noticed that work crew on the north side of 47th/Admiral this morning and since we saw SDOT logos, we sent an inquiry to see if it’s related to the signal troubles at that intersection. While awaiting that reply, we’ve since heard from one nearby resident who says the crew was working on sewer/water, while another says crews were working with the hydrant a few blocks north at 47th/Walker, and that brown water has ensued. So we’re checking with SPU too, but in the meantime, if you’re in the area, check your water before laundry/bathing/etc.

ADDED THURSDAY NIGHT: Here’s what we heard back from SDOT:

Our workers were repairing the road panels, replacing old concrete with new ones featuring curbs. This project is unrelated to the traffic signal issue.

Regarding the traffic signal problem, today a backhoe accidentally blocked a traffic light sensor, causing the light to remain on as it detected a vehicle presence all day. However, the digging is now complete, so we anticipate no further issues with the signal.

To stop issues like this from happening again, we made the northbound detection zone smaller to catch problems with illegal parking or similar situations. We’re still looking into the problem by putting in a hard drive to take pictures for a better look. This should help us find out why it’s acting up.

2 Replies to "UPDATE: Brown water and work crews in Admiral. Plus, a signal update"

  • LyndaB February 22, 2024 (2:32 pm)

    We were walking in the area and noticed the water coming down the street from the fire hydrant north of there.  It was cool to see up close.  According to the person I spoke with they shut down the water and the open hydrant so flushes the system before they can work.  I’m appreciative of the crews!  I like finding our how things work.

  • DD February 23, 2024 (10:32 am)

    Still getting brown water this morning on 47th between Hill and Holgate and have  another call in to SPU.  Tech I spoke to yesterday afternoon said it should clear in a few hours……but it hasn’t yet.

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