UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Lincoln Park, canceled

4:04 PM: Seattle Fire has a “water rescue response” headed to Lincoln Park for a report of a possible paddleboarder in trouble off the north side of the park. Updates to come.

4:07 PM: Responders say they’re seeing two kitesurfers off shore who do not appear to be in distress.

4:13 PM: SFD and Coast Guard boats are arriving in the area to doublecheck, but so far there continue to be no sign of anyone in trouble, and the two kitesurfers who are visible are coming in to shore at Lowman Beach.

4:19 PM: Responders have verified that the kitesurfers are OK and no one else was out on the water, so the response is now being canceled.

5 Replies to "UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Lincoln Park, canceled"

  • H20K9 January 3, 2024 (4:09 pm)

    Seattle Fire Department do a great job.There when you need them.Positive community presence.

  • JK January 3, 2024 (4:12 pm)

    Two rescue boats passing Emma Schmitz at 4:10 pm appear to be en route. 

  • onion January 3, 2024 (5:30 pm)

    Seems as if a lot or most of these kite surfer/waterboarder in distress calls are false alarms. I’m glad people are watching out for each other, and that emergency responders are on top of things. But I wonder if people are being too hasty in calling 911.  On the other hand I’d hate for our more adventurous neighbors fail to get help if they actually need it. Thoughts?

    • CarDriver January 3, 2024 (7:09 pm)

      Onion. It would require education of non-water users. Clearly, they have NO idea what they’re seeing. An article in WSB written by those who kiteboard/windsurf/kayak/paddleboard would be helpful in educating those unfamiliar. The situation now is simply uninformed people not taking the time to actually gage the scene simply crying wolf. It sends resources to help someone who in reality doesn’t need help. Those 1st responders are then unavailable to help someone truly in need.

    • HS January 3, 2024 (8:53 pm)

      There are hand signals for water distress. I believe you start to go hypothermic in 10 minutes in the Puget Sound w/o a drysuit or wetsuit.

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