PEDESTRIAN ALERT: Signal pole down at 35th/Avalon

Thanks to Ian for the photo. The downed crosswalk-signal pole on the northeast corner of 35th/Avalon is apparently still down, according to a text. Reader Ab told us it happened on Friday – a semi-truck “cut the turn too much and knocked down” the pole. We’re hopeful it’s been reported to SDOT by now but don’t know the repair timeline; 206-386-1218 is their after-hours number for problems on streets, sidewalks, etc.

3 Replies to "PEDESTRIAN ALERT: Signal pole down at 35th/Avalon"

  • NW December 24, 2023 (3:22 pm)

    I walk and use transit a lot and I own a car however don’t use it much. While waiting at such busy corners for the light I always make it a point to stand about 4 feet back while waiting for the light to change. Be safe out there and stay vigilant. 

  • Michael December 24, 2023 (4:44 pm)

    I reported this to the city at  Reference number is 23-00319370.  The caution tape showed up on Saturday so someone must know about it.

  • Rob December 26, 2023 (8:36 pm)

    I saw this being fixed by SCL tonight

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